Best Press Release Websites 2023
 · 16 min read · June 5, 2024

Best Press Release Websites in 2024: Top 20 Free and Paid

Natalia Koltunova
Content Manager at Prowly

If you're seeking guidance on top press release submission sites and how much they may cost, search no further than this article.

We will delve into a comprehensive list of paid and free press release sites, discussing their costs and features. Additionally, we will explore more affordable and effective alternatives that can help you gain attention for your press release.

Choosing the right approach for press release distribution

Press release distribution is a crucial part of the PR flow, if not the most important one. When it comes to sending your press release, you have two options to consider:

  1. Using a press release website: one way is to use traditional PR websites like PR Newswire or Business Wire for their press release fee distribution. We'll get into the details of each service a bit later.
  2. Using an all-in-one PR platform: another option is using all-in-one PR platforms such as Prowly, Cision, or Meltwater.

Using PR software increases the chances of your news getting published. It also helps you save money and build valuable relationships with journalists in your field. There are two main reasons for this:

1. Better media results:

While a press release submissions service might get your press release on a few news sites, reaching out directly to targeted media contacts with a personalized email is much more likely to result in high-quality and audience-focused media coverage. This means actual articles written about your brand instead of just posting the press release as it is.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

PR platforms offer a noteworthy advantage regarding the volume of press releases you can send. Using their extensive media databases, you can efficiently reach out to numerous media contacts for announcements.

Example: With platforms like Prowly, you can try a 7-day free trial and check out the PR outreach capabilities. If you find the platform useful and want to continue streamlining your PR workflow, you can subscribe monthly and use the media database you set up for your initial release! 

Did we mention that the platform has a database of over one million media contacts? You can create your own custom list from there and continue to use it.

Note: On the flip side, even the best press release sites often have limitations regarding the number of press releases you can distribute and the associated costs. These services can sometimes charge high prices for each press release you send, potentially becoming a significant expense.

Meanwhile, PR tools like Prowly offer greater flexibility and value, allowing you to effectively reach a broader audience without overspending.

Your chosen approach can greatly impact your press release distribution strategy.

Alright, let's dive into the press release submission sites list! We'll examine the best free press release sites and popular paid PR release websites.

We've analyzed the most popular paid press release websites — their pricing, features, pros, and cons

Here is the list of press release submission sites that could be a good option if you're considering delegating press release distribution to a service for a fee. 

EIN Presswire

Starting price: From $99.95 /release.

EIN Presswire serves businesses of all sizes by providing a press release distribution service. Users gain global media network access and features like press release tracking, media monitoring, RSS feed services, and SEO capabilities.

Press Release PackagesBasicPro+Corporate
Package price $99.95$399$999
Number of press releases15+2 for free
(limited-time offer)
Time period to use your release
(from date of purchase)
365 days365 days365 days
Price per press release$99.95$57$39.96

🔻Note that EIN Presswire's distribution capabilities are limited to five channels, depending on your selected package. Remember that this constraint might impact the reach of your press release. To unlock the full range of features, you can consider upgrading your package. 

Globe Newswire

Starting price: Contact for a quote.

Globe Newswire is the best press release website for distributing corporate press releases, financial disclosures, and multimedia content to the media, investors, and consumers worldwide. 

It provides a comprehensive global distribution network but does not offer services such as SEO enhancement, media monitoring, or direct engagement with journalists and influencers.

🔻Unfortunately, it's hard to speak about their pricing plans, as no publicly available information exists. That's why we recommend getting in touch with their sales team. 


Starting price: From $349.00 /release.

Newswire is the best press release site offering local and global distribution services and media monitoring solutions. In addition to their wire service, Newswire features a media database that allows you to create a custom audience for your message, maximizing your chances of a response. The post-campaign metrics from their analytical tool provide valuable guidance for refining follow-up strategies and selecting recipients based on their performance.

