PR Crisis Management

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16 PR Crisis Management Examples: What (Not) to Do

Mile Zivkovic ∙ 9 Apr 2024
For every brand under the sun, it's inevitable that problems arise every now and then. It could be a simple typo in a marketing campaign all the way to a full-blown international scandal. Crisis management examples show that some brands handle these crises well, while others... Not so much. Today we’ll make sure you fall […]
PR Crisis Management Guide (w: Strategies and Examples)
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PR Crisis Management Guide (w/ Strategies and Examples)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 4 Apr 2024
Nothing is certain, except for a PR crisis. At a time when crises arise on all sides - from your company actions to TikTok challenges - formulating crisis management strategies in public relations is a must. Until you can prevent all public relations crises, you can - and should - prepare for them in advance. […]
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5 PR Controversies That Made Us Cringe - Lessons on Handling a PR Disaster

Gina Nowicki ∙ 18 Dec 2023
When a PR disaster strikes and hits all the headlines, it stands out particularly strongly for PR professionals. We can’t help but empathize with the crisis communications team that is brought in to fix such an ugly mess, especially when it looks like the PR scandal could have been easily side-stepped with a little advanced […]
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Crisis Communications in an Era of Media Distrust

Beau Peters ∙ 18 Dec 2023
In a lot of ways, ours truly is a golden age of communication. Perhaps never before have public relations been so dynamic or so interconnected. Nowadays, it’s not just the PR pros who are talking.  The customer is talking, too, and not just with their wallets, anymore. They’re talking with their tweets and texts, their […]
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How to Create a Crisis Communication Plan (Updated for COVID-19)

Mikko Koskinen ∙ 18 Dec 2023
Learn everything you need to prepare for a crisis.
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Security Best Practices for Your Remote Team

Pawel Ogonowski ∙ 31 Oct 2022
Are you interested in utilizing the power of remote teams to boost your business?
Better Safe Than Sorry: Your Crisis Communication Plan From A to Z
 ∙ 14 min read

Better Safe Than Sorry: Your Crisis Communication Plan From A to Z

Mikko Koskinen ∙ 20 Jun 2018
It is therefore better to have the procedures to prevent a crisis in place than to cope with it later. You can find them in our e-book, which was prepared together with Michelle Garrett, a renowned PR expert and blogger.