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The Ultimate PR Calendar for 2024: Special Days, Holidays & Events

Dominika Kuras
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Forget the generic press releases and social media blasts of yesteryear. This year, it's your time to shine and create catchy content for Special Days you want to celebrate - based on PR experience and data.

We’ve got you covered and have prepared a list of days you should mark in your PR calendar for 2024 and plan content for accordingly.  

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Prime PR & marketing calendar events based on stats

PR pros, this section should be your go-to if you want to create some buzz and drive traffic. Check which days are trendy and worth including in your PR content calendar. All data comes from this research by Bottled Imagination - we recommend you to check it out for even deeper numbers.

Most Googled dates

#1 Valentine’s Day
Love sells, whether you like it or not. It is the most googled date! So draw some hearts in your public relations calendar.
👉🏼 Search Volume: 5,820,000

#2 Father’s Day
Give fathers a shoutout and honor their efforts. People really search for this topic. 
👉🏼 Search Volume: 3,390,000

#3 Halloween
The spooky season needs to be acknowledged. Deliver some trick-or-treat content and benefit from the traffic. 
👉🏼 Search Volume: 2,990,000

#4 International Women’s Day
Women should be recognized all year long, but there is no harm in making them feel appreciated and honored on this one day.
👉🏼 Search Volume: 2,830,000

Top news-worthy events

👻 Halloween: People like to be scared so why not create boo-content?
Number of articles: 412.303

🛍️ Black Friday: There is no need to comment on this one. If you are in sales, it’s a must to create Black Friday action. 
Number of articles: 157,174

❤️ Valentine’s Day: Roses are red, violets are blue, so take a love themed action with benefits for you. 
Number of articles: 69,458

🎄 Christmas Day: It’s a season to be merry so give people some joy and participate in the Christmas buzz. 
Number of articles: 52,311

🎁 Boxing Day: Keep the festive mood going and celebrate till December 26th. 
Number of articles: 28,404

📆 May 2024: Worldwide

All May 2024 – Mental Health Month: It's an important topic, so if you want to participate, do your research and deliver valuable materials. 
👥 Target audience: Working professionals

May 1 - International Labor Day

An occasion to delve into topics concerning labor rights and the ethical responsibilities of corporations.
👥 Target audience: CSR movement sector 

First Saturday of May - Free Comic Book Day

Great for promotions related to entertainment, publishing, and retail.
👥 Target audience: Comic book fanbase 

First Sunday of May - World Laughter Day

A day that can be used by brands to create lighthearted, fun content or promotions.
👥 Target audience: Small gift sector 

May 4 - Star Wars Day ("May the Fourth Be With You")

A popular day for promotions, especially in the entertainment, retail, and e-commerce sectors.
👥 Target audience: Star Wars fanbase 

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo

Significant in the United States for promotions related to Mexican cuisine, culture, and heritage.
👥 Target audience: People of Mexico and their supporters, Mexican culture lovers

May 6 – Early May Bank Holiday (UK)

Previously celebrated as International Workers’ Day, nowadays connected with the first fling of spring as well.
👥 Target audience: UK citizens 

May 12 - Mother's Day (US and many other countries)

A significant retail occasion vital for campaigns aimed at family-oriented products and services.
👥 Target audience: Family-oriented

May 15 - International Day of Families

Centers on matters concerning families, offering a valuable connection for products and services tailored to household needs.
👥 Target audience: Families

May 17 - World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Relevant for tech companies and telecommunications to promote how they are advancing connectivity and technology.
👥 Target audience: Tech and Telecommunication businesses

20th May – World Bee Day

Bee-theme activities or content would be cute and a good way to show an appreciation for these important little ones.
👥 Target audience: Environmentalists 

27th May – Spring Bank Holiday (UK)

Celebrate the time of the year when everything comes to life.
👥 Target audience: UK citizens 

May 2024: United States

May 3 – World Press Freedom Day

Highlight how important it is to have freedom of speech.

May 20 - National Be a Millionaire Day (US)

A good way to promote for financial services, investment firms, and luxury brands.

👥 Target audience: Luxury brands and service recipients 

Last Monday of May - Memorial Day (US)

An important retail sales event in the U.S., frequently characterized by extensive promotions and serving as the unofficial kickoff of summer.

