Press Release Writing and Content Creation

three pieces of paper showing different "X" drawings and two Xes in a red circle of the top one symboling a rebranding
 ∙ 10 min read

How to Write a Rebranding Press Release (Examples and Template)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 23 May 2024
Learning how to write a rebranding press release? Congrats! That means that the long process of creating the rebrand is coming to an end. We'll show you how to announce a rebrand with an efficient press release. Getting it right is crucial, especially when you share a business name change announcement. Here's what you will […]
Media pitch vs press release - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 10 min read

Media Pitch vs Press Release—What’s the Difference?

Bart Donda ∙ 13 May 2024
The line between the common understanding of a press release and a media pitch has become rather blurred. Here are the key differences.
Press release format
 ∙ 14 min read

Press Release Format Guide (w/ Examples)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 13 May 2024
With press release writing, it's not all about the content. The way you present - or format - your press release has a huge impact on its efficiency. Yet, this is a rare topic, as most guides focus on the writing aspect. We're happy to add our two cents and broaden your press release skillset! […]
Data-Driven Storytelling - Cover image
 ∙ 6 min read

Data-Driven Storytelling: How to Create Data-Driven Stories (w/ Examples)

Simki Dutta ∙ 13 May 2024
At some point, every PR professional struggles to find interesting story angles and create newsworthy stories.  Let’s face it: nobody cares if your company is the “largest homegrown retailer in the region” or the “best employer in the world”.  On the other hand, when one comes across a headline that reads, ‘550,000 travelers used Airbnb […]
Digital Storytelling Examples Prowly
 ∙ 12 min read

9 Digital Storytelling Examples You Should Know If You Work in PR

Dominika Kuras ∙ 13 May 2024
We still get involved in great stories. We live characters' lives, root for them during their journeys and development. And most of all - when they take up a challenge, fail and get back up. Now that is the secret sauce to lifting your PR campaign from simply good to terrific - digital storytelling. Sounds […]
How to Write a Music Press Release
 ∙ 9 min read

How to Write a Music Press Release (Examples & Templates)

Gina Nowicki ∙ 13 May 2024
What is a press release for music? It's an official statement distributed to the media to announce newsworthy music-related events. The purpose of a music press release is to capture the attention of music journalists, bloggers, and influencers and to get media coverage around a new album, artist signing, or concert tour. Crafting a music […]
Turn a boring press release into a news story
 ∙ 6 min read

How to Turn a “Boring” Press Release Into a News Story

Jessica Pardoe ∙ 13 May 2024
The humble press release is one of the oldest and most effective weapons in the PR arsenal. It’s a clear, concise way to get news into the hands of journalists, and with it, you can form media relationships and change minds. Somehow, though, irrelevant pitches and bad press releases are still among the most common […]
 ∙ 10 min read

How to Write an Acquisition Press Release (Example & Template)

Gina Nowicki ∙ 13 May 2024
A company acquisition or merger announcement will almost always result in a request for a press release. As a PR professional, it’s up to you to determine which story angle will attract the most media attention. We’ll walk you through the process of creating the best acquisition press release for media distribution. Plus - you’ll […]
5 Elements of Storytelling
 ∙ 13 min read

5 Elements of Storytelling: A LEGO Campaign Example & Extra Tips

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 17 Apr 2024
Have you ever found yourself questioning your storytelling skills? We've all experienced that nagging doubt, that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach when we wonder if our storytelling resonates with our target audience. It's a shared struggle, a common pain point for many PR professionals. On a positive note, if storytelling is done […]
Social media press release
 ∙ 9 min read

Social Media Press Release Guide (w/ Examples)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 4 Apr 2024
Social media press releases are present virtually everywhere - but it's hard to find guidelines on how to approach the topic. They differ vastly from your regular press releases and might be taken over by the marketing department. When you’re given the challenge of coming up with a social media press release, fear not - […]
An illustration flat lay of hands pointing to various parts of the press release elements
 ∙ 12 min read

How to Write a Press Release Boilerplate - Definition & Guide

Dominika Kuras ∙ 4 Apr 2024
In the PR world, a small element may become crucial. Like something as simple as a boilerplate. What is a boilerplate in a press release? It's like your company's ID card wrapped up in a press release – short and sweet but so very important in making a bond with your audience. As well as […]
new business (company launch) press release
 ∙ 6 min read

How to Write a New Business (Company Launch) Press Release in 4 Steps

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 4 Apr 2024
Did you just start a new business? If you don’t have a story idea for your business, don’t even try to inform the media about it. If you’re willing to learn, let me try to help.
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