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AI Press Release Generator

Create compelling press releases with an AI PR assistant

Use Prowly's AI Assistant for PR to generate high-quality press release drafts, get advanced editing suggestions, tailored contact recommendations, and more to turn your announcement into media coverage.

Draft a professional press release with advanced prompts

Tell Prowly's AI about your press release, and it'll prompt you with follow-up questions like a real journalist would—ensuring your press release is comprehensive and grabs media attention.

Perfect your press release with PR expert recommendations

Revise your press release draft to perfection with an AI Assistant that points out exactly where to edit based on PR best practices—and even gives suggestions on what to change it to.

Play around with the tone of voice, quotations, and the length of the text, so you can enhance your content to reflect your brand's style and strategic goals.

Why use a press release generator?

Overcome writer’s block ✏️

A press release generator can replace costly press release writers and help you overcome writer’s block by providing interesting and engaging angles for your story.

Emphasize key messages 📌

With Prowly’s AI, you can be sure that the essential information is easily noticeable, making it more likely to catch the attention of journalists and result in media coverage.

Creating engaging content ✨

With the help of Prowly's AI Assistant, you’ll get fresh, relevant ideas and the hooks you need to get readers interested in your press release.

Keep the right voice and tone 💬

Prowly helps you adjust the tone and voice of your message and keep it consistent from start to finish so that the press release can reflect your brand’s identity and communication strategy.

Do more with Prowly's AI Assistant for PR


More story angles for your press release

Expand new directions in storytelling, frame your message the way it will resonate with journalists and your target audience, and send it off to get nothing less than "Approved!" in return.


Get tailored journalist suggestions

Expand your outreach and increase your chances of getting more mentions in the media. Get personalized suggestions on new contacts that might be interested in your announcement from a media database of over 1M+ journalists.


Media pitch suggestions tailored to your press release

Increase open rates by choosing from captivating subject lines designed to stand out in inboxes. By emphasizing high-engagement words, and removing those that can land you in spam, you'll get a powerful email without spending too much time on brainstorming angles.

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