10 Best AI Tools for Public Relations in 2023

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The implementation of AI in Public Relations brings numerous benefits. According to The State of PR Technology 202367.8% of PR professionals surveyed already leverage AI in their work. PR specialists are already using AI for tasks such as:

  • Idea Generation
  • Press Release Creation
  • PR Research
  • PR Reporting
  • PR Monitoring

Despite the potential risks of these tools such as accuracy and privacy concerns, AI tools for PR are of great help.

Here are the top 10 AI tools for PR to help you get more work done quickly.

What are the best AI tools?


Price: starts at $258 per month; free trial available.

βœ… Pros

Instead of using different AI tools to handle your PR tasks, start with one tool that does it all. Prowly launched a new feature allowing you to draft press releases using Prowly’s AI.

Introducing the “Draft with AI” feature – wave goodbye to the struggles of idea generation and conquering writer’s block. This tool generates personalized press releases by answering real-time questions, eliminating the manual process of creating prompts for ChatGPT.

Say hello to a whole new way of creating press releases effortlessly!

Don’t know how to get started? Let Prowly ask questions and you’ll wrap up your next press release in minutes. 

For busy PR teams looking to use AI for communications, Prowly can be a lifesaver. You can add the basic details and Prowly will simulate a conversation with your target journalists, helping you build a solid foundation for your next press release.

πŸ”» Cons

As for the downsides…

There aren’t any just yet, but the tool is in its testing phase β€” so we’ll fix any errors as they come up. And when you combine the other features in Prowly (such as theΒ media databaseΒ andΒ media monitoring), Prowly just makes sense.

Psst! We also prepared two guides to walk you through using the AI Press Release Generator for the best results, as well as for writing and pitching press releases with AI.


Price: free; ChatGPT Plus is $20 per month.

βœ… Pros

ChatGPT is considered one of the most popular AI tools for communication. The most advanced chatbot on the market uses a natural language processing model to give you answers to your questions. ChatGPT can be used for almost anything, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the most common AI-powered recommendation engines.

PR professionals are leveraging ChatGPT to streamline their workflow. They utilize it for crafting press releases, generating creative ideas, conducting research, and composing pitches and follow-up emails.

One crucial aspect is effectively prompting the AI, and we have already addressed this topic in a recent article β€” where we listed the top ChatGPT prompts for PR.

πŸ”» Cons

ChatGPT is one of the AI tools for PR, but it is far from perfect. If you add content to the tool, you’re practically giving away your data because OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT) uses it for learning. In other words, it’s not smart to feed sensitive info to this tool.

The knowledge base of the tool is cut off from January 2022. As the PR industry relies on timely information, this can be a major issue in using this tool.

Also, crafting a press release with ChatGPT can be challenging. Start by providing a prompt like “compose a press release about X, including key messages about A, B, C, and a quote from a company representative.” 

The next steps depend on the outcome and require careful editing and attention to detail. ChatGPT is not a text editor, so it’s not ideal for editing, cutting, or changing specific parts.

It works well for social media posts, where you can see the whole content, but with longer texts, you may find it challenging to keep track of changes. You often end up copying and pasting between multiple applications and windows


Price: starts at $8 per month.

βœ… Pros

One of the new tools that made a boom in the past year is Midjourney: a powerful image generator. Leveraging AI became even easier with this tool as you can put in any kind of prompt and have a fully finished image in minutes. For example, if you need an image for a PR campaign but don’t want to hire a photographer, you can just use Midjourney instead.

Aside from the regular boilerplate images and logos, you might want to include some other images, and here is where Midjourney can help. It’s cheap, effective, and can save time.

πŸ”» Cons

But conversely, every image you create is fed back into Midjourney. This essentially means you do not own the copyrights to your work. Even worse, other Midjourney users can see and use your content. Your images become public domain and you no longer have the option of deleting them. In other words, it is one of the most common dangers of using AI tools.


Price: starts at $39 per month, free trial available.

βœ… Pros

Before ChatGPT became a thing, Jasper was the main AI-powered enterprise platform on the market. If you need anything written (including PR content), Jasper can handle it. Whether you want help with a new PR blog, a press release, or some social media copy, give it instructions, and Jasper will deliver.

In fact, Jasper can do routine tasks and handle your entire PR workflow. Simply upload the creative brief and the app can handle the rest. You can launch an entire integrated marketing campaign directly from Jasper.

