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Access over 1 million contacts from a worldwide media database. Create targeted media lists and pitch your story with a personalized message and analytics.

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Save hundreds of hours on creating targeted media lists

Find the most relevant, up-to-date media contacts in just a few clicks and build relationships with journalists who can easily reach your target audience.

“Without Prowly, promoting our video would require us to track down editors and contributors on our own. In the past, accomplishing effective PR outreach would seriously take us hundreds of work hours.”

Chris Zelig, Partner at Medstar Media

Narrow down your search with filters and contact recommendations

With advanced filters, you can find the right journalists who cover stories just like yours. Get specific contact recommendations based on your press release or find niche journalists by searching for keywords in articles that they've written.

Filter journalists by:

  • Topic
  • Location
  • Tweets
  • Keywords in articles
  • And more

Personalize your pitch with all the contact information available

Know all the details about your journalist and choose how you want to contact them. View what topic each person recently covered and tailor your message to increase your chances of successful outreach.

Get information such as:

  • Email address
  • Recent articles written
  • Social media profiles
  • Topics covered

Increase email deliverability with frequently updated contacts

There is nothing worse than sending emails that go nowhere. With the latest contact information and an up-to-date database, you’ll be able to keep your email bounce rate low and sender reputation high.


Create your audience

Selected features

  • Advanced filters & segmentation
  • Always up-to-date
  • Easy contact import
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Design your press release

Selected features

  • Simple drag & drop editor
  • Engaging & personalized content
  • Responsive and mobile-ready
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Connect with journalists

Selected features

  • High deliverability
  • Smart suggestions
  • Actionable analytical insights
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Get covered by the media

"Your service helped me locate the press contacts I needed to make a breast cancer awareness video we did go viral. My mom is a survivor. We were able to spread the word because you made it easier for us to contact the right people."

Your entire PR workflow in one, easy-to-use tool

Create press releases

Design and create your own customized press releases, complete with photos, graphics, and multimedia elements.

Pitch the media

Be confident that your pitch will land in journalists' inboxes thanks to Prowly's high deliverability and smart suggestions.

Manage contacts

Add or update contact information, organize them into dedicated segments or lists, and easily select a tailored audience for your next campaign.

Find journalists

Search the Media Database for the journalists who are most likely to be interested in your story and add them to your media lists.

Create a newsroom

Your own dedicated online source for all news and info connected with your brand. Make it easy for journalists to find the definitive source of news about you.

Track mentions

Track press hits across the web with advanced filters and AI that makes sure you're focusing on just the PR mentions that matter.

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