PlanPricing per release
Domestic: Newswire Digital$349
Domestic: Newswire Digital Plus$599
Domestic: Newswire State$699
Domestic: Newswire National$899
International: Newswire Canada$899
International: Newswire UK & Ireland $899
International: Newswire Asia$1,299
International: Newswire Latin America$1,299
International Newswire Global$1,999
Newswire Financial$899

🔻When considering top press release sites, it's important to note that Newswire's plans tend to be pricier than many competitors. All plans come with only one main image or logo, but you can get more images for an extra cost. If you want to include videos, you must buy an add-on, as they're not included by default.


Starting price: From $250 /release.

Presswire is a press release distribution service that facilitates the broad dissemination of news and updates across various media outlets, ensuring maximum visibility for the conveyed information. Presswire provides press release distribution plans covering North America, Europe, Asia, and the global audience.

PlanPricing per release
North American Distribution$250
European Distribution$250
Asian Distribution$250
Global Distribution$400

🔻The platform offers press release translation services for major languages. However, the pricing of its plans is higher when compared to industry-leading competitors.

PR Newswire

Starting price: From $195 /release.

PR Newswire, one of the best PR sites, is a popular choice for online submissions. With a comprehensive network encompassing numerous media outlets and email subscribers, PR Newswire empowers businesses to reach broad audiences. The platform's focus is on expanding your reach across diverse channels, particularly in social media, which means it can connect your message with journalists and influencers that other platforms might miss.

Disclaimer: Note that this information may not be entirely accurate. For the latest pricing information for PR Newswire, we recommend contacting their sales team for assistance.

State & LocalRegional $ Top MarketsNational
Annual Membership$195$195$195
Word Count400400400
Additional 100 Words$140$165$245
Multimedia Inclusions$325$325$325

🔻Gaining clarity on the exact cost of a service can be difficult. Additionally, there are no free plans or trial offers provided. Additional add-ons or membership fees may leave you uncertain about the final amount you will need to pay.

24-7 Press Release Newswire

Starting price: From $29 /release.

24-7 Press Release Newswire is an online platform specifically crafted to assist small businesses in expanding their public exposure. It provides real-time news content, a free news widget, and an RSS feed.

PlanPricing per release
Simple Post$29
Visibility Boost$49
PR Network Plus$89
Integrated Media Pro$139
Mass Media Visibility $419

🔻It's important to note that 24-7 Press Release Newswire does not offer same-day distribution services. Additionally, no free plan or trial is available, which may impact those looking for cost-efficient options.


Starting price: From $105 /release.

PRWeb is an online platform offering a range of enhancements to amplify visibility. The wide range of add-ons, such as social media targeting, priority releases, and targeted media emails, work together seamlessly to enhance the reach of press releases, resulting in a more effective distribution strategy. The platform also provides users with comprehensive reports detailing things like online coverage, views, audience distribution, and engagement levels.

PlanPricing per release
Web Influencecontact for a quote
Web Powercontact for a quote

🔻PRWeb is considered one the best press release websites on the market, but it doesn't provide direct support for composing press releases except through its available how-to guides and tips. It's important to know that supplementary features like expedited same-day distribution come with an additional charge.

Starting price: From $60 /release. presents a user-friendly platform for distributing press releases, offering businesses a selection of budget-friendly packages. The choices include a cost-free plan and comprehensive paid packages with valuable features.

PlanPricing per release
Package 1$60
Package 2 $100
Package 3$300

🔻It is important to mention that the free plan has significant limitations in scope. On the other hand, the paid alternatives offer a wide range of impressive options, such as social media distribution, search-optimized images, and detailed reports. Also, the tool specifically requires a fee of $29.95 for every external link that is included.

Business Wire

Starting price: Contact for a quote.

Business Wire is a PR site that provides a diverse array of circuits, enabling businesses to target specific audiences based on their location and industry. Comprehensive reports further enhance this precision and effectiveness in reaching the desired audience. Clients can easily utilize the press release service while benefiting from 24/7 editorial assistance.

DisclaimerNote that this information might not be entirely accurate. We recommend contacting their sales team for the latest pricing details regarding Business Wire for the most up-to-date information.

