How to Write a Book Press Release (Example and Template)

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Gain media attention by distributing a press release when your client releases a new book. The announcement sets the stage for what your readers can expect from the book and how they can get their hands on it.

A book launch press release follows similar rules to other press releases, with a few caveats. Let us walk you through exactly how to write a good book press release.

If you’re in a rush, Prowly offers press release templates that you can use to easily create your own, in a format that journalists expect to receive.

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Why write a book press release?

Book promotion is an ongoing process, so PR for books is relevant whenever a book is launched, even if it’s a new edition of a timeless classic. The key to excellent press releases, though, is to provide much more than a summary of a book. Instead, you’ll want to entice potential readers with the benefits of reading the whole piece.

Like most great press release writing, it’s all about excellent storytelling.

And if you’re looking for insights and book press release examples, you’ve landed in the right spot. Just keep reading.

What are the 3 main goals of a book press release?

As you write your press release, keep these main goals in mind:

  1. Show the journalist why their readers will find the book exciting.
  2. Provide the main points of the book while leaving the reader wanting more.
  3. Include specific details like the release date and book signing dates.

When do I write a book press release?

You can write a book launch announcement whenever a book is newly-published and will be available for purchase within a few weeks. You may even wait until the book is officially available online or in stores, as long as the date of the release is very recent.

Protip: Write a new book press release several weeks before the book launch date, ideally when a pre-order sales channel is set up.

How to write a press release for a book launch?

The best book press releases are concise but exciting. They provide a taste of what the reader can expect without giving away any spoilers.

To hit the sweet spot, try combining storytelling with providing only pertinent information.

Book press release format

When writing a book launch press release, remember that there’s a standard expected format for press releases.

While you might get creative when it comes to the content, the structure you use to present it should follow some basic rules to be properly formatted.

Craft your press release with crystal clear clarity about your target audience and speak directly to them. Tailor your press releases for consumers, bloggers, journalists, and even the Google search algorithm.

To get to know the details of each element, read How to Write a Press Release (With Tips From PR Pros). You will find more than just generic press release tips there.

As a refresher, the common elements of a standard press release are:

  • A great headline
  • Subheader / Lead
  • Dateline
  • Body
  • Quote
  • Company info
  • Logo
  • Media contact info

Don’t forget the importance of including contact details in a press release! They play a vital role in fostering effective communication and making it easier for media inquiries to reach out and follow up.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration for product launch press releases, check out 6 more examples in the “Writing a New Product Press Release” article.

The Prowly press release creator can guide you through this process and assist you in covering all the key information on one page.

Other things to include

Find an interesting news angle

Identify your hook and connect the book to current events, viral topics, Google Trends, and popular topics on social media. That way you can grab major media outlets’, audiences’, and journalists’ attention with your news story.

Book title

Include the book title right away. Don’t bury it in your great press pitch!

Book release date

Provide details on when and where the book will be made available for purchase. Give links to pre-order channels if they’re available.

Summary of the book

Provide a brief introduction to the book that focuses on high-level points like genre and themes. Then include the benefits to the reader, whether it’s learning something new or being taken on an escapist reading voyage.


You have two choices: you can either include a quote from the book or use an endorsement quote. Additionally, this is a great spot to showcase book reviews.

Author bio

There is no need for a separate author press release. Instead, a brief bio is expected in your book release announcement. Give a little background on the author, including their expertise on the topic, especially if it’s a self-help title. 


Place the name of the publishing house prominently.

Awards or accolades

If available, list the awards and accolades the author or the book have received (if it’s a new edition release).

Call To Action

What do you want to happen after someone reads your press release? Purchase or pre-order it, of course! Don’t forget to include the preorder and order information.

Protip: Include a visual for the journalist to use in their article. Provide a high-quality photo of the author or the book cover.

How to write a press release for a book signing tour?

Your book signing press release should include all the event details, like the dates and locations, plus any pre-signing readings or interviews. Name all special guests.

Writing press releases for a book tour separately is recommended because each event is a potential local news story and can be pitched to a new list of local journalists. In this article, you can find more about connecting with local media that might help you promote your new book.

Questions to answer in a book press release

Sometimes it’s best to write your press release with some guiding questions. Here are a few to consider:

How is the author qualified to discuss this topic?

This is especially important if the book provides advice. Readers need to know why they should trust the source rather than relying solely on the emotional angle.

What benefits does the book provide to the reader?

Explain what the reader has to gain from the book. Is it laughter, education, or a new outlook on life? This point is where potential readers make their decision to buy the book.

What problems does the book solve?

Again, think from the reader’s perspective, and make it clear how this book will improve their life, whether through knowledge or entertainment.

Protip: If the book is a guide, focus on describing the current problem readers might have or their aspirations. Then explain how the book addresses them.

Book press release example

Now that you understand the key elements, let’s take a look at a new book press release example from Simon & Schuster.

There are a number of things we really like about this book launch press release example:

  • The storytelling! It begins right in the first paragraph and immediately captures the reader’s attention.
  • The book is described in a way that goes beyond a plot summary, with short, engaging paragraphs that build up the reader’s interest.
  • The developed sense of intrigue by explaining the process for writing the book.
  • How it ends with a thought-provoking question that leaves readers curious and wanting more.
  • Its clear structure, with the author’s bio included in a separate paragraph below.

If want to see more examples of book (and other) press releases, we’ve discussed over twenty of them in this article.

Book press release template

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Distributing your book press release

Now, where to send press releases for books? Let’s look at the 3 options that you’re probably considering.

Pitching your press release with a high-quality media database

This is the ideal scenario with the highest likelihood of capturing media coverage. 

Using a PR software tool like Prowly gets you access to over 1 million media contacts that can easily be sorted by beat and location. By meticulously filtering your database contacts, you can distribute press releases to promote your book yourself. This way, you can ensure it reaches the right audience and target niche audiences more effectively, increasing the likelihood of book sales.

In the case of a book release, Prowly’s media database currently boasts 1,819 journalist contacts and 1,295 contacts to media and news outlets that cover U.S. book releases. That’s a lot of potential news coverage.

Prowly's Media Database showing 1,295 media contacts in the United States that write about books, including VICE and New Yorker.

Protip To effectively reach your target audience, share the press release of your book with local businesses or nonprofit organizations that align with its mission statement. This will help create meaningful partnerships and expand your reach.

💡If you’re seeking more exposure for your press release, explore these 10 ideas on how to effectively promote a press release.

Buying a media contact list

You may be tempted to buy a media list from a company that focuses on creating them for a wide array of topics, but we don’t recommend it for one main reason. These one-off media outlets lists are notorious for being outdated, leading to nothing but frustration when half of your emails bounce back.

Using a wire service

You could use a wire service to distribute your press release, but the fact is that this is too broad of a pitch. You’re much more likely to get results by curating your media list to the best media outlets fits for your story, then reaching out to them individually with a pitch tailored just to them.

Protip: When using a PR software tool, don’t forget to add new press releases to your online newsroom.


Writing a good press release yourself is a solid start to getting the word out about your client’s latest work. With a book announcement needing a highly-targeted media audience, it’s also a great opportunity to test out an automated PR software solution like Prowly.

You’ll benefit from press release templates, targeted media databases, and media pitching tools that track your open rates and allow for team pitching. Did we mention it includes media monitoring and custom reporting too?