Reputation Management

Reputation PR Effective Strategies Prowly
 ∙ 11 min read

Reputation PR: Effective Strategies & Management Tips (w/ Examples)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 17 May 2024
A positive reputation in public relations isn't merely an advantage; it's a cornerstone of business success, especially since 95% of customers trust corporations that are well-regarded. Effective reputation management is key to keeping your business growing and on the right track. Learn proven strategies for managing brand reputation and building trust with your customers, using […]
 ∙ 13 min read

All You Need to Know About PR Packages: Examples, Ideas and Strategies

Dominika Kuras ∙ 26 Apr 2024
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big fan of influencers' PR package unboxing videos. What matters is if your potential customers are (and the chance for this is beyond high). PR packages are a powerful tool for brands to build relationships and generate buzz. This article unveils everything you need to know about crafting impactful […]
Brand reputation crisis management
 ∙ 9 min read

How to Recover from a Reputation Crisis and Rebuild Your Brand

Adela Belin ∙ 4 Apr 2024
A whopping 88% of brand executives view reputation risk as a top strategic business concern, according to a survey by Deloitte.  When a reputation crisis hits your company, you must take action to rebuild your public image. Otherwise, your brand might end up losing market value and plunging into a financial deep hole.  So, how […]
Prowly Magazine: Media Overexposure- How to Take Back Control of Your Media Presence
 ∙ 7 min read

Media Overexposure: How to Take Back Control of Your Media Presence

Abbi Head ∙ 3 Apr 2024
The key to public relations is to get yourself the most beneficial media exposure possible. That means knowing where your name needs to be for public consumption — and at what times, places, and forums. You will be considering your acquisition of positive, technically correct, engaging, and fair coverage.  However, do you also think about […]
What is a Media Kit? Definition, Examples + How To Guide
 ∙ 11 min read

What Is a Media Kit? Definition, Examples + How To Guide

Mile Zivkovic ∙ 13 Feb 2024
Do you want to be in control of how the media talks about your brand? You don't need to learn magic or the art of mind reading. To get started, all you need is a media kit for your business - a collection of carefully curated information for journalists and bloggers. Today, we're going to […]
Brand image & reputation
 ∙ 9 min read

3 Proactive Ways to Protect Your Brand Image and Reputation

Gaurav Belani ∙ 18 Dec 2023
Slander against brands and bad press isn’t rare. Each year has its fair share of PR faux pas, leading businesses into choppy waters. The media often sensationalizes negative news, thus threatening a business’s reputation, user base, customer trust, and bottom line.  Remember the moral protests that tarnished the reputation of the Beverly Hills Hotel? Or […]
online reputation management
 ∙ 13 min read

Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management [2023 Guide]

Jan Kuzel ∙ 18 Dec 2023
Reputation management is not a simple concept anymore. Not too long ago, it depended heavily on how traditional media (including magazines, TV, radio, and newspapers) perceived your business. Nowadays, though, you have to add at least websites, social networks, and online review sites to the mix.  Let’s have a look at what effective online reputation […]
Measure online reputation
 ∙ 10 min read

Measure Your Online Reputation: 9 Key Metrics to Track

Hanson Cheng ∙ 3 Dec 2023
At one point or another, your business could experience a PR nightmare.  It has happened even to the biggest and most established names. Pepsi received flak with their ad featuring Kendall Jenner. Dove's Facebook ad was labeled racist even when it was anything but.  Then, there's the matter of consumers' trust being heavily dependent on […]
 ∙ 7 min read

Using PR to Improve SEO Reputation Management

Gina Nowicki ∙ 24 Nov 2023
What is online reputation management in SEO? SEO reputation management, or online reputation management (ORM), is a proactive marketing tactic where you strategically manage the online information that your target audience comes across when searching for your brand. Ask yourself this: when people search your business name on a popular search engine like Google, what […]
How to respond to negative reviews
 ∙ 8 min read

How to Make the Best of Negative Reviews Online

Pratik Dholakiya ∙ 24 Nov 2023
Online reviews are one of the most significant forms of social proof. When consumers are faced with confusion about which brands to pick, reviews can change their perspectives.  Studies show that 93% of consumers consider online reviews for buying a product. Hence, online reviews are definitely a big deal. This is why most businesses always […]
Fake news and branded content
 ∙ 5 min read

How Can Brands Earn Trust in the Fake News Era?

Iliyana Stareva ∙ 29 Jun 2021
We buy based on the content that we find and consume and based on the experience that the content and the brand provide. This is why fake news is such a problem for brands. It’s false content, and as such it diminishes consumer trust even more.