Top Tech Journalists – The 2023 List

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Even the most interesting tech story needs several components to get media coverage, one of which is the list of technology media contacts to pitch to.

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Take a closer look at the top tech journalists and reporters that can be found in the database:

The most influential tech journalists

Helen A.S. Popkin, Deputy Editor at Forbes

Helen is an award-winning columnist and editor who understands the ever-evolving world of online media—how it drives viewers and creates interactive journalism that is informative and engaging.

On her LinkedIn profile, you may read that she played “a key role in doubling audience traffic and generating approximately 730k page views daily for the Tech channel of by spotting and analyzing trends, seeing how they fit into the big picture, developing and launching several news verticals and establishing new areas of consumer-facing tech coverage”.

Don’t ask her in emails whether she is going to publish a press release—remember that Helen is the deputy editor and that is not her role. Perhaps she can forward your news to the editorial team if she finds it interesting.

Helen Popkins - Top tech journalists
Source: Twitter

Dan Seifert, Deputy Editor at The Verge

Dan is a technology journalist with a specialty in mobile tech. He works for The Verge and is responsible for covering news, editing posts, reviewing devices, producing video reviews, and communicating with the reader base.

Dan has a passion for technology and the work that he does and strives to provide the best coverage and analysis to his readers. Keep in mind that he has been working for The Verge since 2012. This means that product press releases will not surprise him. Prepare your message, throw in some data. Statistics on the use of new technologies by young users will always be well seen.

Dan Seifert - Top tech journalists
Source: Twitter

Matt Quinn, Senior Tech Editor at CNN Business

Matt fills a critical role as CNN Business sharpens its focus on technology companies and their growing influence on our culture, society, politics, and our economy. He brings over 15 years of experience in guiding business coverage in leadership positions at WSJ, Inc., and AdAge before his most recent role as Tech Editor at Quartz.

Matt Quinn - Top tech journalists
Source: Twitter

And if you’re looking for the best journalists to cover your AI-related story, check out this list featuring the most important names to know.

Ryan Browne, Tech Reporter at CNBC

Ryan is a Digital News Reporter at CNBC. He usually covers a range of companies from start-ups in Europe to the world’s biggest tech firms.

Ryan Browne - Top tech journalists
Source: Twitter

Rosalie Chan, Senior reporter covering enterprise tech at Business Insider

Rosalie Chan covers big tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Atlassian, Slack, Dropbox, MongoDB, and more. She focuses on cloud computing, and government contracts. Besides that, she is especially interested in writing about open source, DevOps, developer culture, software licensing, and women in tech.

Rosalie Chan - Top tech journalists
Source: Twitter

Ron Miller, Enterprise Reporter at TechCrunch

Ron has been writing about the enterprise at TechCrunch since 2014. Previously, he was a long-time Contributing Editor at EContent Magazine. Past regular gigs included CITEworld, DaniWeb, TechTarget, Internet Evolution and FierceContentManagement.

Ron is also a corporate blogger for Intronis where he writes once weekly on IT issues. He has contributed to various corporate blogs in the past, including Ness, Novell, and the IBM Mid-market Blogger Program.

Ron Miller - Top tech journalists
Source: Twitter

Find more tech media contacts

Looking for a full contact list of tech journalists and reporters? Find them in Prowly’s Media Database. Search by niche, location, outlet and job position to find the most relevant tech journalists for your story.

It contains over 1 million media contacts and is completely free for 7 days with full search access.

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