How Global Cadence Saves Time on PR Tasks with Prowly


Founded in 1995, Global Cadence offers Corporate Communications, PR, and Social Media Marketing strategies and workshops for global technology enterprises and social entrepreneurs.  To further empower organizations with results-oriented strategies and secure thought leadership content placements, the agency was looking for an easy-to-use tool with a solid media database and PR analytics. That’s when Prowly was chosen. 


Researching media contacts and drafting press releases takes time, especially when serving multiple clients. Instead of wasting it on looking up different outlets manually and sending pitches without knowing who opened them, the team behind Global Cadence wanted to automate some of the tedious tasks and have more insights into their PR work.

Having used other tools that are cumbersome, it was refreshing to navigate Prowly and find things with one or two clicks. It's an intuitive tool that offers everything PR professionals need–without wasting our time.

Jackie Abramian

With Prowly, finding and pitching relevant media contacts happens much faster

Global Cadence wanted an easy, affordable tool, with a solid international media database and additional features. Prowly met all those needs and more, by helping to save a lot of time and gain insights on PR outreach activities. The team is now aware of how many recipients opened, clicked, or read through the sent press releases, which makes it much easier to follow up and improve email pitches.  


With Prowly, Global Cadence is not only able to save time on finding exact contacts the agency needs but also reach publications that were not on its radar and land more media placements for various clients. 

Quick questions

How would you describe Prowly in three words?

Intuitive. Rich. Affordable. 

What did you like about Prowly that other PR software failed to offer?

The ability to build a press release - and a target media list that easily integrates into press release blasts.

What can you do now that was more difficult or impossible before you started using Prowly?

Create a press release, select my target list, include attachments, click Send - and then watch the stats of the recipients. I know who opened the press release and who to follow up with.

What would your job be like if you didn’t have Prowly?

I would be wasting time looking up media contacts, outlet profiles, and website links. I would spend time drafting press releases to a target list, without the ability to link, and attach visuals, graphs, etc. And I would have no idea how many of the recipients opened, clicked, or read through the release.

What has your experience been like working with Prowly’s Customer Success team?

They're always ready to help, offer guidelines, and tutorials–and do great follow-ups as well. Overall, extremely friendly and resourceful.

Were there any measurable results Prowly helped you achieve?

Reaching publications that were not on our radar–and finding exact contacts we needed, that helped us land media placements for our clients.

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