Core$2,495 per 5 releases
Advanced$3,295 per 5 releases
Premium$4,195 per 5 releases

🔻The hitch is that the website doesn't display the pricing details, making evaluating the service's cost-effectiveness difficult.


Starting price: From $399 /release.

eReleases is among the most popular press release web sites. It offers custom distribution to journalists, news sites, bloggers, social networks, media influencers, and wire services. The platform ensures website press releases are well-suited for major search engines and delivers comprehensive distribution reports.

PlanPricing per release
Buzz Builder$399
PR Pro$699

🔻While eReleases boasts high efficiency and extensive reach, it comes with a higher cost. Nevertheless, competing services offer comparable attributes at a more budget-friendly rate.

Free press release sites list

In this section, we have compiled a list of the best free press release submission sites ideal for businesses that want to publish press releases online without breaking the bank.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (starting from $19 /release).

PRfree is a free PR site catering to businesses looking for cost-effective publicity solutions. The platform sets itself apart by offering free press release publishing, making it an ideal choice for startups or small businesses on a tight budget.

PlanPricing per release

🔻While PRfree offers a cost-efficient solution for distributing press releases, certain limitations should be considered. The platform lacks advanced features offered by paid services, such as targeted distribution, comprehensive reporting, and editorial support. 

Additionally, the reach and visibility of press releases may be less extensive compared to premium services. The service lacks a media contact database, specialty circuits, and distribution reports. Finally, the absence of a dedicated customer support team could pose challenges for users seeking immediate assistance or guidance.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (starting from $29 /release).

PRLog is considered one of the best top free press release submission sites. It offers free and paid press release distribution services for businesses of all sizes. One distinctive feature of PRLog is its 'Freemium' offering, which allows for basic press release submission at no cost. 

PlanPricing per release
FreeFree (ad supported)
Premium 2$99

🔻It's worth noting that while this free service can benefit those on a tight budget, it lacks some of the more comprehensive features found in PRLog's paid packages, such as targeted distribution and detailed analytics.

In addition, free website press release services lack detailed analytics reports, making measuring effectiveness and impact challenging. Moreover, customer support in the free tier may not be as prompt or as comprehensive as for paid customers. Additionally, on the free plan, you may see ads.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (starting from $135 /release).

PRLeap is a free press release distribution site offering a simple, user-friendly experience, allowing users to distribute their press releases to various online channels efficiently. PRLeap is known for its transparent pricing and comprehensive distribution reports.

PlanPricing per release
Pro: 4 Press Releases$395
Agency: 12 Press Releases$995
Enterprisecontact for a quote
Add on: Same Day Distribution$39

🔻Although PRLeap offers a wide range of features, it may not fully meet the specific requirements of all businesses, especially those needing more targeted and customized distribution capabilities. As with any free press release site, users should carefully evaluate PRLeap's offer regarding their specific requirements and budget limitations.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (starting from $21 /release).

IssueWire is definitely on the list of the best free press release websites. While IssueWire offers several notable features, it distinguishes itself by the breadth of its distribution network, reaching an array of news sites, blogs, and media outlets. 

IssueWire provides companies with analytics on the reach of their press releases. Their distribution encompasses all major search engines, and the press releases are continuously hosted on their platform.

PlanPricing per release
Tier 1$21
Tier 1 Pro$42
Tier 2$45
Tier 2 Pro$65

🔻While IssueWire is generally well-regarded for its broad distribution network, there are some potential drawbacks. First, the platform lacks advanced features offered by more premium services, such as detailed analytics and targeted distribution. Second, customer support may not be as responsive or comprehensive as desired, potentially leading to delays or complications during the press release distribution process.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (from €19 +VAT /release).

Distinctive features of openPR include its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to businesses of different sizes. Additionally, the platform supports multiple languages and offers global distribution, making it a suitable choice for international businesses.

