How to Write a Partnership Press Release (Examples & Templates)

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What is a partnership press release?

A partnership press release is a public relations document issued by businesses to announce a significant collaboration with another entity. It represents a strategic tool that allows businesses to formalize and publicize their alliances, collaborations, or joint ventures.

The primary purpose of a partnership announcement press release is to share this important news with the wider public, stakeholders, and the media. It further aims to highlight the synergy and benefits of the partnership, thereby enhancing overall brand image and the credibility of both parties involved.

In this article, we will cover:

If you’re short on time, Prowly provides press release templates that allow you to craft your own partnership press release effortlessly in a format that meets journalists’ expectations.

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How to find relevant journalists for your partnership press release

Even if you’ve written a perfect partnership announcement, it won’t make a splash unless it gets into the hands of the right journalists who can help spread the word.

How does a press release partnership announcement get to the right (and interested) people?

Start by using Prowly’s media database to find journalists who might be interested in your press release announcing a new partnership. You can use the “keyword search” feature to identify journalists who have written such pieces before or who cover topics in your industry.


To make the most of your press release announcing partnership you should also consider hitting the local media. In such a situation, you may benefit from filtering journalists by location. This way you can enhance your story’s reach and success!

How do you write a new partnership press release?

Partnership press release format

Now we’ve covered the theory, it’s high time to focus on the release itself. How do you write a new partnership press release template?

A new partnership announcement should focus on the following:

  1. Background information: Offer brief background information on each company, highlighting their achievements and relevant expertise.
  2. Goals and objectives: Share the specific goals and objectives that the partnership aims to achieve. This provides a roadmap for the future and demonstrates a commitment to success.
  3. Benefits to customers: Explain how the partnership will improve customer experience or provide additional value to customers. This is crucial for customer-centric partnerships.
  4. Industry impact: Discuss how the partnership may impact the industry, such as setting new standards, influencing trends, or addressing industry challenges.
  5. Data and figures: Describe the significance or potential benefits of the partnership using data, statistics, and facts.

While announcing a partnership press release you should remember to express all the good sides of this cooperation and assure the public how powerful the new collaboration will be.

The elements of your partnership press release include:

  • Headline: Craft a succinct headline that captures the core of the collaboration’s purpose. Make it catchy, but no clickbait.
  • Subheader / Lead: In this part, you need to provide all the essentials. Who, with whom, why, etc. Create some sort of “bite-sized partnership” section.
  • Dateline: Deliver time thresholds. Besides the start date, you can also give some sneak peeks on the milestones to be reached.
  • Body: This one is all about the details: Reasons, consequences, plans. Give your audience a comprehensive overview of the situation in your press release partnership agreement.
  • Quote: The partnership press release quote should emphasize the importance of the partnership and its potential impact. It may come from stakeholders, CEOs, or key executives from both parties.
  • Logo: Take care of your brand identity. Make it visual as to which brands become partners and personalize the message.
  • Media contact information: Give journalists the tools to reach you in case of any follow-ups or questions.

If you feel like you need more tips on writing your business partnership press release, read our How to Write a Press Release guide. There you can find practical guidelines, PR expert tricks, and some partnership announcement press release examples worth following.

Partnership press release example

You can use several partnership press release samples as inspiration or as a press release template.

Strategic partnership press release

Strategic partnership announcement sample

This is why we like this press release strategic partnership example:

  1. Clear introduction: The press release opens with a clear and concise introduction, immediately announcing the global strategic partnership.
  2. Value proposition: It highlights the value of the partnership, combining Bain’s management consulting services with Endava’s technology expertise to accelerate digital solutions for businesses.
  3. Testimonial: Quotes from both Bain & Company and Endava’s leadership teams emphasize the strategic importance of the partnership and the benefits it brings to clients.
  4. Ownership stake: The mention of Bain & Company’s ownership stake in Endava demonstrates a strong commitment to the partnership.

Charity partnership press release

Announcement of a new charity partner sample

Why we like this press release partnership example:

  1. Clear purpose: The press release effectively communicates the purpose of the partnership, which is PwC’s support for Hospice UK and Crisis through staff volunteering, fundraising events, and donations, with a focus on digital skills and transformation.
  2. Impactful initiatives: It highlights the specific initiatives and projects that will be supported, such as extending Hospice UK’s information service and helping Crisis provide digital services and skills to people experiencing homelessness.
  3. Quotes from key figures: Including quotes from the chairman of PwC, the CEO of Hospice UK, and the chief executive of Crisis adds credibility and provides insights into the motivations and goals of the partnership.
  4. Social responsibility and wellbeing: The press release underscores PwC’s commitment to social responsibility and wellbeing, aligning with its purpose and mission.

Partnership announcement press release example

Partnership press release example

Why we think this press release new partnership example is a good one:

  1. Clear introduction: The press release opens with a concise introduction that immediately communicates the partnership’s purpose and benefits.
  2. Key details upfront: It outlines the key details of the partnership, including what it means for Appodeal users and the value it brings to app creators.
  3. CEO quotes: Including a quote from the CEO of Appodeal adds credibility and emphasizes the significance of the partnership.
  4. Benefits emphasized: The press release highlights the benefits of aligning attribution and monetization data, focusing on how it helps app creators increase user LTV and make smarter UA decisions.

