How to Write a Rebranding Press Release (Examples and Template)

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Learning how to write a rebranding press release? Congrats! That means that the long process of creating the rebrand is coming to an end.

We’ll show you how to announce a rebrand with an efficient press release. Getting it right is crucial, especially when you share a business name change announcement.

Here’s what you will learn:

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What is a rebranding press release?

A rebranding press release is an official announcement for the news media, offering insights into your company’s rebranding process. Sent to carefully selected media outlets, it helps you get coverage and reach the right key audiences.

In this way, you can share your new brand story and generate excitement for the changes.

Why write a rebranding press release?

No matter if your business is small or big, a rebranding announcement gets anyone outside the organization who’s impacted by the process into the loop. Think customers, investors, and competition.

A successful press release:

  • spreads the word about changes and connects the dots in your customers’ minds
  • shares the reason for rebranding efforts
  • builds interest in and anticipation for the upcoming changes

Also, you can see it reflected on your website – with a spike of visitors and searches in Google.

How to write a rebranding press release

Creating rebranding press releases can feel a bit overwhelming if you’re unsure of where to start. But don’t worry; with a little guidance, you’ll be able to put together compelling releases without breaking a sweat.

A typical press release format includes important elements like the headline, lead, body, quote, and contact information. We’ll touch on some of these here.

 Yet, for a more detailed breakdown of each component, check out our guide: “How to Write a Press Release (With Insights from PR Professionals).

Let’s see what makes a great press release – with rebrand announcement examples!

#1 A catchy headline in a press release

The headline makes your first impression. It should highlight the most important point and captivate the reader, encouraging them to read more.

One of the most discussed examples belongs to the Hootsuite rebrand: Hootsuite Breaks Free From the Sea of Sameness with Bold Vision for Social and New Brand System.

As you can see, even their headline is coherent with their new branding – and catches attention.

#2 A compelling lead sentence

The lead sentence serves as your hook, demanding brevity while delivering key information. When it’s successful, your readers stay to delve deeper into the story.

If you struggle with defining the most important points, try the “5 W’s” concept. It lets you organize your message even before you start writing. To get to the essence, answer these 5 basic questions:
• who
• what
• when
• where
• and why

By following this structure, you make sure your press release conveys a precise message. Thanks to this, journalists can easily publish a story centered around the most important points.

Make sure to get the definitive answers to these questions before you start writing your rebranding announcement to simplify the process.

Pro tip: A template like the ones you can use in Prowly’s Press Release Creator help you include all the crucial elements.

#3 A dateline vs. the effective date

The dateline commonly appears right at the start of the initial paragraph. It provides readers, including the media, with precise details about the news’s source and its timeliness.

This reinforces the factual and up-to-the-minute nature of the release.

However, with a rebranding announcement, you can opt for the effective date. Instead of publishing a press release announcing changes when they go live, send it in advance.

This gives a heads-up and stirs curiosity, especially if your company is recognizable in the industry.

#4 Adding relevant quotes from stakeholders

Let the key stakeholders share their unique insights with rebranding quotes.

  • Such a huge change influences business results, so transparency from the board sparks confidence.
  • It makes both the investors and the public more likely to understand and support a different direction.

Quotes personalize your message and help journalists craft a more compelling, shareable piece. They also make a perfect Click to Tweet section. In other words, they increase the chances of getting published. And achieving better traction.

A great example comes from Kia’s rebranding press release:

“Kia’s new logo represents the company’s commitment to becoming an icon for change and innovation”. It’s part of a longer quote, yet this fragment is concise enough to be shared across social media platforms.

Pro tip: Highlight the quotes with a drag-and-drop section from Prowly Press Release Creator and save time on formatting.

#5 Adding visuals and assets

Visuals are key in the branding world, even if you’re preparing just a website redesign launch announcement. Show your new brand colors and let images tell a compelling story.

Screenshot from Prowly Press Release creator showing how to add visuals to a rebranding press release

Pro tip: Add various media assets right from the Prowly Press Release Creator with just a few clicks with building blocks. Make sure it displays the way you want.

