Create and send press releases that stand out

Turn dull content into engaging stories with an AI Assistant that helps you during ideation, drafting, and editing, all the way to hitting “Send”.

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Dive into a straightforward workflow:


Nail down your ideas into a comprehensive draft

Choose how to start:

  • Upload your own draft
  • Find captivating story angles
  • Polish with journalist-like questions
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Work with your text and add interactive elements

Modify and edit to perfection:

  • Drag and drop photos and videos
  • Refine text with a PR style review
  • Check if content ticks all the boxes
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Finalize content, and send directly with Prowly

Prepare the email:

  • Generate an engaging summary
  • Add more recommended journalists
  • Gather in-depth email analytics
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Make your press release stand out

Use a simple drag & drop editor to enhance your press release with photos, videos, buttons, and more to get your message across.


Media-friendly press releases

Easily share your press releases online or embed them directly in your pitch emails instead of sending them as attachments.


Work & share as a team

Set different levels of access, track progress, and easily update team members on changes made and project status.


Elevate your storytelling game with an AI Assistant in the back seat

Dive into the first AI tool designed with public relations in mind:

  • Come with an idea, leave with a press release: input your key message, and get compelling story angles that will resonate with your audience.
  • Power-up your content: answer custom questions that mimic a conversation you'd have with a journalist.
  • Review and polish: reduce the number of revisions by ticking all the boxes for PR writing best practices before you send it over

Send your press release to the right journalists

Forget the "spray-and-pray" approach to press release distribution. Prowly lets you find and reach out to reporters who are most likely to be interested in covering your news, resulting in meaningful press coverage.

Generate your audience from:

  • Recommendations based on your press release
  • Searching Prowly's 1M+ media database
  • Importing your own media lists

Effectively send out your press release by email

Use targeted media lists and personalized emails sent through Prowly to increase your chances of engagement. Get analytics on your distribution so you know what to improve and when to follow up.

"Your service helped me locate the press contacts I needed to make a breast cancer awareness video we did go viral. My mom is a survivor. We were able to spread the word because you made it easier for us to contact the right people."

Chris Zelig, Partner at Medstar Media

Your entire PR workflow in one, easy-to-use tool

Create press releases

Design and create your own customized press releases, complete with photos, graphics, and multimedia elements.

Pitch the media

Be confident that your pitch will land in journalists' inboxes thanks to Prowly's high deliverability and smart suggestions.

Manage contacts

Add or update contact information, organize them into dedicated segments or lists, and easily select a tailored audience for your next campaign.

Find journalists

Search the Media Database for the journalists who are most likely to be interested in your story and add them to your media lists.

Create a newsroom

Your own dedicated online source for all news and info connected with your brand. Make it easy for journalists to find the definitive source of news about you.

Track mentions

Track press hits across the web with advanced filters and AI that makes sure you're focusing on just the PR mentions that matter.

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