Why choose Prowly - with reviews
 · 6 min read · November 16, 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Prowly PR Software (w/ Reviews)

Gina Nowicki

Companies like ASUS, IKEA, and Spotify have already trusted Prowly PR software to meet their most demanding PR needs. Is it the solution you’re looking for, too? 

In this article, you’ll learn:

Let’s start with the basics. 

What is Prowly PR software and how does it work? 

Whether you arrived to this article searching for Prowly, “Prowley PR tool”, or “Prolly PR tool” reviews (there are more spellings than we imagined when we picked the name!), you made it here and must be looking for the best PR software tool on the market.

Prowly is exactly that. It allows you to manage media relations, no matter if you work in a PR agency or handle public relations in-house. This includes everything from researching targeted media contacts, creating interactive press releases, and sending personalized email pitches to building press-friendly online newsrooms.  

In fact, Prowly allows you to easily:

  • Set up a newsroom
  • Add a press kit
  • Create a press release 
  • Find relevant journalists in the media database 
  • Organize all your contacts
  • Write a great email pitch
  • Send personalized emails at scale
  • Follow-up knowing who interacted with your pitch 
  • Leverage analytics
  • Collaborate with your PR team (or your clients)

When you think about it, that’s 10 tools in one place. 

Prowly Media Database Contact Details
Prowly’s Media Database

Prowly reviews: Top 6 reasons why PR pros choose it

Reading through Prowly reviews has revealed the top 6 reasons PR professionals have made Prowly their PR software choice.

1. It has an easy-to-use interface, even for PR staff rookies

Prowly’s user-friendly interface and supportive training mean you and your team will be up and running in no time. Plus, imagine the relief of retiring your current complicated and disconnected system of Google Spreadsheets, Outlook, and Dropbox for one simple PR software tool that does it all.

Having used other tools that are cumbersome, it was refreshing to navigate Prowly and find things with one or two clicks. It's an intuitive tool that offers everything PR professionals need–without wasting our time. - Jackie A., Communications Agency Founder

2. It provides an attractive and dynamic way to present press materials

You can display your client’s or your brand’s latest news in a modern and visually attractive online newsroom, with press releases that are sure to stand out in the crowded inbox of journalists.

Starting to deliver spokesperson quotes and product images conveniently to your media lists can actually earn you favor as a considerate PR pro with their busy schedules in mind.

We had a newsroom on another platform, but it was purely a blog, and it didn’t meet our expectations. Prowly provided us with an easy way to have a complete and professional newsroom. - Teresa L., PR Manager

Online newsrooms created with Prowly

3. Prowly offers an impressive media base of international journalist contacts

How does access to over one million media contacts sound? Add to that advanced filtering options like topic, location, outlet, and job role, and creating that client media list just went from a few days of work to a few hours of work.

With Prowly, no more messy spreadsheets to find contacts, and updating contact info is a no-brainer now. - Maura C., Senior Brand Manager

So far the database of journalists itself seems better than other competitors I have tried. - Kristin H., Digital Marketing Strategist

4. It makes media outreach a breeze

Embed dynamic press releases with photos and newsroom links directly into your press emails. No more conventional ones with attachments and Dropbox links! Then, personalize email fields and reach out to your entire media list in just one click

Journalists often got to know Prowly through our PR efforts, and they appreciated it immediately (due to the lack of heavy attachments sent with press releases, for instance). Using a tool that makes the job easier for journalists ultimately helps us build stronger and better relationships with them. - Ewelina S., Head of PR

5. Prowly provides valuable PR analytics about your pitching history and performance 

There’s no need to send press emails from an outside email tool when Prowly tracks and displays your email analytics for you. See open and click rates within the system and even respond solely to those contacts who engaged with your email.

The platform provides nifty tools for us to gain deep insights into content consumption and have the opportunity to continue engaging with our audience on social media via remarketing. Knowing how media and influencers interact with the information we are sending is priceless and very important to our work. - Iva G., Business Development Director, PR & Communications

Following up with Prowly
Following up with Prowly

6. Prowly pricing plans are affordable and flexible

Pricing is a serious business consideration, which is why you can leverage different pricing levels based on meeting the specific needs of your company. If you have trouble deciding which pricing plan you should go for, the support team will assist you in making the choice that provides the most value to you.

Plus unlike many other tools, Prowly doesn't offer only yearly plans. Monthly subscriptions are also available, making it a perfect option if you're not sure how long you'll need the tool.

Very easy to use, great contract terms and pricing, professional look and feel, good analytics and automation. - Richard O., Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications

Prowly allows you to customize your own package upon request to suit the specific needs of your company, which means the pricing is also flexible. - Stacee A, PR Executive

What does Prowly’s pricing look like, exactly?

Do these Prowly reviews and 6 top reasons have you ready to give it a try, too? Plans start at $258 per month for the essential level (perfect for small businesses and freelancers) and $449 per month for the professional plan, which gets you up to 5 users.

If you’re still on the fence, you can always try Prowly for free for 7 days and see if it works for you before making any commitment.