How to Write a Concert Press Release (Examples and Template)

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Even if there’s still plenty of time until the hot music festivals start, concert press releases are already being published, allowing fans ample time to prepare.

Find out what these announcements really bring to the stage. Learn how to craft attention-grabbing releases from the right words to perfect timing. And check out our tips on speeding things up with handy press release templates.

Speaking of handy templates: use Prowly’s customizable Press Release Templates and change hours spent on crafting concert news releases to minutes!

What is a concert press release?

In short, concert press releases are written statements distributed to the media and the public to promote and provide information about an upcoming musical event.

They serve as a communication tool for artists or event organizers to generate interest and provide coverage for a performance or tour.

Why write a concert press release?

Well, the reasons vary, and here are just a few of them:

  • To generate publicity. By sharing details with the media via a press release, the chances of getting coverage, interviews, and mentions are higher!
  • To let the fans know. Concerts without an audience cannot exist. So it is obligatory to let people know about the upcoming gig. Press releases are a good way to do so.
  • To ensure media coverage. Journalists and media outlets often rely on press releases for information when covering events. A well-structured release increases the chances of getting published in magazines or online media.
  • To attract sponsors. Press releases can attract potential sponsors and partnerships. Highlight an event’s potential and value to make it irresistible for businesses to sponsor.

How to write a press release for a concert step-by-step?

The first thing is non-negotiable – tailor the press release to the preferences and interests of your target audience. What comes next?

Ensure that the crucial details are presented prominently. There are a lot of concerts in PR to be announced, so be as informative as you can.

You can learn all these basics to create a well-crafted press release from this guide. But today, we’ll master specifically the art of concert announcement press releases.

Let’s start with the six particular press release guidelines with examples.

#1 A catchy headline and a compelling lead sentence

As always, to catch the attention of your audience you need to think about the headline or leading sentence. They are like the business cards of your release and any well-written press release sample proves it right.

Stick to these rules when creating a title and lead:

👉 Keep your lead short and sweet. It’s like a sample press release for a concert – a sneak peek of the whole text, with key messages in a nutshell.
👉 Remember about the 5W’s Rule (who, what, when, where, why, and/or how). By covering all the Ws, you can be sure your press release hits all the essentials.

#2 The dateline

This section should be ultra short. It refers to the line at the beginning of your press release that indicates where and when the information should be reported.

#3 Adding quotes from the artists/musicians

Some press release samples include artists’ quotes. It is a nice touch and appeals to the audience’s connection with the musician. With Prowly you can add these small but highly relevant details in a few clicks.

Pro Tip: Offer journalists exclusive content, such as quotes from interviews with the artists or behind-the-scenes footage. This can increase your press release media coverage.

#4 Adding visuals and assets

Even though concerts are all about sound, when it comes to concert press release templates, most of them include visuals. And it’s a very good angle.

Pick photos of the artist or teaser videos to make your press release more captivating. With Prowly, you can add visuals from sources like YouTube or Instagram (and more) to your press release with a single click.

Pro Tip: Be careful with your photo/video credits. Always double-check to be sure you can use them in your press release and how exactly you should tag the author.

#5 Bio and media contact information

It is crucial to let both your audience and the journalists know what the best way to contact you is.

Provide a press release author bio with any relevant contact details (email, phone number, social media). Don’t forget to add a website address to your press release.

#6 Highlight key details: time, place and tickets

A well-written concert announcement press release should provide comprehensive information about the gig.

This means:
➔ the date,
➔ the time,
➔ the place.

Don’t forget about tickets – prices, availability, and how to purchase them.

Pro Tip: Inform people about presale tickets, detailing how and when to purchase them. Additionally, consider including information about how many tickets are available in your press release.

And if you’re crafting a press release not for a concert, but a music press release, check out this guide with seven examples of amazing music press releases to get inspired.

What to include in a concert press release? Four tips

There are some crucial and obligatory parts in a press release you should cover to fulfill its purpose. Here they are:

Details to cover in your concert press release template

  • Tailor your content: Once again – by tailoring your content to a location, you can grab the attention of the regional media. Talk about the city’s culture, highlight the venue’s uniqueness, and mention some curios.
  • Social media promotion: Mix social media handles, throw in some official event hashtags, and give a shout-out to sharing! By getting people involved on social media, you’ll boost your press release’s reach and make your promo efforts way more impactful.
  • Highlight uniqueness: If the concert has some unusual things planned, like guest appearances, special performances, etc., make sure everyone knows about it! Put the spotlight on these distinctive features and add that extra touch of excitement.
  • Spotlight timeliness: Don’t wait! Being timely is super important in the world of entertainment PR. This applies to any kind of event press release: album press release, tour press release, press release for festival, etc. The earlier the better!