#6 Boilerplate and logo

Your boilerplate and logo let unfamiliar readers understand who you are. It can include the company’s main area of operation, history, and notable achievements or recognitions. You can also add how you can be found online.

For sure, it should already be in line with your new brand identity. Using services like Prowly, you can easily update your boilerplate for all media templates.

Key things to include in a rebranding press release

Share the most important info about the past (what happened, why are you changing?), the present (what’s different?), and the future (how will it influence you?).

Rebranding changes + what is staying the same

Compare briefly your old and new brand identity so that the audience can see your current branding choices.

Reason for rebranding

Explain why the organization opted for crafting a different identity. Here’s where you can reflect on the changes that sparked the rebranding process.

New impact and mission statement

As you’ve covered past and present, here is the place to shape expectations for the future. Let your readers know how this new identity will make an impact.

Types of rebranding press releases

Let’s review some situations when you need a company rebrand press release:

  • New Visual Identity Press Release
  • Company Name Change Announcement Press Release
  • Merger Press Release
  • Acquisition Press Release
  • New Partnerships Press Release
  • New Company Announcement Press Release

Each of these types may require a different approach, so make sure to tailor your press release according to the specific situation.

You can start creating your press release right away or get inspired by a few examples first.

Rebranding press release example

We chose to share a rebranding announcement example from the Salisbury Zoo sharing insights on their new logo and slogan. Their story goes beyond announcing changes – it also proves the important role that the Zoo has in the local community.

Bonus points? Finding out how a bear and a bison ended up on their logo.

What we love about this press release

💬 Aleksandra Kubicka, PR Evangelist at Prowly, explains why she chose this compelling rebranding press release:

  • It tells the story behind the new logo and slogan, showing how the creative process is grounded in recent changes in the Zoo.
  • The story about the new brand strategy shows how important the link between the Zoo and the local community is. It’s reflected both in the rebranding process and in the quote from the mayor of Salisbury.
  • It adds updates about recent improvements for visitors to the Zoo that go in line with the brand changes.

Seeking more inspiration? Check this list of over 25 press release examples.

Rebranding press release template

Templates are great for streamlining press release creation, as this format follows a defined structure. You can either create your own document or save even more time! How?

Use our free company press release template database! Fill in the blanks in the Prowly Press Release Creator tool and you’re good to go. And if you need other press release templates, check out these 15 examples.

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Choose the best press release distribution service

You’ve got your press release nailed. Now it’s time to reach your target audience. Let’s talk about the factors that help you choose the best press release distribution service and get media coverage.

Use a good quality media database

A media database increases the probability of hitting the sweet spot – reaching the right audience with optimal effort. That’s how you maximize the impact of your story.

In a media database like Prowly, you’ll find a wide network of contacts, enabling you to directly reach out to over 5000 business journalists and 2800 news outlets in the U.S. alone. The entire database includes over 1 million contacts and it’s really easy to filter down to the results that you need.

A screenshot from Prowly showing exemplary contacts to media and journalists writing about business in Media Database

Don’t forget about visual elements, as they are crucial in rebrand announcements. Make sure the distribution service allows you to easily add all the brand materials journalists need at their fingertips.

Pro tip: Filter your contact results and create your own contact lists right in Prowly.

Wire service and buying a business press release media contact list

A less efficient, yet still popular, approach is to reach out to a wire service or buy a media contact list.

Wire services give you quick and wide distribution to journalists. However, it lacks that personal touch, and costs quite a lot, while there’s no guarantee you’ll appear in the media you need.

A media contact list is usually curated, meaning you’ll reach a precisely targeted audience. Nevertheless, they can be outdated. This means you run the risk of spending your resources on chasing inactive or irrelevant contacts.

If you’re still not sure what solution best fits your needs, Prowly has a free 7-day trial, so you can try it out now.


A rebranding news release in well-chosen media outlets lets you share key details of your company’s new identity. It’s how your target market gets informed about the change.

Two elements make a successful press release: excellent content and proper distribution. Tools like templates, a press release creator, or a distribution platform can help you get more media coverage.

Using Prowly, you can handle everything, from creating a top-notch press release and reaching out to journalists to sending your announcement to the right audience—all within one app.

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