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Do PR Companies Offer Social Media Services—And Should You, Too?

Gina Nowicki ∙ 26 Apr 2024
As consumers spend more time each year on social media platforms, your potential clients are likely looking for PR agencies to offer relevant services, like social media management and monitoring. In fact, many of them have growing social media budgets they need to strategically address in their annual marketing plan.  This is also likely true […]
How To Integrate Digital PR with In-House PR Successfully
 ∙ 11 min read

How To Integrate Digital PR with In-House PR Successfully

The evolution of Digital PR has been quite a journey, from the early 00s days of shifty SEO link-building tactics to today’s proud industry that delivers campaigns that help get your brand front of mind and at the top of Google. Whilst an e-commerce or SEO team may fully appreciate the value of good Digital […]
Podcast pitch template - Prowly Magazine
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How to Pitch Your Clients for Podcasts (w/ Podcast Pitch Template)

Gina Nowicki ∙ 29 Jan 2024
We can barely keep up: podcasts have popped up everywhere and their popularity continues to skyrocket. There is a podcast for almost everything these days, from business to personal finance to true crime stories to fashion.  In fact, Podcast Insights reports that there are over 2 million podcasts as of 2021!  What does this mean […]
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Social Media Content Strategy for PR Agencies: 5 Tactics to Win New Clients

Simki Dutta ∙ 13 Dec 2023
PR agencies tend to get caught up in client work, failing to realize that they need a solid marketing strategy like any other company, to keep attracting new clients.  As Forbes Agency Council expert Chelimar Miranda rightly puts it, it's incredibly challenging to prioritize "unpaid" work over paid work. However, it's imperative to keep marketing […]
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#PRpeople: Creating Stellar Content Will Take Your Client To The Next Level

Kristen Tischhauser ∙ 11 Dec 2023
Kristen Tischhauser, Co-founder & Managing Partner oftalkTECH, about major trends to follow in 2016: “I believe owned media creation and distribution strategy should be part of your PR plan this year. Creating stellar content and posting it in places like...”
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Grow Your PR Agency: How to Get More PR Clients in the New Year

Simki Dutta ∙ 9 Nov 2023
Ask any agency what their biggest challenge is, and they’ll tell you it’s finding new clients. As we enter the New Year, you may have this front of mind in your 2023 business planning. Some agencies hope they can launch a revolutionary PR campaign and be “discovered” by their dream clients, but that’s far from […]
Cover photo: Starting your own PR agency
 ∙ 13 min read

​​Starting Your Own PR Agency: How to Start a Public Relations Company

Alison Guthrie ∙ 9 Nov 2023
Let me begin with a bit of honesty. I didn’t want to start a public relations company amid a global pandemic. Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t have. We can all agree it wasn’t an optimal time to do so. Launching my own agency would’ve been crazy, and I guess that tells you almost […]
Questions to ask PR clients - Prowly Magazine
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What Questions Should You Ask Your New PR Clients?

Gina Nowicki ∙ 21 Apr 2023
You’re ready to get started on strategizing, writing about, and pitching your new client, but there are still things you need to establish before you begin. For example, there are some public relations questions to ask the client during the onboarding that will both inform your next steps and demonstrate your expertise in working collaboratively […]
Cover photo: PR Client Onboarding
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PR Client Onboarding: How to Successfully Onboard a New PR Client

Gina Nowicki ∙ 28 Jan 2022
Signing on a new client is the result of significant work. You spent hours discovering the client’s PR needs, presenting your agency’s benefits, talking the client though their concerns, and sharing your agency’s measurable value to their overall PR & marketing strategy. But once they’ve signed (success!), the real work has only just begun. Now […]
Prowly for Naturalbox
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Customer Story: Naturalbox Raises Capital With Prowly

Prowly ∙ 15 Jun 2016
We caught up with Alicja Chlebna, Founder & CEO at Naturalbox & Veganbox Ecoliving Int. AB, to find out how their Prowly newsroom is supporting their digital communications strategy.