Top Gaming Journalists in the US – The 2023 List

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To effectively reach your target audience with your esports story, it is critical for you to find the right gaming journalists. If you connect with journalists who address a wide variety of topics, it is less likely that your target audience will be reached by their media coverage. 

On the other hand, by tapping into a network of reporters that handle content specific to your niche, the likelihood of the content they create or publish on your behalf is much more likely to find the people you want to reach. 

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Here are some of the most prominent video games journalists that you can find in the Database:

Top gaming journalists

Naomi Kyle

This US-based Canadian gamer is also an on-air host for IGN entertainment video productions. She is one of the most popular journalists in the industry.  The Daily Fix by IGN is a video series that has won many awards, and Naomi has played a role in its success by being the host of the series for 9 years. 

Naomi is also a model. She has worked with big names such as Adidas, Guess and Virgin Mobile. This multi-talented video game journalist is also an actress. She has played major roles in films such as Mad Families (2017), Dead Rising: End Game (2016), and The Devil’s Dolls (2016).

Naomi Kyle - Top gaming journalists
Source: Twitter

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

Yatzee is one of the most famous video games journalists in the industry. Ben Croshaw is also a comedic writer, author, and video game developer. His hands-on experience with esports and how they are made feed into why he is such an impactful gaming journalist.

Zero Punctuation and The Escapist are the video game review series that Yahtzee is most widely known for. Judging by the Cover is another video series run by this journalist. In his capacity as author, Croshaw has published three novels via Dark Horse Comics.

Yahtzee Croshaw - Top gaming reporters
Source: Twitter

Anita Sarkeesian

This Canadian American media critic is also the founder of Feminist Frequency, also known as “femfreq”. Her journalistic focus is on popular culture and the misogyny that is present in esports. This focus has made her one of the most profound journalists in the industry. 

Anita has made her mark as a competent and thorough female journalist in the gaming industry. Among her most popular videos is one that features a discussion of the damsel in distress trope. In the video, she discusses the culture of female characters being rescued by male heroes. 

Anita Sarkeesian - Top gaming journalists
Source: Twitter

Andrea Rene

Andrea Rene is well known for her podcast, ‘What’s Good Games’. She is a gaming journalist as well as a freelance on-camera host and producer. Andrea has also made substantial contributions to major programs by IGN and Gamespot which are the two most prominent names in the gaming industry.

Andrea has been somewhat of an advocate for the female gamer community. She has also given many gamers an opportunity to be known by conducting interviews with them. She has also interviewed members of the cast of Game of Thrones.

Andrea Rene - Top gaming reporters
Source: Twitter

George “Super BunnyHop” Weidman 

If you know anything about the world of gaming journalism, you are already familiar with Super BunnyHop. This reporter is popularly known for his analytical content about video games on Twitch and YouTube.

Super BunnyHop’s journalistic content spans analysis of mainstream video games such as For Honor and Fallout 4. He also analyses the industry as a whole and addresses the condition and progress of the industry in the US. 

George Super BunnyHop Weidman - Top gaming journalists
Source: Twitter

Megan LeeAnn “Meg” Turney

Meg is an esports journalist who is also an internet personality, cosplayer, model, and video blogger. Much of her fans go to see her at Comic-Cons because she faithfully attends.

Meg has been given a huge compliment by Playboy. They ranked her among the top 10 hottest YouTube stars on their famous list, ‘25 Hottest YouTube Stars’. 

Meg Turney - Top gaming journalists
Source: Twitter

Jeff Gerstmann

Jeff Gerstmann is not only one of the top gaming reporters, but also a certified video game scientist. He is one of the founders of the video game website Game Bomb. He was controversially terminated from Gamespot after working with the company for eleven years. 

Jeff has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to discuss the launch of Sega Dreamcast. He was also featured in an episode of G4’s X-Play Show discussing Japanese gaming.

Jeff Gerstmann - Top gaming reporters
Source: Twitter

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