The Best PR Reporting Tools Available To You Right Now

It’s the end of the month and time to prepare a PR & media clipping report for every single client. Although this is a task you do repeatedly, it seems to creep up on you every month. You’re right: PR monitoring and evaluation can take almost as much work as doing media relations.

Of course, you fully understand that reporting earned media impressions and measuring media coverage is a key part of your work. It’s what keeps your clients paying your agency month after month. So, it’s time to nail down your PR reporting process once and for all. 

Let’s help you simplify this recurring task by looking at some of the best PR evaluation tools available to you right now. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons of the most recognized PR reporting tools:

How to track media coverage has honestly never been easier!

The best PR reporting tools

Releasd (From $95 a month)

U.K.-based Releasd has been around for a while. You may even know them under their former names Nectarine and Nectarize. From the beginning, Releasd has been distinctly focused on providing PR professionals with flexible and customizable PR reporting.

Releasd offer
Best PR reporting tools: Releasd 


They have an impressive client roster, including big names like H&M and Marriott. They’re known for easy-to-use drag-and-drop reporting layouts that pull coverage from both websites and social media. You can then showcase all reporting on one digestible page. 

The software includes automated metrics, and they claim their winning feature is their proprietary metric of coverage impressions. You can build out the PR reports even further by adding additional PR activity information like press releases.

For delivery to clients, you can embed the PR report directly into an email.


You can receive a free 15-minute demo, but no free trial is currently offered. Their enhanced presentation features and metrics require upgrading to a more expensive monthly subscription.

CoverageBook (From $99 a month)

CoverageBook also promises ease-of-use and simple buildouts of visually impressive reports that include credible metrics.

CoverageBook offer
Best PR reporting tools: CoverageBook


You’ll notice significant time savings versus manually creating coverage reports each month. Avoid time-stealing steps like cutting and pasting links from your spreadsheet, taking and adding screenshots, collecting metrics for each mention, then designing a great-looking presentation. 

Creating reports is as easy as inserting your feature links into the tool and letting it do all the work. This includes pulling in the readership numbers of the media outlet and estimating the article’s total reach. 

Within minutes, you’ll have a client-worthy presentation ready for delivery, and the company’s support team rates high if you run into any technical issues.

30-day free trials are available so you can give the software a test drive.


Some users report that while the reports are robust, clients may need some hand-holding to make sense of them. CoverageBook currently doesn’t offer results-focused data like website traffic from mentions or customer sentiment analysis. The software includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest data, but not TikTok data if that’s important to your campaign.

Prezly (From $140 per user a month)

Prezly is a full PR CRM that includes a PR reporting tool. So outside of reports, you get online newsrooms, a media database, and PR pitching software.

Prezly's offer
Best PR reporting tools: Prezly


Prezly allows you to link each news mention with performance data in just a few clicks. Because it works as a full PR CRM, you’ll be able to store and track your coverage against data for your email pitches and press releases. 

Media contacts and outlets are automatically linked to coverage so you have a full picture of where you are in your PR campaign progress.

You can either upload coverage manually or import it through a URL. This is true for online articles, videos, and social media mentions.

14-day trials are available with no credit card required, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


With Prezly, you’ll need to buy their full suite of PR CRM services. The coverage piece is not sold a la carte.

Brand24 (From $49 per month)

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool at its core, but it does include PR reporting assistance that can be considered by your team.

Brand24's offer
Best PR reporting tools: Brand24


Through your pre-set keywords, the software calculates social media reach, share of voice, and hashtag performance. The results are formatted nicely into a PDF report. You have access to several measurements for building results-driven reports.

Metrics are provided around:

  • Influencer Score
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Discussion Volume
  • Mentions

While limited in coverage reporting, this is a good option for budget-conscious teams willing to build fuller reports from media monitoring data.


Although it can provide data and easy reporting around brand mentions, Brand24 is not a dedicated PR reporting software. As with any media monitoring tool, you’ll still need to collect digital clippings and build a custom coverage report that includes them.

Which PR evaluation tool is best for you?

PR professionals have been on the hunt for robust and accurate PR reporting tools for decades, ready to look past PR evaluation reports based on an outdated ad equivalency calculator that never truly measured the full value of PR coverage. How lucky we are to now have several excellent options out there to choose from!

The best software choice for you will come down to your team’s budget, reporting layout preference, and estimated time savings.

We recommend you take the free trial products for a spin to experience the reporting options firsthand. Then, choose your favorite and start creating great-looking, easy to produce, PR reports moving forward.

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