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Best PR Reporting Tools
 ∙ 11 min read

The Best PR Reporting Tools Available To You Right Now

Gina Nowicki ∙ 31 May 2024
It’s the end of the month, and once again, it’s time to prepare a PR report for every single client. Although this is a task that needs to be done repeatedly, it seems to creep up every month. So, how can we simplify this recurring task? There are plenty of dedicated PR reporting tools that […]
Prowly Magazine: Media monitoring costs - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 9 min read

How Much Does Media Monitoring Cost [2024 Buyer’s Guide]

Gina Nowicki ∙ 30 May 2024
Collecting all mentions about your brand in-house can be labor-intensive (imagine having an Excel spreadsheet, entering Yelp review scores, and labeling customer comments into confusing sentiment categories).  Luckily, media monitoring costs are probably a lot less expensive than you’re thinking and will save you and your team hours of time, provide you with timely, reliable […]
Media Mentions Guide: How Track Media Mentions Effectively
 ∙ 7 min read

Media Mentions Guide: How to Track Media Mentions Effectively

Gina Nowicki ∙ 26 May 2024
A media mention is using a brand name or keyword you’re tracking. It can occur in various mediums, such as print newspapers, online news websites, magazines, and blog posts. Just like the other key PR measurements we’ve covered, media mentions must be consistently and accurately monitored to ensure the quality and effectiveness of PR work. […]
The Best Google Alerts’ Alternatives for PR Pros
 ∙ 12 min read

The Best Google Alerts Alternatives for PR Pros

Gina Nowicki ∙ 22 May 2024
Google Alerts is free, well-known, and easy to set up, but the results are lacking. It only takes a few missed mentions or annoying mismatched alerts to outweigh the advantages of Google Alerts.  PR professionals need reliable, accurate, and timely results, so most are now turning to Google Alerts alternatives that are dependable (and by […]
How to Use PR Tools to Solve Any PR Challenge
 ∙ 8 min read

How to Use PR Tools to Solve Any PR Challenge

Gina Nowicki ∙ 21 May 2024
Get a group of PR professionals together in a room and it takes only minutes for a conversation to break out about the frustrating daily PR challenges they face and the latest digital PR tools they’ve been hearing about. Like in any field of work, there’s a list of common challenges in PR that continually […]
Kiosk with fashion magazines
 ∙ 8 min read

The Similarities and Differences Between US and UK PR

Gina Nowicki ∙ 13 May 2024
As a PR professional, I know there is plenty of good news about industry growth. The PR industry is doing very well in the global market: research firm Statista reports that its worldwide value now stands at $97 billion.  This growth may make you consider testing the waters in a new PR market. Since US […]
How to Write a Music Press Release
 ∙ 9 min read

How to Write a Music Press Release (Examples & Templates)

Gina Nowicki ∙ 13 May 2024
What is a press release for music? It's an official statement distributed to the media to announce newsworthy music-related events. The purpose of a music press release is to capture the attention of music journalists, bloggers, and influencers and to get media coverage around a new album, artist signing, or concert tour. Crafting a music […]
 ∙ 10 min read

How to Write an Acquisition Press Release (Example & Template)

Gina Nowicki ∙ 13 May 2024
A company acquisition or merger announcement will almost always result in a request for a press release. As a PR professional, it’s up to you to determine which story angle will attract the most media attention. We’ll walk you through the process of creating the best acquisition press release for media distribution. Plus - you’ll […]
Cover image: Best Media Monitoring Tools for PR professionals - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 10 min read

The Best Media Monitoring Tools for PR Professionals in 2024

Gina Nowicki ∙ 3 May 2024
The best media monitoring tools on the market are enticing and well worth the hype. Knowing well in advance that a story is trending positive or negative is invaluable intel. It allows you to build upon a wave of support and act quickly to avert a communications crisis. The good news is that there are […]
Cover image: Build and improve media relations - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 11 min read

How to Build and Improve Media Relations: Best and Worst Practices

Gina Nowicki ∙ 26 Apr 2024
Over eighty percent believe communication professionals should learn more about a media outlet before they pitch. How to improve media relations?
Social media for PR - Prowly Magazine
 ∙ 8 min read

Social Media PR: How to Use Social Media For PR (w/ Examples)

Gina Nowicki ∙ 26 Apr 2024
When you stop to think about it, the rise and growth of social media have provided PR professionals with many new and incredible opportunities. In fact, social media is now so useful to an overall PR strategy that you should dedicate a sizeable portion of your plan to social media PR. The goals of PR […]
 ∙ 10 min read

Do PR Companies Offer Social Media Services—And Should You, Too?

Gina Nowicki ∙ 26 Apr 2024
As consumers spend more time each year on social media platforms, your potential clients are likely looking for PR agencies to offer relevant services, like social media management and monitoring. In fact, many of them have growing social media budgets they need to strategically address in their annual marketing plan.  This is also likely true […]
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