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Affordable, flexible and transparent pricing plans

Prowly is a budget-friendly alternative to Cision to suit your organization—no matter how big or small.

We’re transparent about our pricing so you can see (without having to book a demo) what you’re paying for upfront. And with inexpensive plans starting at $258/mo, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg for great PR software.

Easy-to-use, yet powerful

Get your PR tasks done with an intuitive user interface that contains everything you need—without the unnecessary clutter.

Features Our Customers Love

  • Social Media Channels Integrations
  • SEO Optimized
  • Responsive and mobile ready

Cision can be overwhelming

Cision is a very sophisticated tool and can be overwhelming to many users with the number of options and details. It takes longer for PR teams to fully understand the platform to utilize its full potential.

Prowly lets you try before you buy

It's important for us that you have a chance to check if our application meets your needs & expectations—that’s why we let you test it 7 days for free.

There’s no need to enter any credit card information or talk to anyone from our sales team. Just sign up and see if Prowly is a match for you—no strings attached.


Super friendly and responsive support

We put great emphasis on making our users feel good about asking us for help and not being afraid to ask any questions.

Our approach is personalized for every user and their needs, which is why we call our support team “Customer Success” rather than “Customer Service”. Help is always less than 3 minutes away!

"The best PR tool on the market"

"We tried a couple of PR tools but eventually chose Prowly and we are extremely happy with everything it provides - the features (especially brand journal!), customer support (very responsive), and the ease of use (all features packed in the great design and well-thought interface).

I am pretty sure you will love Prowly once you try it!"

Review source: Verified Capterra Reviewer

"Best Product Ever"

"The easiest way to communicate with journalists and consumers via your newsroom/brand journal. The best customer support ever. :)"

"Great Tool For PR Pros!"

"I believe that every article, every advisory opportunity, every interaction with a client should make the working world better than it was before... and Prowly is helping us to make it real."

The Best Tool For Comms Pros!

"Prowly makes it all. CRM, pitch, media, stories. The product is everything I need in my everyday work. I have space to write, to promote, to send, to analyze. I can't imagine my job without it."

Our customers ♥︎ us

Prowly has been recognized as one of the leading PR software solutions on the market.Our users praise us most often for the ease of use and quality of support.

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