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 · 7 min read · May 21, 2024

Prezly Pricing in 2024: How Much Does Prezly Cost?

Mile Zivkovic
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Securing more media coverage for your business or clients requires significant effort. This includes spending hours reviewing media contacts, pitching journalists, and following up, often for multiple clients and PR campaigns simultaneously. To streamline this process for your team, consider utilizing PR software. One option could be Prezly.

Today, we'll help you discover everything about Prezly pricing, show you how much Prezly public relations software costs, and introduce Prowly as a smart alternative. Ready when you are!

What is Prezly?

For those unfamiliar with Prezly, here is a brief explanation: Prezly is public relations CRM software. It assists public relations teams in managing their contact lists, tracking engagement with each contact, sending email campaigns with pitches, monitoring their performance, and much more. You can also find more about Prezly on G2, as they have a well-established presence on that platform with many reviews and comparisons.

Below, you can see how the dashboard in Prezly looks, right after you sign up for a free trial ⤵️

Prezly's dashboard

It's one of the more popular PR tools for earning media coverage in 2024, and today, we will explain Prezly's pricing details.

Prezly pricing: key takeaways

There are two main tiers of Prezly pricing. Each type of pricing comes with a free 14-day trial. Before we get into the details, here are some key takeaways:

  • Prezly has two types of plans: for comms teams and agencies
  • On an annual contract, Prezly for comms teams can be purchased for as low as $50 per month, with one site and up to 2,000 media contacts.
  • Prezly for agencies costs $300 monthly on an annual contract, including three users and up to 10 sites.
  • You can get annual or monthly subscriptions, but if you pay monthly, the price is 20% higher (e.g., $60 per month instead of $50 for the lowest plan)

Prezly for comms teams: a detailed description

If you run a communications, public relations, or marketing team, you might want to opt for the first tier of Prezly pricing. There are four plans to choose from:

  • Starter
  • Core
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
Prezly's pricing page - Comms teams plan

Let's talk about each in detail.

The Starter plan

The Starter plan is $50 per user per month. It gives you access to one website, up to 2,000 media contacts, unlimited stories, a one-day story version history, and unlimited campaigns and pitches. If you want to take Prezly for a test drive or you don't have a dedicated PR team in your company, it's a great way to get started.

The Core plan

The Core plan is $90 per user per month and comes with one site, but it is possible to add more websites. The version history is available for seven days; you get up to 10,000 contacts. You also get a custom site domain with custom addresses for pitching press releases to media professionals.

In addition to these features, Prezly includes localization, media galleries, and a site subscription form. This is a solid option if you need to send out many press releases per month or if you need dedicated software for link-building campaigns.

The Premium plan

The Premium plan costs $140. In addition to the features of the lower-tier plans, it offers five white-label sites, user permissions, coverage, and contact enrichment.

Version history goes back 90 days, and you get 20,000 contacts.

These features are built for expert PR teams that work in-house and need a reliable PR CRM for securing media coverage.

The Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan is built for large PR teams in larger companies. Pricing is not publicly disclosed, and you must contact their sales team to find out how much Prezly's public relations software will cost. In the enterprise plan, you get all the premium plan features, a 99% uptime service level agreement, 24/7 customer support, and a custom site layout.

Prezly for agencies: a detailed description

There are no plans in this type of pricing offer, but there is still a 14-day free trial. The Agencies plan costs a minimum of $300 and gives you three users and up to 10 websites.

Prezly's pricing page - Agency plan

Even with this type of pricing, there is an Enterprise offer with all the features, guaranteed uptime, better customer support, and some extra bits and bobs.

On the other hand, Prowly's plans start at $258 per month. Although this may seem higher, Prowly offers more features than Prezly.

For example, you get two users in the base plan by default. You get 500 contacts per month and can add unlimited contact details to the CRM. On top of that, you get a creator for press releases that are powered by artificial intelligence. You can use it to create press releases from scratch or get feedback on finished works.

And did we mention that Prowly's media database is packed with over one million contacts from the media world?

Last but not least, Prowly's major advantage is its media monitoring feature, which allows you to track up to 10,000 mentions of your brand per month. Start reaching out to journalists with Prowly today! ⤵️

Prezly alternatives: The best PR tools to try in 2024

If you're looking for a PR platform for media outreach, pitching journalists, or creating link-building campaigns, but Prezly does not fit the bill, here are some alternatives to consider:

Provider PricingContract length# of contacts Free trial
PrezlyFrom $50/moMonthly or yearlyNo media database offeredYes, 14 days
ProwlyFrom $258/moMonthly or yearly>1,000,000Yes, 7 days
MeltwaterFrom $6,000/yrYearly only>380,000No
CisionFrom $7,200/yrYearly only>1,400,000No
PropelFrom $9,000/yrYearly only>1,000,000No
Agility PRUndisclosedYearly only>1,000,000No
Prezly alternatives

How does Prezly compare to Prowly? 

The main difference between Prowly and Prezly is that Prezly communicates that its platform should be used to build genuine relationships with journalists. Yet, Prezly does not offer a media database, while Prowly does and offers over 1M of contacts.

PricingStarts at $50/monthStarts at $258/month
Free trial14 days7 days
Media database sizeNone1 million contacts +
Press release creatorYesYes
Press release distributionYesYes
Online newsroomYesYes
AI assistantNoYes
Media monitoringNoYes
Reporting featuresNoYes
Prezly vs. Prowly

Prowly proves you can have a vast media database of businesses, marketers, bloggers, and journalists and still create a PR strategy based on connecting with real people.

Prezly and Prowly Similarities

Some features are similar. Prowly and Prezly offer you:

Why should you consider Prowly as a smart Prezly alternative?

1. AI features: Prowly offers an AI assistant to help you through the entire PR workflow. Prowly's AI-enhanced workflow now covers all the steps around press releases—from ideation through drafting and editing to finding the right journalists and summarizing the press release in an email.

2 Prowly's media database is one of the best in the PR industry, with over one million contacts. PR teams, comms teams, influencers, and PR agencies are all at your fingertips. Set the right criteria, and you will find the right audience for your next press release.

3. The media monitoring feature lets you monitor your brand name, key terms, competitors in the industry, and just about any keyword you can think of. With sentiment analysis, you can measure the sentiment for each mention that pops up on social media or the web.

4. If you work at a PR agency, you will appreciate the integrated PR reports feature, which allows you to enhance the results you get to display to your clients.


Prezly is a solid platform for in-house PR teams working with a single audience and agencies with multiple clients. While this PR tool suits companies with basic PR needs, agencies might look for Prezly alternatives if they need additional features.

That is where Prowly comes in. In addition to our rich media database, email pitching, and AI press release creator, you get a media monitoring tool to track your brand mentions.