How to Build a Brand Newsroom That’s Journalist-Friendly

Traditional PR is dying – we have heard this in the media for several years. The fact is it will be a long time before press releases disappear. A press release is still the best way to inform journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders about the most important activities of our company.

Since the early ’90s, the news section has been an integral part of a company‘s main page. What has changed since then? Almost nothing. According to the report “How the World’s Top 100 Brands Are Using Online Newsrooms to Tell Their Stories”:

  •  98% of companies use online newsrooms
  • 35% of them admit that their brand newsrooms aren’t updated
  • 51% of them don’t put high resolution and quality materials dedicated to the press
  • 29% of them use video and multimedia in their press materials
  • 65% of companies link directly to the newsroom from their main pages

Even the biggest companies newsrooms aren’t adapted to the needs of today’s journalists, bloggers, and opinion leaders. A well prepared and up-to-date brand newsroom gives a company a chance to increase the range of their story or news across social media and also visibility in search results (SEV – Search Engine Visibility).

How can you make a brand newsroom that’s useful for journalists?

Upload your press releases to your newsroom

Before the distribution of your press release to journalists, make sure that in the e-mail or on your landing page with the news you put a direct link to your newsroom. Then journalists can be quickly and easily directed to the newsroom and find more information or download high res materials.

To make the news distribution faster, take care of your media base and use CRM for PR professionals. Thanks to a CRM program you can easily manage your contact base and automate news distribution. CRM helps to improve your workflow especially when you work in a team.

Do not forget about images and high quality materials

You have probably received more than one request for high quality materials from journalists. Forget about FTP, WeTransfer or Dropbox – you should store all of the press materials in your newsroom.

Be responsive

By this I do not mean being responsive as in ready to answer the question of the journalist (but it’s important anyway!). Over 40% of recipients read e-mails on mobile devices. You should care about the presentation of the content in your newsroom across all mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. Make sure that your online newsroom is built using the RWD (responsive web design) technique. This will enable you to increase your reach and number of views.

Use social plugs

Journalists use social media. If you want them to share your press releases and news on their own channels (like Twitter or Facebook profile), you need to use landing pages and social plugs. Do not forget about links to your social profiles as well.

Improve visibility

Only 14% of press releases are optimized for search. The days when search optimization was a specialty of IT people are over. Nowadays SEO tricks should be implemented into content created by PR professionals. All PR professionals should understand and adapt SEO trends to their daily jobs. It helps to gain online reach. It also gives a better chance to be found by journalists when they are searching for news, experts or events. To increase newsroom your visibility, remember to use the right tags and keywords, the right names of your press materials and the description in search results. Your newsroom and SEO techniques can become an integral part of content marketing activities.

Apply media contacts

Remember to apply media contacts to your newsroom. A fast flow of information and easy contact with the person responsible for PR in a company is the best way for gaining new listeners in the media.

Analyze and optimize

PR activities – the same as SEO – can be analyzed and optimized. Thanks to the connection of the newsroom with analytical tools (i.e. Google Analytics) you will understand which news stories are interesting for journalists, as well as what kind of press materials they download. Love for a company can be easily measured. The most important thing is to analyze what you need to do to make journalists fall more in love with your company.

A modern newsroom can increase your visibility in social media and search results. Thanks to your brand newsroom you can make all your PR activities more effective.

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