Muck Rack Pricing, Pros & Cons and Alternatives

Muck Rack is a public relations and communication software platform. Like other similar PR tools, it helps you do more effective public relations, in a simpler way and allowing you to collaborate with your team. Muck Rack’s features include: finding journalists, monitoring news, pitching journalists, creating custom media lists and reports, and more.

So why are you reading a blog post about Muck Rack pricing from Prowly, their competitor? Well, by Googling their pricing we’re assuming you’re looking for a powerful PR software platform, but your budget is (unfortunately) limited. Naturally, we wanted to help you find the answer to your question and also introduce ourselves as a smart alternative. Sounds interesting? Read on!

Muck Rack Pricing – How much does it cost?

Wondering how much a Muck Rack subscription costs? Unfortunately, Muck Rack doesn’t publically display their pricing plans on their website. Upon visiting their pricing page, you will be prompted to contact a Muck Rack representative for more details.

However, based on our own data and insights, we estimate the average Muck Rack pricing plan to be around $5,000 per year. PR tools similar to Muck Rack are priced from $4,000/year and up, with the average being also around $5,000/year. More expensive tools like Cision can cost over $10,000/year. These numbers are based on annual plans, so if you’re looking for a monthly subscription (and they are an option), expect to cough up another 10-15%.

Prowly PR Software, which offers an extensive media contacts database and similar features as Muck Rack, starts from $210/mo ($179/mo if purchased annually). If you already have your own media list, it’s possible to buy just the core features plan that costs $115/mo ($98/mo if purchased annually).

Muck Rack Alternatives

If you’re keeping your options open, there are several PR tool alternatives offering similar solutions to Muck Rack, with varying prices:

  • Prowly
  • Cision
  • Trendkite
  • Meltwater
  • Prezly
  • Mynewsdesk

All the above competitors offer a product demo by visiting their website. Additionally, Prowly offers a free 7-day trial, without having to talk to anyone from our sales team.

Pros and Cons of Muck Rack

Advantages of Muck Rack:

Based on user reviews from G2Crowd, we found the top 3 pros of Muck Rack to be:

  • The platform is easy to use and learn
  • There’s a large selection of media contacts, including journalists, influencers and bloggers
  • Support is professional and swift

Disadvantages of Muck Rack:

Based on user reviews from G2Crowd, we found the top 3 cons of Muck Rack to be:

  • Muck Rack’s pricing could be more budget-friendly for small businesses and freelancers
  • Despite users saying it’s easy to use, many others mentioned that the application could be more user-friendly and intuitive
  • Some journalist contact details are inaccurate and/or not up-to-date

How does Muck Rack compare to Prowly?

ProwlyMuck Rack
PricingFrom $179/mo
Around $5,000/year
Easy free trial signupYesNo
Media database size>1 million>250 thousand
Press release creatorYesNo
Press release distributionYesYes
Online newsroomYesNo
Media monitoringNoYes
Mailing analyticsAdvancedAdvanced
SupportVery responsiveVery responsive