Technology partnership press release sample

New technology partner announcement example

Why we think this new partnership press release example is a good one:

  1. Clear headline: The concise headline immediately communicates the partnership’s goal of redefining and personalizing the fan experience.
  2. Strategic alignment: The press release highlights the strategic alignment between the NBA and Microsoft, emphasizing how they will collaborate to transform the fan experience.
  3. Key details upfront: It starts with crucial partnership details, such as Microsoft’s role and the use of Azure and AI capabilities.
  4. Quotes from CEOs: Including quotes from the CEOs of both organizations adds credibility and reinforces the significance of the partnership.

Whether you’re writing a press release for a partnership, or a collaboration with a charity, or any other scenario, Prowly templates are here to help. Use them as a source of inspiration or customize them to create your own partnership press release. Take a look at the templates below for guidance.

Partnership press release template

Now that we’ve discussed some partnership announcement press release examples, let’s dive into some practical tips. We’ve prepared a few templates for you that can help streamline the process of creating your partnership press release.

Check out Prowly’s press release creator tool for a variety of templates specifically designed for various types of press releases. Whether it’s a product announcement, new hire, or event announcement, our tool makes it convenient for media outlets to utilize your release.

You can also develop your own partnership management press release template that you can refer to whenever you need it.


When to write a partnership press release

You may wonder what type of event or collaboration demands some public attention. Here you can find a few occasions which would indicate when to publish a press release partnership announcement.

  1. Strategic partnership: When two companies come together with the aim of securing mutual benefits through a structured alliance.
  2. Merger: When two companies decide to unite their forces to create a new entity, often to diversify and expand their market share.
  3. Acquisition: Similar to mergers, but in this case, one company takes over another, typically with the intention of absorbing its assets, resources, or market presence.
  4. Product launch: When a partnership brings forth a brand-new product or service, it often carries the essence of both brands or gets a new name that’s born from the collaboration.

What are the questions to answer in partnership press releases

How do you announce a partnership? And how to do it effectively?

Let’s break down the essential questions your partnership press release should address, following the core “5Ws.” Remember to include them while creating your press release template.

  • Who? Clearly identify the parties involved in the collaboration. Are they two specific organizations, brands, or individuals?
  • What? Articulate the purpose and essence of the partnership, highlighting the key details of the cooperation and its potential benefits.
  • When? Specify the timing and any crucial dates related to the partnership.
  • Where? Indicate the scope and reach of the partnership. This means affected regions or the markets it will impact.
  • Why? Clarify the motivations and goals of the partnership and how they align with each party’s objectives.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider any additional factors or circumstances that could spark inquiries from the audience. This includes aspects like future plans or events associated with this partnership.

How to distribute your partnership press release

Once you’ve created your partnership announcement press release, it’s time to share it with the world. Here are some ways to do so:

Pitching your press release

When it comes to spreading your partnership announcement press release, pitching relevant journalists by email is considered one of the most effective methods. But its success depends on the accuracy of your media list.

With Prowly’s Media Database, you’re tapping into a network of over 1 million media contacts. And you can sort them based on things like their expertise and location. So your outreach efforts will be precise and accurate.

There’s more! Prowly provides smart recommendations based on what’s in your press release. That way, you can skip the tedious research and connect with the journalists who are spot-on for your partnership announcement press release quickly and easily.

Prowly’s Media Database

Utilize email personalization 

To capture a journalist’s attention, it’s crucial to craft a personalized pitch specifically tailored to their interests. Consider their past coverage, topics of expertise, and the notable news stories they’ve written about.

Need assistance? Prowly’s 1:1 email personalization is here to help. With this tool, you can create targeted media lists and compose individualized emails, ensuring every element of your pitch is customized, from the greeting to the attachments.

Follow up

After you’ve sent your partnership press release to journalists, it’s crucial not to let your efforts end there. To get media coverage and spread your partnership press release, sometimes diligent follow-ups with journalists are required. But how do you follow up without appearing pushy?

The key to an effective follow-up is timing and relevance. Wait for a reasonable period after your initial email before sending a follow-up. Typically, a week is a good time frame, as it gives journalists enough time to review your release.

Your follow-up email should be concise, polite, and reiterate the importance of your partnership announcement. The goal here is to remind, not to annoy. Right?

Alternative: using a wire service

Wire services offer an alternative avenue for distributing your press release. It can be a quicker method compared to pitching, but often more costly. You might also stumble upon niche industry publications.

The quality of media coverage garnered through wire services may not consistently align with your goals. The best approach still is to establish personal connections with your media contacts.


Successfully announcing a partnership through a press release requires a clear understanding of the 5Ws, the careful crafting of your message, and strategic distribution. Whether you’re pitching to journalists, personalizing your emails, following up diligently, or using wire services, the key lies in achieving effective communication and building meaningful relationships with your audience.

Your partnership press release is not just a statement, it’s a narrative of growth and collaboration.

You can always rely on Prowly’s media database as well as the press release template tool to make your pieces even more well-crafted. And well-delivered.