πŸ”» Cons

On the other hand, Jasper comes with a high price tag compared to other AI tools for PR. It’s also not great for long-form content and may need a lot of input to get usable content.

And if you’re looking for top AI marketing tools, check out the list of 31 options we have prepared for you.


Price: free for up to 100 prompts.

βœ… Pros

Famous for its writing assistant, Grammarly launched its own AI tool and followed the pack. Named GrammarlyGO, this app helps you improve your writing and adjust the content you create with one click. For example, you can ask the tool to shorten or summarize your text to make it more (or less) formal and much more.

GrammarlyGO helps you change the content you wrote and adjust it to a different tone of voice, style, and level of formality. For PR practitioners, you get a second pair of eyes to review your documents and press releases. Also, you’ll never run out of ideas for your target audience.

πŸ”» Cons

As for the downsides, GrammarlyGO suffers from the same problems as other AI tools for PR. The data may not be very accurate. Also, be careful when feeding it sensitive and important information, as the app uses your data for learning.


Price: free plan available; plans start at $9.99/month.

βœ… Pros

This AI software has been around for a bit and many professionals, including those in the public relations industry, use it. It’s pretty simple: you write something and Wordtune can improve it. If you ever get stuck while writing press releases, Wordtune can help you regain clarity.

You can ask this tool to insert a statistical fact, make a joke, or explain a complex term. You can ask Wordtune to simplify or summarize your content if something sounds unclear.

πŸ”» Cons

On the downside, 10 rewrites per day in the free version won’t last you very long. Also, compared to other AI tools for PR, the interface is not the greatest and comes with a steeper learning curve.


Price: free, paid plans start at $119.99 per year.

βœ… Pros

One of the most popular ways to create content online for free is with Canva. This design tool has many features that allows anyone to become a designer, even without design skills. Their AI tool goes one step further. Simply type in text for an image you want to create, and Canva will deliver.

How does this come in handy for public relations? Let’s say you want an image of a businessperson winning a marathon while wearing a full suit. Type it into the AI image generator and Canva will create it. It works similarly to other AI-powered tools: the better you create prompts, the better the results you can get.

πŸ”» Cons

As for the cons, there are only 50 images you can create with the free plan. Also, you may have copyright issues depending on your location.


Price: starts at $10 per user per month.

βœ… Pros

To get to a press release, PR specialists have to sift through a lot of content. Sometimes, that content comes from meetings. The more meetings there are, the more difficult it becomes to create content for your PR campaigns. This is where AI PR tools like Otter come in.

This AI tool tunes into your meetings (on Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms) and “listens” to them. Otter then takes notes using its proprietary AI technology. In short, it transcribes the meeting as it happens in real-time. It identifies who spoke at which time and which sentences they uttered.

But even more than that, this AI-powered tool summarizes the meeting notes for you in real-time and after the meeting. Instead of listening to hours’ worth of meetings, PR practitioners can just read a neat summary by Otter.

πŸ”» Cons

As for the downsides of this tool, it is not always very accurate. Before creating press releases, you must remove quite a few “umms” from the written content. Also, it’s not very affordable compared to other AI tools for PR.


Price: starts at $22.50 per month.

βœ… Pros

Synthesia is an AI-based video creation software that lets you type a prompt and create a video. PR pros can use it to turn any idea into a promotional video. Don’t have the time to record a spokesperson making an announcement? Synthesia to the rescue.

This tool offers 140+ different avatars that look and sound like real people. And with 120+ languages available, this tool shows the future of the media landscape.

πŸ”» Cons

On the other hand, the videos created in Synthesia still don’t have the look and feel of a real recorded video. And the Personal plan can limit the number of videos and scenes you create. 


Price: $12 per month; free trial available.

βœ… Pros

Need to create a pitch deck or any presentation? You can use PowerPoint or Google Slides, but who has time for that when you have an AI tool? Beautiful.ai, to be more precise. This tool helps you create presentations by giving prompts about the content you want included on the slides.

Unlike PowerPoint or Slides, Beautiful.ai is easy to use and works with you. Whether you prompt the tool or add your own content, you can change the content with a few clicks.

πŸ”» Cons

Users complain about the UX and the app breaking down with more complex operations.


AI tools for PR won’t replace PR teams, but they can be incredibly helpful. Instead of thinking about AI communication tools as your enemy, embrace them and use them to streamline your workflow and make your job as a PR professional easier.

Ready to take that first step? Start with Prowly and sign up for your free trial today!