How WSB Builds Strong Media Relationships using Prowly


WSB is the largest and the most frequently chosen by students group of non-public universities in Poland. What sets the brand apart from other universities is definitely the openness and friendliness of staff, the focus on practical knowledge, and the ability to combine WSB degree programs with jobs. WSB universities enjoy growing popularity not only among students but also in the media. With time, it became necessary to find a tool that would facilitate the work of the PR department, as well as journalists. That’s when Prowly was chosen.


The main challenge was to create a single pressroom for all ten WSB universities, with a dedicated space for each school. A separate page was also needed for WSB lecturers, who were often featured in the media as experts. Thanks to Prowly, WSB was able to face these challenges and improve media relations at the same time.

“Journalists often got to know Prowly through our PR efforts, and they appreciated it immediately (due to the lack of heavy attachments sent with press releases, for instance). Using a tool that makes the job easier for journalists ultimately helps us build stronger and better relationships with them.”

Ewelina Średzińska

With Prowly, engaging the media and building relationships with journalists became much easier

The pressroom created with Prowly allows for publishing news regarding the whole WSB group, with dedicated tabs for each university where local journalists can find the information they need. What’s more, lecturers can have their own “business cards” in the WSB Experts tab, which proves invaluable when pitching the experts to the media. These pages are also easy to find by journalists thanks to being well-optimized for search engines.


For three years now, the number of publications with expert comments from WSB lecturers has been growing steadily. WSB partly owes this success to Prowly, which doesn’t only assist in managing media relations, but also measuring the effectiveness of PR efforts and their constant optimization.

Quick questions

What made you decide to choose Prowly?

The functionality of the tool and its analytical capabilities. At WSB, we constantly search for effective methods of measuring our PR efforts, just like the whole industry does. Prowly definitely helps us in that department. By knowing how many journalists visit our newsroom or open our email pitches, we can see how effective our PR activities are, draw conclusions from the results, and make changes accordingly.

How would you describe Prowly in three words?

Functionality, esthetic design, measurability.

What would your job be like if you didn’t have Prowly?

It would definitely be more difficult for us to manage media relations, and we’d also lose the chance to analyze the effectiveness of our PR efforts which is crucial to us.

What has your experience been like working with Prowly’s Customer Success team?

In our PR team, 10 people constantly use Prowly—and each person knows that they can always count on Prowly’s Customer Success team in case of any problems or doubts. Their responsiveness and professionalism make our job much easier. They are also very helpful when onboarding new employees who are not familiar with the tool.

What would you tell other companies considering using Prowly?

The use of Prowly will definitely be appreciated by journalists who will receive light and clear press materials, and PR professionals who will be able to take advantage of the tool on a daily basis. Its intuitiveness, analytical capabilities, or the ability to set up a brand newsroom and add social media streams to it—the list of Prowly’s benefits could go on and on.

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