29 Press Release Examples by Type (Plus Free Templates)

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Searching for the best press release examples? You came to the right place.

We’ve collected 29 diverse press release examples, each unique to various announcements, such as product launchnew book release, or a new hire announcement.

This range will give you a vast array of inspiration to draw from. But that’s not all – we also offer ready-made templates within our app, streamlining your press release creation process in minutes.

Press release templates in Prowly

What are the best examples of press releases?

Below, you’ll find a curated list of 25 great press release examples divided by different types:

Ready? Let’s dive right in. 

Campaign launch press release samples

Campaign launch press release sample - Divert

See the sample press release

This campaign launch press release sample was actually sent to me by Mark Hall, the Director of Business Waste & Company Spokesman for Divert

His rubbish removal company came up with a genius solution to help people get rid of their ghosts of relationships past with a Valentine’s Day special ex-partner waste collection scheme. What’s not to like about this campaign (and the press release sample)? As Mark said himself, it’s just marvelous.

Press release example - HEROfarm

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Back in Christmas 2011, Shaun Walker and his team at Marketing & PR agency, HEROfarm, subtly brought tongue-in-cheek humor across to customers of a little-known small business (JoeShopping.com), with almost no budget allocated to the endeavor. That’s how this media release example came to life – and I’m thrilled it did. It’s clever, amusing, and newsworthy for many media outlets.

Press release example - ModCloth

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The online retailer ModCloth decided NOT to celebrate with Black Friday – and made a pretty big deal about it. This example of a good press release gained a lot of traction and spread a positive message: the brand invited its clients and employees to spend the holiday with their loved ones and donate to charity. The world needs more stories like this one.

New hire press release examples

Press release example - Citibank

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This new hire press release example, created in Prowly, immediately answers the important questions: who the new employee is, what they will bring to the company, and how many years of experience they have. It’s concise and to the point but still offers everything a journalist might need to cover the story – along with visuals and quotes.

Press release example - eBay

See the sample press release

On the other hand, the new hire press release example from eBay does a great job in introducing the new employee, outlining their impressive career, and sharing newsworthy bits about them. It’s also full of relevant quotes, which makes it much more interesting than a standard news release example.

Press release example - Prowly

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New hire announcements are a big thing for us at Prowly, so I couldn’t help but include our new hire press release example. When writing such press releases, it’s always a good practice to have a detailed presentation for a new team member, add a short company description, and include quotes and visuals.

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Book press release examples

Simon & Schuster’s book press release example

This new book press release example for Simon & Schuster’s  “Elon Musk” book is described in a way that goes beyond a plot summary, with short, engaging paragraphs that build up the reader’s interest.

A book press release is a great way to get the word out. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Book Press Release guide with an example and free template. These resources will guide you in creating a professional and effective press release for your book.

Book press release - Kristina Morgan

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As a result of this book press release sample written by Kristina Morgan (the book’s author and communications specialist), she held 8 interviews in Canada and Jamaica and was featured in over 11 publications, readings & influencer reviews. The book even received coverage in the Caribbean; consequently, it was read by a celebrity for World Read Aloud Day.

P.S. If you’d like (or need) to conduct an interview yourself, get ready with this hands-on guide that will walk you through all the important steps to follow.

Book press release sample

See the sample press release

This book press release example was sent out in January 2021 by Mike Tourville, Sales and Marketing Director of Evans Cooling Systems and the book’s author. What’s good about this press release sample in particular is that it’s concise, offers a viewpoint from a third party, and appeals to those struggling with addiction and their families.

Press release examples for new product

Press release example - Apple

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According to Nelson Jordan (and plenty of other experts), Apple does a great job with its product announcement press releases. If you look at this press release example for a new product, Apple’s new walking audio program, you’ll quickly notice that it’s written in a way that makes it easier for journalists to pull facts, details, and quotes for their stories. That’s precisely what makes it a good press release.

