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How Much Does Media Monitoring Cost [2024 Buyer’s Guide]

Gina Nowicki ∙ 30 May 2024
Collecting all mentions about your brand in-house can be labor-intensive (imagine having an Excel spreadsheet, entering Yelp review scores, and labeling customer comments into confusing sentiment categories).  Luckily, media monitoring costs are probably a lot less expensive than you’re thinking and will save you and your team hours of time, provide you with timely, reliable […]
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Media Monitoring for PR Professionals: Importance, Advantages & More

Prowly ∙ 29 May 2024
Media monitoring is not just nice to have—it is a necessity. You need to know who’s talking, and what they’re saying about your, or your client’s, brand. It’s not the only advantage, though. The importance of media monitoring goes far beyond keeping an eye on online discussions. Here’s what is media monitoring, why is media […]
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How to Do Media Monitoring: Tips & Best Practices

Kamila Hanson ∙ 20 May 2024
How can you develop an effective PR strategy to conquer your industry without knowing who is talking about you and what are they saying? The answer is quite simple - you can’t.  Whether you work at a PR or marketing agency, run your own business or are a public figure, media monitoring can give you […]
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The Best Media Monitoring Tools for PR Professionals in 2024

Gina Nowicki ∙ 3 May 2024
The best media monitoring tools on the market are enticing and well worth the hype. Knowing well in advance that a story is trending positive or negative is invaluable intel. It allows you to build upon a wave of support and act quickly to avert a communications crisis. The good news is that there are […]
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Media Monitoring Case Study: How US Media Covered Depp vs. Heard Defamation Trial In 2022

Prowly ∙ 11 Dec 2023
We recently released our own dedicated media monitoring service as yet another addition to the Prowly PR toolbox. Now you can keep your digital ear to ground 24/7, listen for mentions of your brand, organization or any keywords you want and get access to detailed reports about the amount and kind of coverage you’re getting. […]
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5 Steps to Turn Unlinked PR Mentions Into Links

Gaurav Belani ∙ 24 Nov 2023
Most PR teams are thrilled when their PR campaign earns coverage. However, what’s disheartening is that a majority of these fantastic pieces of PR coverage go unlinked. This is especially true when press websites such as The Guardian, CNBC, and Daily Mail mention a brand without a link.  Check this unlinked brand mention for Starbucks, […]