6 Rock Solid Social Media Strategies to Push Your Startup to The Top Gear

Various social media experts will clearly define that the core of social media greatness is:

  • Avoiding all kinds of spamming
  • Giving content of real value to users
  • Creating meaningful and lifelong relationships
  • Be consistent with your real-life ideals

No doubt, these foundation concepts are quite helpful in ensuring that social media platforms provide the results that you want. And as you become ready to build on such foundations and scale the Twitter engagement peak, you must have certain meaningful tactics.

Startups – Time To Pull Up Your Socks

If you are an active user of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then you must be aware of the nuances with social media platforms. But it is easy to harness their immense power by employing various kinds of options present in social media. You need creative, efficient and well-balanced social media marketing strategies like the one published in the infographic “Social Media 101 – How To Turn Your Small Business Into A Huge Enterprise” to achieve more success.

Various firms have incorporated social media in their ads and even outreached their campaigns for getting great benefits. If startups use social media platforms in a creative manner, then they can achieve success instantly.

Reaping Benefits From Social Media Platforms

Do you know how startups can get maximum benefits from social media marketing?
It is simple, and all you need to do is check out these awesome social media strategies:

1) Taking Advantage of Video Marketing

Do you know video marketing is an easy method to gain more fans? Just check out the videos embedded on your Facebook profile as it will attract many fans. On the landing pages of social media platforms, users have the option to view the broadcast just before clicking the ‘Like’ button. The videos posted on the Facebook page and the consistent uploading of live shows will get streamed to your Twitter or blog account.

Virality: Benefits From Social Media Platforms
Source: i.imgur.com (Video Marketing)

The backlinks of the videos present in the Fan page will inform users from where the video had originated. This helps in getting the video to go viral. In addition, you can even invite selected individuals to watch the video in order to add a certain amount of personal touch and avoid any kind of spamming.

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2) Get To Know About Social Forums

Many entrepreneurs never focus on or think about engaging with potential clients. This is a bad idea. As an entrepreneur, you must get involved in various activities like forum discussions, getting to know about the needs of customers, and discussing and sharing your expert knowledge.

Social Media Forums
Source: i.imgur.com (Social Media Forum)

This kind of active participation and discussions assist in interacting with various industry players. Plus, it provides you an opportunity to become an expert. With the Google Alerts, you can get regular updates as and when your website is mentioned online. The search option present in Twitter helps in finding the required and relevant topics which can be discussed and followed. You can use backtweets to find out users who shared your links.

3) Choosing The Right And Correct Network

There are varieties of choices users have with regard to social networks. But creating an effective social media presence is quite time-consuming. However, if you are part of various networks, you might face several challenges regarding attracting followers.

Biggest Social Media Networks
Source: i.imgur.com (Biggest Social Media Networks)

The main issue here is to find out the most famous network as it often keeps changing. So, it is important that you continuously monitor the network’s progress regularly and reach a decision.

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4) Achieving Success From Social Media Strategies

Social Media Channels
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Do you know the road to the success of start-up firms? Well, it is to attract the major investors. You must show your unique and potential value proposition on various social media platforms. Having a good presence on social media sites will help in increasing the visibility among most of the key and elite industry players. So, you will end up winning more customers, and it results in providing an excellent ROI.

5) Vertical Blogs

Blogs are one of the best mediums to attract visitors when there is an information or news which needs to be communicated. People are attracted and interested when they are offered informative posts. Such kind of post gives prospective buyers probable solutions. This results in higher conversion rates and the necessary brand loyalty.

Vertical Blogs
Source: i.imgur.com (Vertical Blogs)

Also, you can improvise your strategies by writing vertical blogs. Vertical blogs explain about your niche services and products related to a particular industry.

6) Rechecking Your Social Media Strategies

It is important to keep up with the ever-changing trends in social media. There is constant revolution and evolution in social media marketing tactics (Check for eg. here how to adapt your social media strategy with new Instagram Stories & Twitter Moments), and this is something which leads to success. Check your performance on social media platforms at regular intervals. You can modify your tactics as per your needs to get a competitive advantage.

Social Media Strategy
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Final Thoughts

Active and continuous participation on social media platforms is not only a successful marketing gimmick; it is a critical step for the growth and success of the company. With a good and result-oriented social media strategy, start-ups can follow the path of success and enjoy a great business without getting concerned about what competitors have up their sleeves. So, are you planning on taking your startup to the next level?