Roxhill 2023 Pricing — How Much Does it Cost?
 · 7 min read · May 22, 2024

Roxhill 2024 Pricing — How Much Does it Cost? [+ Alternatives]

Mile Zivkovic
Marketing & Communications Specialist

If you’re looking for a PR tool and media database, quite a few are out there. Roxhill is among the most popular choices for UK businesses looking to build relationships with journalists.

But you might be wondering — how much does Roxhill cost? Here is everything you wanted to know about Roxhill pricing.

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What is Roxhill Media Database?

Roxhill is a PR software with a database of over 190,000 journalist profiles that helps businesses in the UK connect to journalists, pitch them online, and browse in-app social media feeds.


Why are you reading a blog post about Roxhill pricing from Prowly, their competitor? 

Unfortunately, Roxhill does not provide pricing information on its website. However, through research and user reviews, we could estimate the cost of Roxhill.

If you're researching their pricing, chances are you're looking for a powerful PR software platform that fits your budget. We're here to help you find the answer to your question and present ourselves as a smart alternative.

2024 Roxhill media pricing estimate

Roxhill does not publicly disclose its pricing anywhere on its website. You'll have to contact sales to find out how much the database will cost for your specific use case.

Based on our own data and research from third-party websites and forums, Roxhill pricing starts at £6,000 per year for the annual plan. Speaking of which, the annual plan is the only way to subscribe for Roxhill, as it is not possible to subscribe on a monthly basis.

There is also a free trial available, but you cannot start it on your own directly from the website. You have to get in touch with sales so they can see if you need assistance during your trial.

Key takeaways:

  • Roxhill costs around £6,000 per year
  • There is no monthly plan available
  • You can get a free trial, but only upon request

What does Roxhill do?

Customers choose Roxhill for a variety of reasons, starting from creating media lists and distributing press releases to a powerful topical search that allows you to quickly find the top journalists you are looking for. It has an extensive database of contacts, but not as extensive as some competitors — which we will cover in a second.

If you want to track specific journalists and their activities, Roxhill helps you do just that. You can receive notifications for every journalist moves you want, straight to your Roxhill dashboard. The notifications are infinitely customizable too. Roxhill is great for managing PR specialist and journalist relationships.

The PR trend analysis tool allows you to look into trends happening in your industry and summarizes the most important points of action. You can also use it to predict future trends. You can go both ways (forwards and backwards) in great detail with custom filters.

Roxhill alternatives to consider

If you’re considering Roxhill but want to shop around for other options, there are a few to keep in mind. Here is how they stack up against each other:

ProviderPricingContract length# of contactsFree trial
Roxhillfrom £6,000/yearYearly only> 190k+Yes
Prowlyfrom $258/monthMonthly or yearly>1,000,000Yes (7 days)
Muck Rackfrom $10,000/year*Yearly only>300,000No
Cisionfrom $7,200/year*Yearly only>1,400,000No
Meltwaterfrom $6,000/year*Yearly only>380,000No
Propelfrom $9,000/yearYearly only>1,000,000No
*Estimated pricing based on third-party-data and publically available reviews

If you prefer to explore other options, there are alternatives to Roxhill that provide similar features including up to date media databases, PR outreach, and more.


ProviderPricingContract length
Prowlyfrom $258/monthMonthly or yearly

Prowly pricing starts as low as $258 per month, making it the most significantly affordable of all alternatives. It offers an all-in-one PR tool, an extensive media contacts base to find relevant journalists, media monitoring, PR reports and similar features to Roxhill.

Most importantly, Prowly does not lock you into an annual plan, which makes its offer rather unique. 

If this sounds like music to your ears — try Prowly today for free! The first seven days are on us.

Muck Rack

ProviderPricingContract length
Muck Rackfrom $10,000/year*Yearly only
*Estimated pricing based on third-party-data and publically available reviews

Muck Rack offers a set of tools, including those to find journalists, news monitoring, journalist pitching, custom media lists and reports, and more. 

Unfortunately, Muck Rack does not openly disclose their pricing plans. When you visit their pricing page, you will be prompted to get in touch with a Muck Rack representative for further information. 

According to our external research, the average annual cost of Muck Rack is estimated to be $10,000.

If you're seeking information on Muck Rack pricing, you can find a comprehensive guide "Muck Rack 2023 Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?"


ProviderPricingContract length
Cisionfrom $7,200/year*Yearly only
*Estimated pricing based on third-party-data and publically available reviews

Cision, widely recognized as one of its top competitors, surpasses Roxhill with its extensive media database and impressive features. It's worth noting that the pricing is fairly comparable, averaging around $7,200 per year. It's highly recommended to consider an annual plan for maximum value.

If you want a monthly subscription (which might not even be available), you'll likely have to pay more.

We’ve covered a more in-depth Muck Rack vs Cision vs Prowly comparison in another post.


ProviderPricingContract length
Meltwaterfrom $6,000/year*Yearly only
*Estimated pricing based on third-party-data and publically available reviews

You won't find Meltwater's media database pricing listed on their website either. According to our research, getting it for one country could be around $6,000 per year. If you're considering multiple countries, the cost might increase to $8,000 per year.

→ Learn more about Meltwater pricing here.


ProviderPricingContract length
Propelfrom $9,000/year*Yearly only
*Estimated pricing based on third-party-data and publically available reviews

Propel provides their media database through the PRM4TM subscription package, which covers 4 users. This subscription also encompasses media tracking and additional valuable PR functionalities. However, at $9,000 per year, it is rather pricey.

How does Roxhill compare to Prowly?


The first and most notable difference between Roxhill and Prowly is the pricing. Prowly has different pricing plans that work for both small business and big organisations. If you're looking for specific features and want to save on PR software, Prowly could be a better fit for you.

When priced monthly, Prowly plans start at £209 ($258) per month. That same plan on an annual basis costs £3,180, which is about half of what you would pay for Roxhill. So not only is it more flexible, but it is also more affordable.

Media database size

The second biggest difference is in the size of the media databasesProwly’s database has more than one million contacts. Roxhill does not publicly state how big its database is, but sources such as Capterra say that it has 190k+ journalist profiles, 140k+ social media feeds, and more. In short, you’ll find a much richer database in Prowly.


Last but not least, both Prowly and Roxhill are comparable when it comes to customer service. Across review platforms, users praise both tools for excellent and timely customer support.

Here is a rundown of the two tools: 

Pricingfrom £6,000/yearfrom $258/month
Easy free trial setupNoYes
Media database size190k+>1 million
Press release creatorYesYes
Press release distributionYesYes
Online newsroomYesYes
Media monitoring NoYes
Mailing analyticsYesAdvanced
SupportVery responsive Very responsive


We hope our research on Roxhill database pricing and its comparison with other tools has given you some clarity and made picking the right media contact database a bit easier.

And if you're all set to give Prowly's Media Database a shot, you can try it out completely free for 7 days – no credit card required, no strings attached.