Top Media Outlets for Your News – The 2023 List

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When it comes to sharing important news, you naturally want to ensure you are reaching the top media outlets. These are the websites, newspapers, magazines, television outlets, and radio stations that have the biggest reach, and appearing on these can definitely help you spread the news about your brand or clients.

Keep in mind that getting covered by the top-tier media is really challenging. To have better results when pitching, you might want to start by targeting smaller, relevant media outlets and see where it gets you.

If you’re looking for a list of the top media outlets, here are the most popular titles you should be aware of. 

Top 12 media outlets to cover your news 

The New York Times 

With a market worth of over $6 billion, The New York Times is one of the biggest media outlets in the world and is renowned for its cutting-edge journalism. Appearing in the paper or on the online website can transform a business and power them forward. 

The New York Times - Top media outlet
The New York Times – Top media outlet

The Daily Mail Group

Read across the globe, the Daily Mail and Mail Online are some of the world’s most popular media outlets. Although they have a heavy focus on celebrity and entertainment culture, the news outlet does cover a wide array of topics and breaking news. 


When it comes to top media outlets, CNN is the world leader in news and information. Staffed 24/7, it is one of the most popular online media outlets and has over 4,000 staff working across the globe to cover major events and stories. 

CNN - Top media outlet
CNN – Top media outlet


First appearing in 1981, MTV quickly became the world leader in music television, and news. Traditionally, it was known for its ground-breaking approach, and it helped to create the birth of the music video, nowadays though it is has moved into more reality and entertainment features. 

Huff Post

Formally known as The Huffington Post, Huff Post is one of the world’s most visited news outlets and covers everything from breaking news to popular media, lifestyle, comedy, healthy news, and technology stories. The site also features a lot of user-generated content. 

Huff Post - Top media outlet
Huff Post – Top media outlet


Buzzfeed is the leading independent digital media outlet in the world and reaches hundreds of millions of people each week. Featuring a massive cross-platform network of channels and insight, the outlet covers everything from breaking news to entertainment. 


Founded back in 1923, TIME Magazine remains one of the most authoritative and informative media outlets in the world. With over 20 million subscribers a week, it has become the voice for creating progressive and thought-provoking articles. 

TIME – Top media outlet


Formed over a century ago, Forbes is now one of the biggest news and media outlets globally and employs over 400 people full-time, alongside working with nearly 3,000 employees. The outlet is renowned for celebrating success and regularly chronicles aspiring individuals. Appearing in Forbes is a major achievement for any organization or individual and is often considered a pinnacle piece of coverage. 

The Washington Post 

The Washington Post might be the largest circulated newspaper in the Washington metropolitan area, but it is also one of the most read online news sites in the world. Having won 69 Pulitzer Prizes, it is regarded as one of the top media outlets for sharing breaking news and uncovering breaking news stories. 

The Washington Post - Top media outlet
The Washington Post – Top media outlet

Men’s Health 

Published in 59 countries around the world, Men’s Health has become the leading media outlet for health, fitness, and wellness topics. It is the largest selling men’s magazine in the United States, and it is seen as the go-to solution for the modern man. The online website is also incredibly popular and receives 118 million views a month. 

Women’s Health 

Following the success of Men’s Health, Women’s Health was launched in 2005 and enjoys millions of readers across the globe, with the magazine currently sold in 25 countries worldwide. Covering everything from health, nutrition, and wellness to sex, fashion, and beauty topics, it is the one-stop shop for women looking to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Women’s Health - Top media outlet
Women’s Health – Top media outlet


One of the most influential fashion magazines in the world, appearing in VOGUE cements a brand’s success. First appearing over 120 years ago, the magazine and corresponding news website are dubbed the ‘fashion bible’ and is often the first media outlet to review the latest beauty and fashion trends from the world’s leading brands.

Find the top media outlets for your news 

No matter whether you are a PR agency looking to secure your clients that big piece of coverage, or a brand looking to promote your business yourself, appearing in one of the world’s leading media outlets is a huge achievement. 

However, appearing in these titles is incredibly challenging, and the key to finding them and contacting them comes from having a proven media list and strong media relationships build beforehand. 

With Prowly, you can actually browse over a million journalists from the world’s most popular media outlets, find the most relevant contacts to cover your news, and manage media relations in one place.

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