Introducing AI Assistant
 · 6 min read · April 3, 2024

Introducing AI Assistant - the work buddy every PR practitioner needs

Kamila Hanson

We’re excited to introduce the first AI Assistant built specifically for public relations professionals. Most tools are trained to serve the general population, but not everyone is well-versed in writing detailed, meticulous prompts to get the exact outcome they seek.

Prowly’s AI Assistant offers a new way to do PR while you’re still in the driver’s seat. It adds value to your everyday work by giving you an extra creativity boost without spending time on meticulous tasks.

Our vision is to give PR professionals tools that benefit the most stressful aspects of the job and give them extra hours to create, brainstorm, and showcase their successes to stakeholders.

Why is having an AI Assistant a must-have?

Public relations is one of those industries that constantly faces challenges and new technology—and now, AI. Although people have been using ChatGPT more intensely in 2023, they’ve always hit a roadblock with two issues: generic content of less-than-desirable quality and weak user experience in prompting. It’s time to leave that process behind and look for AI trained to speak the same language you do, blending smoothly into your current PR toolset.

Adapting to industry challenges with ease

Introducing AI into your work isn’t about replacing the human touch but enhancing your capabilities and allowing to focus on creative PR strategy and engaging campaigns. Thanks to AI, your competitors can now streamline the writing process or data collection much quicker, so hopping on the bandwagon is an actual benefit.

Let’s say you have a press release draft ready, but a few of the paragraphs aren’t just sitting right with you. You’d change something, but after thinking about it for a while, you simply can’t come up with anything else. In this case, our AI Assistant can help you expand your ideas to new horizons and give you different perspectives and angles to implement into your PR writing. 

AI is an assistant – nothing more and nothing less. It can help you play with voice, tone, and other technical aspects of content to ensure your brand’s style is on point. 

Reaching the media more effectively

The ultimate goal is to captivate your target audience with a compelling, newsworthy story. From landing in journalists’ inboxes and getting them to open the email to getting published in an outlet. A lot of times, it’s a long-term game of gaining the recipient’s trust and building a relationship that lasts. After all, polishing your message perfectly can make or break their interest in your story. We’re only human, so we know that not everything our clients or stakeholders try to push is spectacular – but doing everything we can, including using AI to enhance all press release elements to get those email clicks and stories, is what we strive for the most.

Sooner or later, everyone will use AI

Writing content for public relations professionals is a solo struggle. At first, it’s just you and an empty screen. Then, you scramble up a draft and send it to someone for approval. Therefore, most of the time, ideation, drafting, and finalizing the piece are all in your hands from beginning to end.

Having an AI Assistant is like hiring that brainstorming buddy you always wanted to have, who will check everything for you, look for missing facts or figures, and ensure press releases are filled with relevant, newsworthy information. Artificial intelligence can do all of that for you and more. 

What makes the AI Assistant so powerful?

It’s the first AI Assistant on the market made specifically for PR pros, with all the prompts ready to go. Instead of thinking about how to frame the few sentences you’d input into commonly known AI tools, Prowly has it all prepared and adjusted so that you’re simply filling out a form. 

It can transform your vague idea into a concrete draft that’s about to be finalized in less time than ever before. It’s trained for PR writing, with suggestions based on the industry’s best practices and tips from experts you can draw inspiration from in real life. 

Let AI roll up their sleeves so you don’t have to

Whoever writes is well aware that creativity isn’t constantly flowing. Sometimes, we have too many ideas, and the well is completely dry. With the AI Assistant, you can input a general idea and select various story angles for your next press release. It’s something to get you over your writer’s block and get your creative sparks moving.

Then, you can take that idea and get a press release draft to inspire you in your writing. You can review it against PR writing best practices and use these suggestions to improve your content until it’s nearly ready to be published and sent. 

It’s sort of an editor, per se, but also an assistant in a way that won’t let you forget to jot down crucial details that make a press release engaging and captivating, such as the right tone, perfect punctuation and grammar, quotes, and more.

You get to choose how to enhance your writing wherever necessary–whether it’s a whole paragraph or just one sentence, you can always implement it into your natural writing flow.

You can also upload your draft, and improve its quality before sending it to your client or stakeholders for approval. Whether you’re in the beginning of the press release writing process, or already have something written down that needs polishing, having an extra set of “hands” is always helpful in making sure you’re sending out the best piece of content.

We hope our AI Assistant brings you many ideas and speeds up your workflow so you can focus on strategic initiatives and take your activities to the next level. Plus, this is just the beginning of what we have in store for you!