PR Outreach & Media Relations

 ∙ 11 min read

17 Sender Reputation Tips for Writing Emails in PR

Kamila Hanson ∙ 9 Jul 2024
Crafting effective emails is more than just writing catchy subject lines. There’s an entire technical side to it, where you need to be aware of all the not-so-fun details and know how to manage your email lists. That’s where Prowly’s email assistance comes into play—whenever you’re ready to start sending emails, it will guide you […]
Top media outlets - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 5 min read

Top Media Outlets for Your News - The 2023 List

Prowly ∙ 27 Jun 2024
When it comes to sharing important news, you naturally want to ensure you are reaching the top media outlets. These are the websites, newspapers, magazines, television outlets, and radio stations that have the biggest reach, and appearing on these can definitely help you spread the news about your brand or clients. Keep in mind that […]
three pieces of paper showing different "X" drawings and two Xes in a red circle of the top one symboling a rebranding
 ∙ 10 min read

How to Write a Rebranding Press Release (Examples and Template)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 23 May 2024
Learning how to write a rebranding press release? Congrats! That means that the long process of creating the rebrand is coming to an end. We'll show you how to announce a rebrand with an efficient press release. Getting it right is crucial, especially when you share a business name change announcement. Here's what you will […]
Why Micro Influencers Should Be Part of Your PR Strategy
 ∙ 12 min read

Why Micro-Influencers Should Be a Part of Your PR Strategy (w/Tips & Examples)

Dominika Kuras ∙ 17 May 2024
You’ve surely heard about big influencers that earn tons of money on collabs with brands. But have you considered the power of micro-influencers? A whopping 82% of consumers stated that a recommendation from a small influencer is more reliable to them. So if you are looking for solid authority and a reliable image that will […]
How to Build an Effective Media List
 ∙ 12 min read

How to Build a Killer Media List: Best Tools & Examples for 2024

Bart Donda ∙ 15 May 2024
Find out how to build a powerful media list for media outreach and getting press coverage. Inside you'll find useful tools & real-life examples.
Story Angle Ideas - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 11 min read

Story Angle Ideas: How to Find the Right Angle for Your Pitch

Kristen Skladd ∙ 15 May 2024
What makes a great story? Is it how well it's told or how real the characters feel? Both are important, but something else could make it satisfying, like finding answers to questions you didn't know you had. A compelling story should ideally lead you somewhere, teach you something meaningful, and satisfy your curiosity. That's entirely […]
 ∙ 11 min read

How to Find Relevant Journalists & Their Emails to Contact Them

Bart Donda ∙ 13 May 2024
If you’re looking to contact reporters, reporters, or other media contacts in hopes of getting media coverage, you have to know how to: Find relevant journalists that could be interested in covering a story like yours Find their email address or other ways to get in touch Of course, you also have to make sure […]
Media pitch vs press release - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 10 min read

Media Pitch vs Press Release—What’s the Difference?

Bart Donda ∙ 13 May 2024
The line between the common understanding of a press release and a media pitch has become rather blurred. Here are the key differences.
Press release format
 ∙ 14 min read

Press Release Format Guide (w/ Examples)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 13 May 2024
With press release writing, it's not all about the content. The way you present - or format - your press release has a huge impact on its efficiency. Yet, this is a rare topic, as most guides focus on the writing aspect. We're happy to add our two cents and broaden your press release skillset! […]
outreach templates
 ∙ 11 min read

Effective PR Outreach Emails: Templates and Examples

Tim Green ∙ 13 May 2024
Whether you want to boost your brand visibility, earn powerful backlinks or get the word out about a new product release, media coverage is the best way to get your company noticed. Unfortunately, though, getting the attention you deserve isn’t as simple as it might seem.  Successfully gaining publicity takes time, hard work, and careful […]
PR outreach
 ∙ 13 min read

How to Do PR Outreach (w/ Expert Tips, Tools & Examples)

Berenika Teter ∙ 13 May 2024
Effective PR is all about relationships. Apart from maintaining the existing connections, however, sometimes you have to reach out and make new ones to grow your network. Here’s when PR outreach (also referred to as media outreach) comes in.  Below, PR experts shed some light on the meaning of PR outreach, along with best practices […]
Data-Driven Storytelling - Cover image
 ∙ 6 min read

Data-Driven Storytelling: How to Create Data-Driven Stories (w/ Examples)

Simki Dutta ∙ 13 May 2024
At some point, every PR professional struggles to find interesting story angles and create newsworthy stories.  Let’s face it: nobody cares if your company is the “largest homegrown retailer in the region” or the “best employer in the world”.  On the other hand, when one comes across a headline that reads, ‘550,000 travelers used Airbnb […]
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