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Best Media Database
 ∙ 12 min read

9 Best Journalist & Media Databases Compared (2024)

Bart Donda ∙ 2 Jul 2024
A media database (or media contacts database) is one of the most important media relations tools available. Simply put, it's a database of journalists, reporters, bloggers, influencers, and other media contacts, as well as media outlets. Carefully used, you'll be able to find relevant journalists, create targeted media lists and build meaningful public relations that […]
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 ∙ 15 min read

30+ Best Media Measurement Tools for PR Pros in 2024

Mile Zivkovic ∙ 20 Jun 2024
Have you been diligently working on your client's PR campaigns but have no idea what your results are? Without valuable insights, you won't know what to do next, and it's hard to prove the ROI of your hard work. The media measurement tools mentioned in this article can provide valuable media analytics and insights that […]
2024 Vuelio Pricing - How Much is Vuelio?png
 ∙ 6 min read

2024 Vuelio Pricing - How Much is Vuelio?

Mile Zivkovic ∙ 18 Jun 2024
Vuelio is popular PR and communications software used by companies that want to amplify their media relations, monitor their media coverage, and engage with key stakeholders such as journalists and content creators. This PR tool is primarily used in the UK and Ireland but it can also be used by organizations with a global reach.  […]
Muck Rack Pricing - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 4 min read

Muck Rack Pricing in 2024 – How Much Does it Cost? [+ Muck Rack Alternatives]

Bart Donda ∙ 14 Jun 2024
Muck Rack is a PR and communication software platform. Like similar PR tools, it helps you do more effective public relations and allows you to collaborate with your team. Muck Rack’s features include finding journalists, monitoring news, pitching journalists, creating custom media lists and reports, and more. So, why are you reading a blog post […]
Best CRM tools Prowly PR software
 ∙ 9 min read

Top PR CRM Tools for Public Relations Success in 2024

Dominika Kuras ∙ 13 Jun 2024
Working on your PR without a proper plan or the right tools can  get a bit rough. What a good PR CRM might  offer is more time (and relevant data). With the right tool’s help and the right features, you can skip the repetitive tasks and automate many others. And to help you choose the […]
Prowly logo and random icons on a yellow background with "MR" letters symbolising Muck Rack PR tool
 ∙ 19 min read

Top 7 Muck Rack Alternatives You Should Consider in 2024 (Features & Pricing)

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 12 Jun 2024
Pinpointing the perfect PR tool to match your needs can feel daunting. What's worse, it comes with costs: both in time and missed opportunities in your PR actions. Well, we cut through the clutter. You'll find here 7 Muck Rack alternatives for PR specialists with their pros and cons, and pricing: Prowly Presspage Meltwater AgilityPR […]
Illustration: Prowly logo, crayons and tools on the pinky-red background
 ∙ 18 min read

PR Tools: A Complete Guide to the Top 30+ Digital PR Tools (2024)

Aleksandra Dyl ∙ 11 Jun 2024
Using the right tools is more than crucial for any PR strategy in 2024. And it’s not (only) about implementing AI. We’ve rounded up over 30 leading digital PR tools to give you a clear picture of what’s on the market. You’ll get insights into how these tools can streamline your processes, enhance engagement, and […]
Prowly logo on blue background and various orange icons
 ∙ 20 min read

7 Best Cision Alternatives in 2024

Zuzanna Dora ∙ 11 Jun 2024
Does choosing a PR tool seem like a daunting task? That's why we came up with the idea to provide a full top seven Cision alternatives comparison. In this article, you'll see the most important qualities of each PR platform alongside their pros, cons and (estimated) pricing: Prowly Mynewsdesk Meltwater Muck Rack Critical Mention AgilityPR […]
PR Newswire Pricing
 ∙ 10 min read

PR Newswire Pricing in 2024– How Much Does it Cost to Send a Press Release?

Bart Donda ∙ 10 Jun 2024
Find out how much it'll cost you to distribute a press release with PR Newswire.
PR Newswire vs Businesswire
 ∙ 5 min read

PR Newswire vs Business Wire – Pricing, Feature & Review Comparison

Bart Donda ∙ 6 Jun 2024
PR Newswire & Businesswire are the most common wire services considered for press release distribution. But which one is right for your business?
Best Press Release Websites 2023
 ∙ 16 min read

Best Press Release Websites in 2024: Top 20 Free and Paid

Natalia Koltunova ∙ 5 Jun 2024
If you're seeking guidance on top press release submission sites and how much they may cost, search no further than this article. We will delve into a comprehensive list of paid and free press release sites, discussing their costs and features. Additionally, we will explore more affordable and effective alternatives that can help you gain attention for […]
Business Wire Pricing - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 4 min read

Business Wire Pricing – How Much Does it Cost to Send a PR?

Bart Donda ∙ 5 Jun 2024
Business Wire is a service used by some PR professionals to distribute press releases. But trying to understand exactly how much you have to pay to use the service can be very confusing. Things like additionally priced add-ons can leave you wondering how much you’ll actually have to pay in the end, especially because Business […]
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