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Fashion PR Guide - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 10 min read

Fashion PR Guide to Grow A Recognizable, Beloved Brand

Lindsey Smolan ∙ 13 May 2024
For any fashion brand looking to promote themselves through earned media coverage, executing a successful fashion PR campaign is key. Whether handling fashion PR in-house or working at an external fashion public relations agency, there are some ways to ensure that your campaign is as successful as possible.  Let’s start from the basics. What does […]
music PR
 ∙ 13 min read

Music PR: How to Get Publicity for Your Music

Berenika Teter ∙ 9 May 2024
With artists having far more control and freedom when sharing their work with the public, many decide to do music PR on their own (or not do it at all).  Sounds familiar?  Even with huge talent and an amazing story, your music might never get the attention it deserves without relevant media contacts and a […]
How to do beauty PR
 ∙ 17 min read

Public Relations for Beauty Products: How To Do Beauty PR Right?

Berenika Teter ∙ 26 Apr 2024
Back in the day, the only way for beauty and makeup brands to get noticed was to secure a spot inside a glossy magazine, along with celebrity endorsement. A lot has changed since then, but one thing is certain: PR in the beauty industry is still essential.  If you own or represent a beauty brand, […]
Financial PR Guide.Key Differences and Strategies to Amplify
 ∙ 9 min read

Financial PR Guide: Key Differences & Strategies to Amplify

Mile Zivkovic ∙ 18 Dec 2023
If you are the PR manager for a company that provides financial services, it is important to understand the ins and outs of Financial Public Relations. Financial PR involves managing public perception of your organization’s financials, operations, products, and personnel in order to help investors and customers to gain confidence in the company. It can […]
How to get started with Tech PR
 ∙ 10 min read

Getting Started with Tech PR

Gina Nowicki ∙ 18 Dec 2023
Have you heard the buzz? There are so many conversations about the challenges of tech PR in discussion groups these days! That’s because tech public relations is one of the fastest-growing (and let’s face it - lucrative) PR niches out there.  This latest boom in tech PR (and a growing need for startup PR in […]
Political PR strategies
 ∙ 7 min read

Political PR: Strategies and Tools for Political & Election Campaigns

Prowly ∙ 11 Dec 2023
Ok, here’s your mission. You need to get attention for your client by making the right contacts in the media and managing your conversations with them so that you know who’s interested in learning more, who’s not, and who might be.  You need to produce press releases and other content that informs everyone about your […]
 ∙ 9 min read

Public Relations for Video Games - How to do Gaming PR in 2023

Prowly ∙ 25 Nov 2023
There are still plenty of people who don’t know how huge the video game industry is. On average, around ten gaming titles make as much or more as Hollywood’s #1 hit every year. In 2020, industry revenue reached nearly $180 billion. Just to compare (and to be fair by using the last pre-COVID year), the […]
futureproof NHS
 ∙ 4 min read

Communications Offers the NHS Its Greatest Lifeline

Tomasz Dominiak ∙ 12 Jun 2021
#FuturePRoof edition three is a story of an NHS striving hard to modernise as it navigates through the toughest challenges of its lifetime, challenges that can only be overcome if it embraces an honest dialogue with the public.
Markeitng and Esports Communication
 ∙ 3 min read

Marketing and Brand Communication Strategies in Esports [E-book]

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 20 Mar 2021
In our e-book we want to show you the areas that PR and marketing agencies should be interested in and present the people who are interested in addressing communication activities to this group.