Concert press release examples that attract crowds

Let’s see firsthand examples of press releases that are worth following. Aleksandra Kubicka, Prowly’s PR Evangelist, chose two concert press releases that both stand out from the crowd – and attract crowds.

#1 Concert press release example

Press release by an entertainment company, the producer of the concerts:

What we love about this example of a press release

In the words of Aleksandra Kubicka, Prowly’s PR Evangelist:

👉 It’s announcing the concerts of a European artist starting her tour across the US – the press release is widely targeted to all US media, providing a global context of the tour and framing her achievements and awards.

👉 Has a strong focus on ticket sales – all info about pre-sales and other important dates, with links right in the first paragraphs.

#2 Concert announcement press release example

Press release from a concert venue, a cultural center:

What we love about this press release event announcement

In the words of Aleksandra Kubicka:

👉 Storytelling! It’s an engaging way to present the artists and the concept behind this special performance.

👉 The addition of a paragraph with an artist review from a renowned music magazine, written in a very evocative, pictorial way.

👉 It’s full of additional links and materials, 3 pages long – but with a clear structure, easy to skim.

👉 It also introduces other interesting events and a concert coming later this year.

Concert press release templates

Using a concert press release sample as your benchmark or using ready-made press release templates can speed up your work significantly.

No matter if you are writing a charity concert press release or want to let the fanbase know about an additional concert date in their town, Prowly’s got you covered!

Ready to craft a music press release? Use one of the convenient templates to kickstart the process! Simply plug in your details and you are ready to go.

How to use AI for crafting press releases

Using a concert press release template is one way to make your life easier, but we have an even better idea.

Benefit from artificial intelligence and use an AI press release generator.


👉 You might need to prepare a few press releases giving the details of a concert from different angles to make them relevant for audiences in particular cities or even different countries.

With Prowly’s AI features, you can speed up the process by preparing various versions of your press release tailored to specific audiences. And tailoring your message is key.

But there are more ways for AI to set your pace for success:

Emphasize your key messages about the concert

Prowly’s AI ensures that the crucial information stands out, increasing the chances of grabbing journalists’ attention.

Focus on the right Tone and Voice with AI

Nailing the right voice and tone can be tricky. Thankfully, it is not such a big deal for Prowly’s AI press release generator.

Just select your desired tone of voice and that’s it. This way, your concert announcement press release reflects the band’s vibe.

3 tips to get more coverage for your concert press release

To get a buzz going around your gig, the concert announcement press release has to reach the right people. Sounds easier said than done? Then this is a good moment to consider using the help of AI.

1️⃣ Use a good quality media database

For your music press release, use a solution you can rely on in terms of quality and a high number of contacts.

Using AI-based tools allows you to save time and reach those who may truly be interested in your press release.

For example, Prowly offers over 1 million contacts, including the up to date contacts of over 7 500 journalists and nearly 6 000 media outlets who write about music and music-related topics – and that’s only in the United States.

Pro Tip: If you’re sharing industry-specific news, like concert press releases, look for journalists who have covered similar topics in the past.

2️⃣ How to get covered in the local press?

The local press has power.

If you want to leverage it and get the best benefit from Prowly, go to the Media Database and filter contacts based on country/location. By tailoring your press release based on location, you can optimize your media engagement strategy for maximum impact within specific regions.

P.S. Learn more about pitching tactics from the “How to Send a Press Release via email” guide.

3️⃣ Let AI draft your pitch

After completing your press release, head to the “Emails” section.

Choose recipients, attach or embed your press release, and either manually craft your pitch or let Prowly’s AI generate a preliminary email with four key messages in bullet points for enhanced readability.

If you want to learn more about using AI’s potential while writing and pitching your press releases check out this press release guide and let Prowly’s AI help you in your everyday tasks.

💡Are you seeking more exposure for your press release? Explore these 10 ideas on how to effectively promote a press release.


Crafting a concert press release is vital for effective event communication, offering benefits such as media coverage and audience engagement.

Creating a press release with dedicated tools is a good way to streamline the process and maximize your impact, so why not take full advantage?