👥 Target audience: US market

📆 June 2024: Worldwide

All of June - Pride Month: Throughout this entire month, the world comes together to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities. It presents a pivotal moment for brands to demonstrate their support through unique products, campaigns, and events.
👥 Target audience: LGBTQ+ members and allies

June 1 - Global Day of Parents

Recognize parents’ daily effort and the vital role they play in raising children.
👥 Target audience: Family-oriented

June 5 - World Environment Day

On this day, it’s important to address environmental issues.
👥 Target audience: Eco-friendly initiative supporters 

June 8 - World Oceans Day

Another key date in your PR calendar to highlight sustainability.
👥 Target audience: Water sports, marine conservation and related fields

June 14 - World Blood Donor Day

Your public relations events calendar should involve a celebration of this day in order to put a spotlight on the importance of blood donation.
👥 Target audience: Health and wellness sector

June 15 – National Beer Day (UK)

Raise a glass of this golden beverage and add it to your PR calendar, especially if you’re aiming for the UK market.
👥 Target Audience: UK citizens

Third Sunday of June - Father's Day

A prominent retail occasion observed in numerous countries, crucial for promotions aimed at gifts tailored to men.
👥 Target audience: Male product users 

June 20 - World Refugee Day

A significant day dedicated to raising awareness and bolstering humanitarian endeavors.
👥 Target audience: Supporters of humanitarian organizations

June 20 – Summer Solstice

Use the longest day of the year wisely and add this date to your Public Relations calendar of events.
👥 Target audience: Summer product/services sectors

June 21 - International Yoga Day

A day eagerly embraced by health and wellness brands for hosting promotions and events.
👥 Target audience: The wellness sector

June 24 – Midsummer’s Day

A great occasion to organize a rural themed event.
👥 Target audience: Summer product/services sectors

June 2024: United States

First Friday of June - National Donut Day

Grab a donut and generate some fun content.
👥 Target audience: Food and beverage sector

June 19 - Juneteenth

Commemorates the end of slavery in the US and serves as a day to honor African American freedom and accomplishments.
👥 Target audience: African Americans and supporters 

June 27 - National Sunglasses Day

A quirky day seen through tinted glasses.
👥 Target audience: Fashion/lifestyle brands

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How to get your press release ready before the big day?

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2️⃣ Work with your text and add interactive elements

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📆 July 2024: Worldwide

July 1 - Canada Day

A significant national holiday in Canada, perfect for launching promotions and campaigns directed at Canadian customers.
👥 Target audience: Canadian citizens 

July 3 – Wimbledon Starts (ends 16th July)

Tennis lovers, this ones for you!
👥 Target audience: Tennis and sports enthusiasts

July 6th – Islamic New Year

This day should be in your PR content calendar if you operate on the Arabic market
👥 Target audience: Islamic market

July 7 - World Chocolate Day

The sweetest day of all, the perfect occasion for some cute social media campaigns.
👥 Target audience: Food and beverage sector

July 11 - World Population Day

Focus on and address global population issues.
👥 Target audience: Health, education, and sustainability organizations and brands

July 15 - World Youth Skills Day

A chance for educational and professional development organizations to showcase their contributions to youth training and skill development.
👥 Target audience: Education sector 

July 17 - World Emoji Day

One of the light and fun-themed kind of days from your calendar.
👥 Target audience: Gen Z

July 18 - Nelson Mandela International Day

A day dedicated to community service and commemorating the legacy of Nelson Mandela.
👥 Target audience: CSR, community sector 

July 30 - International Friendship Day

Tag a friend and celebrate meaningful relationships with social media campaigns and promotions that encourage sharing and gift giving between friends.
👥 Target audience: Small gift sector

July 30 - World Day against Trafficking in Persons

A crucial date for each of NGOs PR calendar. Emphasize human rights to raise awareness and mobilize action.
👥 Target audience: NGOs

July 2024: United States

July 4 - Independence Day

A major holiday in the United States, marked by widespread celebrations, events, and significant retail sales opportunities.
👥 Target audience: US market

July 24 - National Tequila Day

Raise a glass and mark Tequila Day in your PR content calendar.
👥 Target audience: Beverage sector, restaurants and bars