Press release example - Brydge

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This product press release sample was created in Prowly by Brydge, the fastest-growing tablet keyboard brand for the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface. In all press releases for their new products, Brydge includes relevant details, visuals, quotes, and links, which makes it easier to cover the news and find their products online. 

Press release example - Lucky Chick

See the sample press release

Visual press releases are perfect for beauty products, and Lucky Chick makes the most of them. This product press release sample, created in Prowly, includes important details about the product and the brand, plenty of visuals (and a GIF on top of that), and the ability to download plain text along with all the attachments.

Looking for more examples of press releases for new products? Look no further. We’ve collected the best press releases for new product launches in this article: New Product Press Release Examples & Template to Get Your Product Launch Seen.

Sample press releases for original research

Press release example - Bayt

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Bayt, the leading job-search website in the MENA region, publishes many press releases regularly. One of their best press release samples talks about data, statistics, trends, and the culture of remote work in the region based on user feedback from their website. Which is a newsworthy piece of information on it’s own.

Press release sample - Champion Health

See the entire news release example

According to Jozef Raczka, Content Executive @ Twinkl, this press release example from Champion Health presents the news very well. Why, exactly? It connects to national and self-sourced data, giving it a unique spin beyond reporting on facts available to everyone. It also supports its points with visuals to draw attention but doesn’t over-rely on them.

Press release example - Talent LMS

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Another good press release sample that features original research comes from TalentLMS. The goal was to create awareness for an industry report, released by the company, which ultimately helped get media coverage from 120+ high-authority outlets. It discusses the report’s most interesting findings and is written with citability in mind (with “copy-paste” ready paragraphs to save journalists’ time).

If you’re in search of a guide on writing a press release, check out our recent article on the ‘Anatomy of a Press Release.’ It provides valuable insights and tips for crafting effective press releases.

New business press release samples 

Press release example - TaskShift

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Good press release examples are concise and to the point, and this new business press release sample from TaskShift is no different. It clearly states what the news is about (new service launch) and mentions the USP, mission, and vision behind it. There’s not much else to add here.

If you’re launching a new business and curious about how to write your first press release for a small business, here is the step-by-step guide.

Press release example - Minuteman Press

See the sample press release

This new business press release sample features Minuteman Press franchise owner, Diana Renollet, who decided to realize her dream of owning her own company. Diana has a unique perspective on buying and operating her business during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made her insights very timely. There is also an uplifting message of taking that leap of faith and betting on yourself, which is always appealing.

Press release example - Kohl's

See the entire press release example

Kohl’s team must have a thing for creating informative press releases. The most important details are always summarized at the top, making it easier to grasp what this press release sample is all about. It then offers various “resources” for journalists: quotes, company overview, and contact information for any follow-up questions.

Still struggling with your new business press release? See How to Write a New Business (Company Launch) Press Release to Get Media Coverage.

Music press release examples 

Music press release sample - Spotify

See the entire press release sample

What’s special about music press release examples, in general, is the use of audio in them. Spotify does exactly that, especially when promoting playlists – the tracks are embedded alongside the background information about the artists. Not to mention that every press release published in its newsroom is visually appealing and engaging.

Music press release example - Universal Music Canada

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This music press release example from Universal Music Canada has it all: a lot of information about the artist and their recent work, visuals, quotes, links to their tracks, and social media profiles. This makes it easier not only to cover the news but also to get familiar with the artist.

Music press release example - Universal Music Group

See the sample press release

With this press release sample, Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, announced their special partnership with TikTok. The whole music press release is short – but informative and engaging enough. Plus, given that TikTok users can now incorporate clips from UMG’s full music catalog (including their iconic labels and songwriters), the story is pretty newsworthy.

For more guidance on writing music press releases, do not miss our newly published article How to Write a Music Press Release (Examples & Templates) packed with step-by-step instructions, relevant examples, and ready-to-use templates. 