PlanPricing per release
1 Free Press ReleaseFree
1 Credit€19 + VAT
10 Credits€59 + VAT
30 Credits€69 + VAT
50 Credits€79 + VAT
100 Credits€119 + VAT
500 Credits€399 + VAT

🔻Despite its advantages, openPR has some limitations. It lacks some advanced features provided by more premium platforms, just as the above, lacking detailed analytics and targeted distribution. Furthermore, users have reported delayed response times from customer support which could lead to inefficiencies in the press release distribution process. Additionally, compared to other platforms, openPR's distribution network may not be as extensive, potentially limiting the reach of press releases.

PR Fire

Starting price: Offers both free and paid options.

PR Fire is a UK-based press release distribution platform that offers free and paid services to businesses of various sizes. The platform is known for its straightforward interface and ability to submit unlimited press releases under its free plan. 

PlanPricing per release
Press Release Distribution & Syndication$110
Expert Press Release Writing$330

🔻However, PR Fire does have certain constraints. Its free plan lacks advanced features such as targeted distribution and SEO optimization, available only under its paid plans. Additionally, the level of customer support may not be sufficient for businesses requiring immediate assistance. Furthermore, the reach of press releases distributed through PR Fire may not match the extent achieved by some of its higher-priced competitors.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (from $15 /release).

1888PressRelease distributes press releases to marketing entities and journalists. What's great is that users can also add media elements like images and videos to make their press releases more engaging. Plus, businesses can even create a complimentary company pressroom on the platform.

PlanPricing per release
Ultimate Plus$249

🔻It's important to observe that 1888PressRelease does have some limitations. For the free plan, SEO services are available at an additional $50. The website may lack advanced targeting options for specific industries or regions.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (from $129 /release).

One of its distinctive features is that it offers global distribution, multimedia support, and analytics reporting to track reach and engagement. 

PlanPricing per release
Free Basic SubmissionFree
Site Launch Boost$129
Press Room/Social Wall$199
Premium Articles Pro$399

🔻Potential drawbacks might include the platform's pricing structure, which can be comparatively higher, and the availability of more specialized targeting options for specific industries or regions. Additionally, users can post press releases for free only if they're from the non-profit sector.


Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (from $19 /release).

MarketPressRelease stands out with its unique features, including global distribution, multimedia support, and the potential to achieve high SEO rankings. It also provides analytics reporting, enabling businesses to assess their press releases' effectiveness.

PlanPricing per release
Free planFree
1 Credit$19
Account Subscription: Personal AccountFree
Account Subscription: Company Account$120 /six months

🔻It's worth noting that MarketPressRelease has certain limitations. The platform may not offer as an extensive or targeted distribution network as some competitors. Also, more advanced features and detailed analytics may only be available at higher pricing tiers. Therefore, some businesses might find the cost of its premium services prohibitive. Lastly, customer support could be improved, as some users have reported slow response times.

Online PR Media

Starting price: Offers both free and paid options (from $22 /release).

Online PR Media caters to users with various distribution plans and allows them to publish a press release for free, making it one of the prominent press release submission sites free of charge. The premium packages offer an embedded video feature, three file attachments, and publication across a network of partner sites.

PlanPricing per release
Free 90-Day ReleaseFree
Social Media $22
Search Engine Visibility$179
Maximum Media Visibility$399
Video PR Premium Visibility$549

🔻Although comprehensive, the distribution network of the Online PR Media might not provide as precise targeting as competitors. Access to its advanced features and comprehensive analytics could be limited to higher pricing tiers, which might not be cost-effective for all businesses.

Alternative: PR outreach

Although the best press release submission sites are widely favored, numerous PR professionals concur that using an automated PR platform for outreach proves to be a more efficient approach to securing press coverage while also being cost-effective.

Picture this: crafting connections, not just content. That's the heart of manual PR outreach. Yes, it demands time, but the payoff is priceless—a resonance that echoes beyond digital waves.

While syndicated press releases distributed by free PR websites may generate momentary interest, personalized efforts leave a lasting impact. Crafting a bespoke media list and sending targeted emails can yield superior outcomes, enabling you to engage your audience effectively.

With PR tools like Prowly, you will get smart recommendations on who to pitch based on your press release content. This saves you time searching for media contacts and enables faster distribution to relevant journalists.