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 ∙ 8 min read

PR Episodes 2023: Prowly’s Must-See Event

Nicholas Berryman ∙ 21 Feb 2024
PR episodes are an online, must-see event featuring PR discussions with top industry experts. The best part is you can catch it all absolutely free from the comfort of your own home! Prowly starts the show on the 13th of March and runs one 30-minute episode each and every day until Friday the 17th. You […]
 ∙ 6 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Jim James, Founder & Managing Director at the EASTWEST PR group

Aleksandra Dyl ∙ 14 Feb 2024
It’s Friday again, meaning two amazing things - the weekend is lurking right around the corner and the new #PRChat is here! So take five, grab a cup of hot coffee and dive into an interview with Jim James - PR Counsel & entrepreneur who has amassed over 25 years of experience living in Singapore […]
PRowly PRChat - Special Edition
 ∙ 7 min read

Prowly #PRChat with CEOs and PR experts about PR trends and challenges in 2023

Prowly ∙ 15 Dec 2023
This is the beginning of the new year and we decided to prepare something special for you — a Special Edition of #PRChat. In this chat, we'll talk with CEOs and PR experts about the latest trends, anti-trends and challenges in PR, and also discuss how to navigate them. From the increasing importance of SCR […]
photo of Ali Sheik for Prowly #PRChat
 ∙ 4 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Ali Sheik, Director of PR at Reachology

Prowly ∙ 15 Dec 2023
If you’ve been following Prowly #PRChat, you know know that we feature an incredible range of voices and perspectives and this time our lineup gets even more impressive with the addition of Ali Sheik, Director of PR at Reachology and all-around expert on PR, media relations and event organization. In his 20+ years of high-level […]
Prowly PRChat with Katerina Antonova
 ∙ 5 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Katerina Antonova, Founder and CEO at Aeris PR Agency

Aleksandra Dyl ∙ 9 Nov 2023
The best way to start the day is to hear good news, and luckily we have some for you! #PRChats are back, meaning you can take five whenever you are — at work, on the bus, or at home, and take a moment to read a short exchange between Prowly’s team and our new guest […]
Prowly PRChat with Tonya McKenzie
 ∙ 7 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Tonya McKenzie, Founder at Sand&Shores Firm

Aleksandra Dyl ∙ 29 Sep 2023
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to host a podcast? How much effort does it really take and how to find the time for it? If so, you’ll find answers to these (and many other) questions in this #PRChat with the PR and podcast pro - Tonya McKenzie. Tonya is a founder of the […]
Prowly #PRChat with Alessandra Pollina, Founder of Quotable Media Co.
 ∙ 6 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Alessandra Pollina, Founder of Quotable Media Co.

Prowly ∙ 29 Sep 2023
The best guests for Prowly #PRChat are the ones who live, eat and breathe PR 24/7 and that’s why Alessandra Pollina is just perfect for us. She’s the driving force behind Quotable Media Co. and a passionate advocate of amplifying the voices of female entrepreneurs.  Follow her on Twitter for tons of interesting stories, especially […]
Kristen Skladd - PR interview
 ∙ 5 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Kristen Skladd, Founder of KMS Group

Prowly ∙ 9 Sep 2023
Got a few minutes? Because that’s all you need for Prowly #PRChat, where diverse voices in PR share their thoughts on a wide range of topics.  This time we’re glad to have Kristen Skladd, Founder at KMS Group. With a background in journalism, she crossed over to handling PR duties for an amazing list of […]
Prowly #PRChat with Jennifer Sanchis, Account Director at CARMA
 ∙ 5 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Jennifer Sanchis, Account Director at CARMA

Prowly ∙ 31 Aug 2023
Prowly #PRChat is the quick read where industry pros share their take on the issues of the day and sometimes the trends we’ll hear about tomorrow.  This time we welcome Jennifer Sanchis, Account Director at CARMA, provider of global PR analysis solutions. She’s an expert on the role and significance of digital media intelligence and […]
Jennifer Benson for Prowly #PRChat
 ∙ 5 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Jennifer Berson, Founder of Jeneration PR

Prowly ∙ 21 Apr 2023
We call it Prowly #PRChat because it’s like having a quick conversation with a friend or colleague – the kind where you learn something useful to file away for later! Being in the same room as Jennifer Berson, founder of Jeneration PR & Jeneration Academy, would definitely be a great chance to become an even […]
Prowly PR podcasts to listen to in 2022
 ∙ 7 min read

11 PR podcasts to listen to [2023 Update]

Prowly ∙ 10 Mar 2023
Podcasts have rapidly gone from “pod-what?” to a favorite way to keep up with everything from news & entertainment to hobbies & professional topics and a million things in between. Whether listening on the way to work, on a jog, during lunch or whenever, podcasts are now part of the daily routine for millions of […]
PRChat with Domenica D’Ottavio
 ∙ 5 min read

Prowly #PRChat with Domenica D’Ottavio, Associate Director of Digital PR at Journey Further

Aleksandra Dyl ∙ 18 Nov 2022
Before the weekend begins and you forget about Public Relations for two days (or at least try to), it’s Friday - and Fridays are for new #PRChats. This time we’ll dive into the similarities and differences between PR and marketing with the one and only Domenica D’Ottavio. While she’s tried both, she gathered up top […]
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