Press release examples for events

Event press release example - Dan Chan

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It’s not a standard press release example for an event, but that’s part of what makes it special. By offering to “perform anywhere in the world for just $1,” Dan Chan has been featured in major media outlets, including the Hustle, BuzzFeed, CNBC, and Business Insider. It only shows that a newsworthy idea and a catchy headline can work…magic.

Event press release example - Ganttic

See the entire media release example

Yet another press release sample that’s not a standard event announcement but marks an important event: the company’s milestone. The example here is for the 10th anniversary of Ganttic – a resource scheduling SaaS. This format works well because it is an achievement that should be celebrated, particularly in the fast-changing world of tech. It was enough to get picked up by Emerging Europe and other media outlets, generating the press the team behind Ganttic hoped to get.

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Sports press release example

In this press release, the USA Basketball team reveals their victorious silver medal achievement at the 2023 FIBA Women’s AmeriCup.

This sports press release offers a captivating overview of the team’s performance, game highlights, and coach quotes praising the team’s efforts while acknowledging areas for improvement.

To get more commentary on this and extra examples of a press release for sports, check out How to Write a Sports Press Release (Example and Template).

Acquisition press release examples

See the full acquisition press release example

This press release distinguishes itself with its concise and comprehensive coverage of all stakeholders. It illuminates Semrush’s reasoning behind integrating Prowly into its digital ecosystem while outlining the future of leadership and company governance.

Are you looking for additional examples of acquisition press releases? Look no further! We’ve created a comprehensive guide, How to Write an Acquisition Press Release (Example & Template), to help you master the art of crafting acquisition press releases. Inside, you’ll find valuable tips and handy templates. Check out our example press release to see it in action!

Crisis press release examples

The Johnson & Johnson crisis communication press release is exceptional, encompassing all necessary actions in a crisis: a prompt response, transparency, comprehensive crisis details, resolution plan, and reassurance. It effectively addresses every aspect needed in a crisis.

For additional crisis press releases and guidance on handling crisis communication, read the article, How to Write a Crisis Press Release (Examples and Templates). It provides comprehensive insights and templates to assist you in crafting effective crisis press releases.

Partnership press release example

Partnership press release example
Announcement of a new charity partner sample

The press release clearly explains that PwC is teaming up with Hospice UK and Crisis to support them through staff volunteering, fundraising events, and donations. Their focus is on boosting digital skills and transformation.

To learn more about crafting your partnership press release, read our recent article How to Write a Partnership Press Release.

New CEO press release examples

Under Armour declares CEO transition! The renowned sportswear company unveils their new CEO, set to commence in June 2022. Discover why this press release shines as a stellar example in our article and guide.

CEO resignation press release example

We’re all familiar with X, formerly known as Twitter. They crafted a great resignation announcement press release – find out why it serves as a great learning example in the dedicated article.

Art exhibition press release example

We chose an art show press release covering the opening of a Native American art exhibition the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

To discover further insights on crafting your art exhibition press release, check out our comprehensive guide: How to Write an Art Exhibition Press Release.

Rebranding press release example

We’ve decided to showcase an example of a rebranding announcement from the Salisbury Zoo, sharing their fresh logo and catchy slogan. You can read more about this example in the article about writing rebranding press releases.

Feeling inspired by these press release samples yet? 

Now it’s time to create your own. Before you start writing, though, make sure your story is newsworthy and stick to a standard press release structure:

  • An attention-grabbing headline 
  • Lead – a brief overview of the story that answering the 5Ws: Who? What? When? Why? With what effect?
  • Dateline – to confirm that you’re providing the most up-to-date information
  • Body – an explanation of the information provided earlier in the lead, starting from the most newsworthy details 
  • Company info – a short paragraph about your company
  • Media contact information – to make it easier for journalists to send follow-up questions

This should help journalists quickly determine if they want to cover the news, and find what they’re looking for in your press release. I hope that helps!

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