Corporate Social Responsibility

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10 Corporate Social Responsibility Examples You Should Know

Max Benz ∙ 4 Apr 2024
With growing expectations to "do good" in society, companies are finding innovative ways to use the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Additionally, there's an economic incentive to invest in CSR. Business Professor Alex Edmans found that the 100 Best Companies To Work For in America beat their peers in stock returns by 2-3%. That’s […]
Prowly’s CSR Initiatives in 2022
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Prowly’s CSR Initiatives in 2022, a Retrospective

Nicholas Berryman ∙ 3 Apr 2024
As we look back on 2022, just as with every passing year, we like to ask ourselves a few simple questions: Have we at Prowly made a social impact? It has been an exciting year of rapid growth and uncharted success, but have we kept to our standards as an ethical business? As we expand, […]
13 strong reasons why sustainability is important for your brand’s PR
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How to Introduce Public Relations Sustainability into Your Brand or PR Agency

Mile Zivkovic ∙ 26 Mar 2024
Your client is devoted to sustainability and follows the latest trends in corporate responsibility - and you have no idea how to bring those sustainable business practices into the spotlight. Or - the client doesn't want to act sustainably, and you don't know how to persuade him to incorporate it into strategy. Which of these […]
CSR covid
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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Prowly ∙ 18 Dec 2023
CSR began 2020 with enormous potential to combine business and social goals into a symbiotic relationship.... and then COVID-19 happened.
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What These 15 Digital Agency Owners Do To Fulfill Their Corporate Social Responsibility

Shaurya Jain ∙ 15 Dec 2023
Businesses these days are getting aware of their social responsibility and doing their best to fulfill it. If you are not, then you definitely should - it can form part of a solid customer-first strategy when you show customers that they, as well as the world around them, matter to your business. You don't need […]
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6 Key Steps In Managing Corporate Social Responsibility

Ashley Halsey ∙ 30 Jun 2021
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept that corporations should be aware of the environmental and social impact of their work and that they should do something to mitigate it. Essentially, CSR results in charitable donations, investments, and initiatives that help raise up communities, reduce carbon emissions, and generally attempt to make the world a […]