How to Write a Music Press Release
 · 9 min read · May 13, 2024

How to Write a Music Press Release (Examples & Templates)

Gina Nowicki

What is a press release for music? It's an official statement distributed to the media to announce newsworthy music-related events. The purpose of a music press release is to capture the attention of music journalists, bloggers, and influencers and to get media coverage around a new album, artist signing, or concert tour.

Crafting a music press release follows a similar structure to crafting a standard one, with a few additional considerations to bear in mind.

We’ll walk you through the steps for how to write a press release for music and point you to some music press release examples.

We’ll cover:

If you're short on time, Prowly provides press release templates that allow you to effortlessly craft your music press release in a format that meets journalists' expectations.

Press release templates in Prowly

Prowly also lets you discover relevant journalists and directly distribute your press release to them using the platform.

How to find relevant journalists for your music press release

One crucial element for increasing the chances of your music press release getting noticed by the media is targeting journalists and bloggers genuinely interested in covering your music event.

To find media contacts interested in your music press release, consider using a media database such as Prowly. 

By using the "search by keywords" feature, you can identify journalists who have written articles about events similar to yours in the past.

Enhance your search by filtering journalists based on their location or interests in specific topics/industries. This targeted approach is far superior to the ineffective "spray and pray" method of hoping someone will be interested in your story.

How to write a music press release

Music press release format

As we mentioned, don’t worry that a music industry press release radically differs from what you’re used to.

However, when creating a music press release, it is important to include additional elements specific to the music industry. These may include details about the artist or band, the genre or style of music, notable collaborations, release dates, and any unique aspects of the music production process. To learn more about how to do a press release for music, refer to the best practices we list below:

Step #1 — Include the common elements expected in a press release:

  • Headline
  • Subheader
  • Announcement date and place
  • 2-3 body paragraphs, with the most important details in the first paragraph 
  • A quote from the music artist or record label spokesperson (Keep the language informal and natural, so the journalist can include it in an article without sounding like they lifted it right out of a press release).

Step #2 — Weave in elements that uniquely make it an album press release or musician press release:

  • Brief band or artist history
  • Release date for album or ticket sales
  • Excerpts from past reviews that lend credibility
  • Band or artist photo and logo
  • All social media platform handles

Craft a compelling narrative, delving into the lives of the artists. After all, music is an art form that calls for creativity and emotional expression. By infusing your writing with these elements, you'll captivate readers and earn the appreciation of journalists who cover such topics. Embrace individuality and make your story a unique and engaging experience.

→ We have provided a thorough explanation of each component in our post: How to Write a Press Release (With Tips From PR Pros).

Protip: Don’t include attachments. Instead, add links to the artist’s music on streaming platforms. If the artist’s music isn't publicly available, attach links to a private SoundCloud or YouTube channel.

Examples of music press releases

Looking for a press release example for music or a press release template for a music artist? Here are some recent examples we found online that we like:

Music event press release example

Press release for music event

Music album press release example

Album release press release example

Music artist press release example

Music artist press release example

Music single press release example

Music single press release example

Music festival press release example

Music festival press release example

Music tour press release example

Music tour press release example

Sample album press release example

Sample album press release example

Starting with a new music press release example should get the ideas flowing. But, of course, when budget allows, there are music press release companies you can turn to for full-service press release writing as well (although we think you can achieve the same great press release easily with Prowly’s press release creator tool).

P. S. If you need a press release for an artist or art exhibition, here's a step-by-step guide.

Music press release template

No need to wonder how to write a music press release template when you're using Prowly — it's got you covered!

You can get your hands on a music press release sample, but you can speed up the writing process even more with a music press release template free in Prowly. 

It has multiple press release templates you can use. The templates include all the important elements that will get your story noticed by journalists and result in media coverage.

When to write a music press release 

Before writing a single word, you should check if a new music press release is warranted.

You should write a press release for music when:

  • You're announcing a new album release: Whenever an artist or band releases a new album, a press release should be crafted and distributed to generate excitement and inform fans and the media about the new music.
  • You're promoting a concert or music festival: Before a concert or music festival, a good press release can generate publicity, attract the audience, and provide necessary details like date, location, and line-up.
  • You want to introduce a new artist or band: A press release can help launch new artists into the music scene, providing essential information about them and their music.
  • You need to highlight a big achievement or milestone: Whether an artist wins an award, reaches a sales milestone, or celebrates an anniversary, a press release can share these achievements with the public.
  • You want to share updates about a music project or collaboration: If an artist is involved in a unique project or collaboration, a press release can effectively keep fans and media in the loop.
However, while all of these events give you the go-ahead to write a press release, the key will be to give the announcement an angle that makes it more than a statement of details. It needs to tell a story

So, identify what the story is first. For example, it can be about how a personal event inspired the album or the challenges the musician had to overcome to record the album.

What are the questions to answer in a music press release

To pique the interest of journalists and music fans alike, it's important to consider a few key questions before putting pen to paper. 

  • What makes this particular release stand out? 
  • What inspired the artist to create this music? 
  • What can listeners expect in terms of sound and themes?

Answering these questions can help ensure that your music artist's press release is informative and engaging, sparking the curiosity of potential listeners and ensuring that your message is heard loud and clear.

How to distribute a music press release

Once you've crafted your press release, the next step is to get it out there and ensure the media picks it up. There are several ways to do it, but some ways greatly improve your odds of securing media coverage.

Pitching your music press release 

Pitching relevant media contacts by email is the most effective method for sending out a press release.

While the approach might take a bit more time, it increases the chances of getting awesome press coverage in publications that matter to your industry.

Let’s look at a PR software tool like Prowly. Prowly's media database offers access to a media database with over a million contacts. On top of that, the software creates smart recommendations based on the content of your press releases. With this advantage, you’ll always pitch relevant journalists that are more likely to be interested in your news story.

Prowly's Media Database

Over 5000 journalists are covering music, and that's just in the US! You'll find famous media outlets like Rolling Stone Online, Billboard, and Spin. 

Why not take a chance and craft a music press release for your cause?

💡If you're seeking more exposure for your press release, explore these 10 ideas on how to effectively promote a press release.

Utilizing email personalization

Your chances of catching a journalist’s attention increase significantly when you write a custom pitch just for them. A personal pitch addresses their typical beat, past articles, and target audience.

That’s why Prowly offers 1:1 email personalization to address that advantage, allowing you to create campaign media lists and craft individual emails when needed. It helps to personalize every aspect of your pitch, from the greeting to the email content and attachments. This level of personalization enhances press coverage, ensuring your music resonates with the right audience.

Following up

That press release is now out in the world, but you wouldn’t be a PR pro if you weren’t focused on the follow-ups. Be considerate in your follow-ups, though, allowing journalists some time to read your first email and staying out of their inbox after a few follow-up emails go unanswered.

Alternative: Using a wire service

Wire services are another common way of distributing a press release, and compared to pitching, this method can be quicker (though more expensive)

You may even find a special music press release distribution service or free music press release distribution website. However, the quality of media hits from a wire service can be lower. Your best bet will always be to contact your media contacts individually.


You’re all set! You know how to determine if a music press release is right for your announcement, what to include, and how to distribute it.

If you still need more support, you can always access the Prowly free trial for templates, a press release creator, and a media database.