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📆 August 2024: Worldwide

First Friday in August - International Beer Day

Celebrates the culture of beer drinking.
👥 Target audience: Bars, breweries, restaurants

August 5 – Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

Let the summer reign with some fun, easy-to-deliver content. 
👥 Target audience: Scottish market

August 8 - International Cat Day

Add this date to your public relations calendar of events and reach the soul of each cat lover.
👥 Target audience: Pet brands, shelters, animal rights organizations

August 12 - International Youth Day

Centers on global youth concerns, making it ideal for campaigns targeting young individuals, advocating for educational initiatives, and youth empowerment.
👥 Target audience: Young people

August 19 - World Humanitarian Day

Recognize the endeavors of humanitarian workers across the globe, serving as a significant day for NGOs and organizations engaged in humanitarian efforts to raise awareness and funds.
👥 Target audience: NGOs

August 19 - World Photography Day

Honor the art and science of photography and put engaging contests, exhibitions, or promotions in your PR calendar.
👥 Target audience: Art sector

August 26 – Summer Bank Holiday (England and Wales)

Celebrate the last days of summer.
👥 Target audience: UK citizens

August 2024: United States

August 1 - National Girlfriends Day

Girlhood is powerful and celebration worthy!
👥 Target audience: Beauty and wellness sector 

August 9 - National Book Lovers Day

Bookworms, it’s your day. Put the one and only book event in your calendar PR actions.
👥 Target audience: Bookstores, libraries and publishers 

August 15 - National Relaxation Day

A day promoting downtime and wellness, perfect for spas, wellness centers, and health-related products.
👥 Target audience: Health and wellness sector

August 26 - National Dog Day

Sketch a paw in your PR calendar and remember to involve some cute doggos in this celebration.
👥 Target audience: Pet brands, animal shelters and organizations

August 26 - Women’s Equality Day

Commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, and serves as a day to advocate for gender equality issues.
👥 Target audience: US market

📆 September 2024: Worldwide

September 1 – Back to School

When the first bell rings, you should be throwing a school-themed party.
👥 Target audience: Education sector and students

September 5 - International Day of Charity

It is a great occasion for businesses and non-profits to showcase their philanthropic endeavors and inspire donations or volunteerism.
👥 Target audience: Businesses with strong CSRs and non-profits 

September 8 - International Literacy Day

A perfect date to promote reading and educational programs.
👥 Target audience: Education sector, publishers and literacy organization

September 10 - World Suicide Prevention Day

An important day for health organizations, mental health advocates, and related entities to promote awareness and prevention initiatives.
👥 Target audience: Health and mental health organizations

September 21 - International Day of Peace

In the marketing calendar, this day means peace.
👥 Target audience: Community service

September 22 - Car-Free Day

On this day you should anchorage your audience to make 10k steps. 
👥 Target audience: Public transport, bike shops 

September 22– Autumn Begins

Pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather – fall lovers, it's time!
👥 Target audience: Food and fashion industries

September 27 - World Tourism Day

A perfect day for the travel and tourism industry to showcase destinations, offer special deals, and emphasize sustainable tourism practices.
👥 Target audience: Travel industry

September 29 - World Heart Day

Mark this with a heart in your PR calendar. This one is about keeping it in good shape. 
👥 Target audience: Health and medical organizations

September 2024: United States

First Monday of September - Labor Day

A significant retail event in the United States, frequently characterized by sales and promotions, especially in the automotive, electronics, and clothing sectors.
👥 Target audience: US market 

September 11 - Patriot Day

A date from your PR calendars event to throw a US-theme party.
👥 Target audience: US market 

September 15 - October 15 - Hispanic Heritage Month

A month-long celebration acknowledging the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans, providing an excellent opportunity for cultural promotions and community engagement.
👥 Target audience: US Hispanic citizens and supporters

📆 October 2024: Worldwide

All of October 👇🏼

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Mark this month pink in your PR calendar. Engage in pink-themed campaigns and collaborate with charities. This time is all about supporting awareness-raising efforts around breast cancer.
👥 Target audience: Health industry, charities 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Tech companies, cybersecurity firms, and businesses have a great opportunity to raise awareness about the critical importance of safeguarding digital information.
👥 Target audience: Tech, cybersecurity and digital industrie.

