How and Where to Find Content Creators That Don’t Suck

Finding the right person for your content team can be quite a difficult task as there are so many things you need to take into consideration. Knowing who to choose and where to look for can be quite a challenge and it can take up a lot of your time, money, and effort.

Producing consistent and high-quality content is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website and make your brand more popular and visible. And while going on a quest to find a good content writer may seem like a challenge at first, once you identify the right person for the job, you are bound to see great results. [Content Marketing: Lessons Learned and the Challenges Ahead]

Why it is important to know

There are many reasons why you should have some knowledge on how to pick a good content writer. And not only that, as it is also important that you find someone who is not only good at their job but who can also adapt to your company’s needs.

First and foremost, knowing where to look and having a good idea of the skills you would want a content writer to have can help you save a lot of time. If you just start looking all over the internet and hire random people without being absolutely certain about their qualifications, you will definitely end up wasting a lot of time that you could have used on improving your content.

You may also come to find that you’ve wasted a lot money too. One thing that’s very important for your brand is to make sure that your content is consistent, so your audience can keep better track of your posts. Putting the right person in charge and knowing where to find them in the first place can make you feel confident that they won’t fail to complete the tasks you assign them with and that your posts and their quality will be consistent.

Finding and hiring a quality writer can help you drive more traffic to your website and improve the way your audience sees your brand and your content and help you gain more authority and popularity in your niche.

What makes a great writer different from a sucker?

There are many ways how you can check whether a writer is good and when they simply aren’t. You can start by seeing how passionate the person is about their job, before you even hire them. Someone who can communicate their emotions and their excitement well is way more likely to be able to produce content that will engage the readers and make them relate to it. [Read also: How PR & Communications Proffesionals Can Better Their Writting Skills]

How PR & Communications Professionals Can Better Their Writing Skills and Perfect Their Content

Good writers are the ones who have had the most time to practice. When looking to hire someone new, you should make sure that they have worked in your field before. If you have already hired them, you should keep an eye on how they work. Writers who are good at what they do usually take their time when it comes to creating a perfect outcome.

Another way to help you understand the difference between a good and a bad writer is to observe the way they take criticism. A good writer will take criticism well and thank you for helping them improve their content whereas a bad writer will consider your feedback unhelpful.

One of the things that you might want to keep in mind is that the price isn’t always a good indicator for the value. You may come across a writer that has experience and is pretty good at what they do but simply doesn’t know their value. In this case, even if it doesn’t happen very often, you should give this person a chance and make sure you pay them appropriately too.

When looking for a new content writer to hire, you will need to keep all of these qualities in mind. A person who can communicate well with you, has a good resume that shows and validates his or her working experience, and seems eager to start working is probably worth giving a shot.

Signs that show a writer lacks the skills you need

If you are worried that the person you are going to hire might not be able to successfully complete the tasks you assign them with, here are some signs that will help you determine whether your candidate has the right skills for the job. As I mentioned earlier, a good writer will usually take his or her time to create a good quality outcome. On the other hand, lazy or less experienced writers will simply take their time.

If you wish to find a writer who can produce a lot of quality content fast, you should definitely hand them a test assignment first and see how they do. If you are happy with their job and working pace that’s great but if not, you might be in need of someone else.

When it comes to publishing your posts, you will definitely want to see your audience communicate with you on your social media and know that what you’re posting is actually reaching out to them. If you’re not seeing that much engagement and interest, again, you might to start looking for someone new.

As to hiring someone new, you can check their resume and see if their past experience covers any similar niches as yours. If a person has worked on something similar in the past, they are way more likely to have all the right skills and they will be able to provide high-quality content.

Where to look for content creators and where not to look

There are many great sites where you can look for good writers online. Not only will you be able to know exactly where they’ve worked before and for how long but you can also have a clear idea of what they’re good at. Here are some of the best places online for you to start with:

  • LinkedIn’s content writer section and similar social networks can help you have instant access to a person’s previous working experience and allow you to determine whether a person is suitable for your job position or not.
  • Professional writers and freelance writers from platforms like Upwork and Problogger can be a great addition to your team, if you know how to find them. Not only can you look through their socials, but you can also search on platforms like UpWork to get access to their profiles and see their previous work experience.
  • Professional writing services are one of the best ways for you to find reliable content writers. The most important thing about them is that they bring together writers who have experience in different topics and enough skills to produce quality content.

Sadly, there are still enough places where you actually should not search for content creators, and you should definitely avoid such places as content mills (yes, they still do exist!), low-moderated freelance platforms, and bidding websites. As for the last option, the reason is quite obvious: practice shows that these websites hardly give you the chance to evaluate the skills. In addition, they are usually poorly moderated, which can mean lead to wasted time and resources.

It seems obvious in 2018, but still, we have the right to make mistakes: it is an awful idea to work on websites that do not provide secure payments and money-back guarantees.

How to filter different writers

Filtering writers is a good way for you to establish which writer is good for what niche. One of the best ways to see who will be more suitable for your position is to filter them based on some particular skills that you are looking for.

That should help you find a writer who will be able to keep up with your needs, so you can be certain that they have the required skill. For example, you can filter them by:

  • Strong research skills

A good content writer will be able to do enough research and produce original content without plagiarism.

  • Knowledge of SEO

Knowing how to handle SEO can help your content be more visible on search engines and increase your website’s traffic.

  • Perfect proofreading skills

Having a content creator who can proofread their own articles can not only save you a lot of time but also money, since you won’t have to rely on other writing services.

  • Adaptability

A quality that is always useful when it comes to content writers is adaptability. Not only will they be able to explore and talk about different topics but they will also be able to take instructions well and adapt their writing to your company’s needs.

Best practices to attract professionals

One of the best ways for attracting qualified writers for your company is to go online and create a job listing on a freelance website. Not only will you be able to choose the level of skills you wish for your writers to have but you can also go through their resumes and be certain about their past job experiences.

First of all, you need to make sure that the title of your job listing is absolutely spot-on and straight to the point. You need to write the title in a way that doesn’t attract a ton of people who might essentially not be what you’re looking for.

Another way for you to attract professional content writers is to make sure that your job description is as on point as possible. This will allow potential candidates to know exactly what you want from them and make them feel more comfortable about the job and your cooperation is going to be successful.

Attracting professionals can be a bit tricky when there are so many people out there who might lack the experience but who truly believe they can handle a difficult job. If the difficulty of your position is high, you will need to focus on finding professionals in your niche who will be able to deliver exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to quality.


Finding a good content writer doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. There are quite a few ways to help you establish whether a writer will be good at his or her job and exactly what you need for your content creation team. A good writer can truly help your posts reach out to more people and drive more traffic to your website.

Finding a writer with the right skill set can be a lot easier if you know where to look. There are many places for you to search online and find someone who is not only legitimate but also hard working. Lastly, you need to make sure that you present your job description in a way that makes it look promising and also manages to attract the right professional for the position. [Six Tips for Pitching Journalists and Bloggers]