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new business (company launch) press release
 ∙ 6 min read

How to Write a New Business (Company Launch) Press Release in 4 Steps

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 4 Apr 2024
Did you just start a new business? If you don’t have a story idea for your business, don’t even try to inform the media about it. If you’re willing to learn, let me try to help.
New hire press releases
 ∙ 8 min read

Writing a New Hire Press Release (with Example and Template)

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 28 Feb 2024
If you are looking for the ultimate formula for how to write a press release announcing a new hire, I must disappoint you—there isn’t one. But at least let me show you what to watch out for.
technology journalists
 ∙ 4 min read

Top Tech Journalists – The 2023 List

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 24 Nov 2023
Even the most interesting tech story needs several components to make sure it will get coverage, one of which is finding the technology media contacts to pitch to.
Canadian media contacts
 ∙ 5 min read

Top Canadian Media Contacts to Be in Touch With (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa)

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 12 Sep 2023
Which news sites and individual reporters have the greatest impact on the national discussion concerning the upcoming changes in the country, culture, and with whom it is worth talking about what is happening in these regions. I've decided to make this task easier for you.
Top Beauty & Fashion Journalists in the UK
 ∙ 3 min read

Top Beauty & Fashion Journalists in the UK – The 2023 List

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 20 Dec 2022
We decided to take a look at popular UK fashion and beauty journalists to see how they’re contributing to the industry.
Vicepresident of ICCO. Lets talk about PR more ambitiously
 ∙ 7 min read

Vice-President of ICCO: Let's talk about PR more ambitiously [INTERVIEW]

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 6 May 2021
"The appointment of a Pole is proof of the fact that we’re not a second-rate market, but a mainstream one. This can be seen in our presence in international competitions where we win a large number of awards every year" - says Grzegorz Szczepanski, Vice- President od ICCO.
Markeitng and Esports Communication
 ∙ 3 min read

Marketing and Brand Communication Strategies in Esports [E-book]

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 20 Mar 2021
In our e-book we want to show you the areas that PR and marketing agencies should be interested in and present the people who are interested in addressing communication activities to this group.
skills succed 2020
 ∙ 7 min read

PR and Marketing: The Skills Experts Wish to Master in 2021

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 30 Dec 2019
I’m curious about what kinds of challenges other people who are dealing with communication wish to take up in this area. In this article, I asked about the skills that are likely to drive them forward and help them put their job, the industry, and life in perspective and look at these concepts with a mature eye without fearing they won’t be ready for 2020.
jak mierzyć public relations?
,  ∙ 10 min read

PR można mierzyć z głową. Tylko często zabieramy się do tego od złej strony [OPINIE]

Magdalena Wosinska ∙ 1 Jul 2019
Pytamy przedstawicieli agencji PR i firm, jak mierzą efektywność PR-u. Mariusz Pleban, CEO OneMulti: „PR – tego nie można zmierzyć z głową. Problem w tym, że my specjaliści PR, często zabieramy się do tego od złej strony. Mierzymy nie to co jest najważniejsze”.