Top Business Journalists in the US & UK – The 2021 List

Whether you’re looking to raise your business profile, generate new traffic, launch a new division, attract new clients, or create investor interest, calling on solid business journalists is one of the best ways to get your company noticed.

When building a media list for a press release, pay careful attention to how much time you’re devoting to it. The temptation to keep adding to your list through manual searches of various business magazines can add up to an enormous investment of time and effort. Depending on your needs, you might be better off using an organized media database

Access to a media database (such as Prowly’s) not only saves time, it lets you quickly find exactly the kind of business journalists that are most likely to be interested in your story. You can search according to topic, outlet, location, job role, or any other criteria and easily create a targeted press list well-suited to the message you want to share. Also, you can increase your reach by contacting reporters and magazines that you likely would not have found on your own.

Using Prowly’s media database, we selected some of the top business journalists and reporters covering this industry in the US and UK.

Alyson Shontell

Editor-in-Chief, Business Insider

Alyson Shontell joined Business Insider in July 2008 as its sixth employee and was a sales planner before joining the editorial team in 2010. There, she became a start-up reporter and was first to cover some of today’s largest tech companies, including Pinterest, Tinder, Instagram, Uber, and Snap.

Shontell rose to become a senior correspondent, then became Business Insider’s Executive Editor. In 2016, she was appointed Editor-in-Chief, at which point she became the youngest and only woman to run a global business publication. Business Insider is now one of the largest publications in the world, with over 300 million monthly readers.

Owen Thomas

Business Editor at The San Francisco Chronicle

Owen Thomas is a blogger, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is the business editor at The San Francisco Chronicle and was previously the founding executive editor of The Daily Dot and former executive editor of VentureBeat.

“Many people think of me primarily as a writer. But I’m also an experienced editor and editorial manager, and I’m extremely proud of the talent I’ve helped nurture over the years,” Thomas was quoted as saying. “I’m also very good at the detail work required to fix broken newsroom processes and design entirely new ones.”

Liz Claman

Anchor of the Fox Business Network Show Countdown to the Closing Bell

Described as one of television’s top business reporters and anchors, Liz Claman got her big break in television as a production assistant for Ann Curry, Paula Zahn, and Jim Lampley at television station KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, California.

While working in local television, Claman became the youngest producer in the history of KCBS to win an Emmy Award. Since joining Fox Business in 2007, she has conducted interviews with some of the world’s biggest political and business leaders such as Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Paul H. O’Neill, John W. Snow, and Timothy Geithner, to name just a few.

Henry Blodget

Co-Founder, CEO, and Editorial Director of Insider, Inc.

The co-founder, CEO, and Editorial Director of Business Insider, Henry Blodget is a master at business reporting. He is a former equity research analyst who was a senior Internet analyst for CIBC Oppenheimer and the head of the global Internet research team at Merrill Lynch during the dot-com era. While some may remember Blodget as a “disgraced Wall Street analyst”, those days are long gone. Today he is a trusted and whip-smart business journalist.

Adam Parsons

English Television and Radio Presenter, Europe Correspondent for Sky News

Born in London, Adam Parsons started his career as a sports correspondent for BBC News, appearing regularly on BBC One, and BBC Radio. He describes himself as a “jack of all trades”, covering everything from politics – and Brexit – through to migration, terrorism, business journalism, and breaking news.

He’s respected for delivering work to the tightest possible deadlines, as well as crafting long-form pieces that take months to finalize. Beyond journalism, Parsons has significant knowledge of the commercial world, having been an executive board director at Travelodge Hotels, a $1bn company. 

Brett Lo Guirato

Senior Editor at Wharton School Press

The former executive news editor at Business Insider, Brett Lo Guirato has upped his game over the years, from overseeing coverage of the politics, news, defense, and sports sections, as well as the site’s front page, to acquiring and editing books for Wharton Digital Press. Lo Guirato draws on a decade of business journalism experience to shape publication strategy, bring readers engaging content, and help authors reach an ever-growing global audience.

Dan Roth

Editor-in-Chief at LinkedIn

New York’s Dan Roth is arguably one of the most powerful business journalists on the internet. As executive editor at LinkedIn, he’s responsible for ensuring that the most important articles of the day get seen by the most important people in their target industry.

Roth started his career at the Triangle Business Journal in Raleigh – the capital of the state of North Carolina. Today Roth is the editor-in-chief of LinkedIn – the world’s largest platform and publisher of business-relevant content. Before joining LinkedIn, he was also the senior writer & editor of, where he launched Dan Primack’s Term Sheet and other sustaining brands.

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