Black History Month (UK): It’s the time of the year when all of African descent appreciate their history. So support them.
👥 Target audience: UK citizens

Global Diversity Awareness Month: We are all different, let’s celebrate it.
👥Target audience: Organizations and NGOs promoting diversity

Go Sober for October (Stoptober): Raise a glass of your favorite mocktail and remember to mark Stoptober in your PR events calendar.
👥 Target audience: Health and wellness sector

October 1 - International Coffee Day

A great opportunity for coffee shops, brands, and even workplaces to promote their products and celebrate the coffee culture.
👥 Target audience: Cafes and coffee enthusiasts

October 1 – World Vegetarian Day

Colorful, healthy and vege – these should be the three words that would describe your Vegetarian Day event.
👥 Target audience: Restaurant sector and environmentalists

October 4 - World Animal Day

Boost awareness and advocate for pet causes. This is your right date.
👥 Target audience: Pet brands, zoos, welfare organizations

October 5 - World Teachers' Day

Educational institutions and affiliated businesses can celebrate teachers with special promotions, events, and recognition campaigns.
👥 Target audience: Education sector

October 10 - World Mental Health Day

Health and wellness brands, as well as organizations focused on mental health, can engage in awareness campaigns and promote wellness services.
👥 Target audience: Health and wellness sector 

October 11 - International Day of the Girl Child

A day dedicated to advocating for girls' rights and shedding light on the gender inequalities that persist between girls and boys.
👥 Target audience: Girls rights support organizations

October 16 - World Food Day

It is a good day to raise awareness about food security and sustainable practices.
👥 Target audience: Food sector, agricultural industry

October 21 - Apple Day (UK)

Apple fans, this one’s for you. It provides a delightful platform for promoting a wide range of Apple-related products, spanning from technology to culinary delights.
👥 Target audience: Apple lovers and users in the UK, Health and wellness sector 

October 31 - Halloween

A significant retail holiday observed in numerous countries, offering the perfect opportunity for themed marketing campaigns, events, and promotions across various markets.
👥 Target audience: Many different sectors

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📆 November 2024: Worldwide

All of November – Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)

November 1 - All Saints' Day

In many countries, this day is all about saints and our lost loved ones. It is a time to honor them and bring back memories of them.
👥 Target audience: Non-specific

November 1 – World Vegan Day

A nice occasion to throw a plant-based event. 
👥 Target audience: Restaurant sector

November 5 – Guy Fawkes Night (UK)

A day that remembers the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament and assassinate James I of England.
👥 Target audience: UK Citizens, Comic book fans and bookstores

November 11 - Singles' Day (China)

Initially conceived as a festivity for singles in China, it has evolved into the largest online shopping extravaganza globally, eclipsing Black Friday in terms of sales volume.
👥 Target audience: Products aimed at single people

11th November – Remembrance Day

It is a day to recall the end of World War I.
👥 Target audience: US, UK and EU markets

November 13 - World Kindness Day

This worldwide celebration of kindness offers brands a platform to spotlight their community and charity efforts, as well as to host events that show appreciation for their customers.
👥 Target audience: Each brand involved in charity initiatives

November 14 - World Diabetes Day

The perfect date to leverage a promotion of diabetes awareness and a healthy lifestyle
👥 Target audience: Health and wellness sector 

November 29 – Black Friday

One of the most important dates in your PR calendar. It is the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States, with extensive sales and marketing campaigns across retail sectors.
👥 Target audience: Retail outlets and consumers

November 19 - International Men's Day

This day focuses on men's health, gender relations, and positive male role models, which can be highlighted by brands in relevant sectors.
👥 Target audience: Men’s products and services 

November 20 - Universal Children's Day

The designated day to cherish global togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. 
👥 Target audience: Family-orientated products and services 

November 25 - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

An important day for advocacy and raising awareness about gender-based violence.
👥 Target audience: Products and services for women, organizations supporting women's rights

November 2024: United States

First Tuesday after November 1 - Election Day

A significant date in the United States during election years, shape campaigns centered on civic engagement and voter participation.
👥 Target audience: US sector

November 11 - Veterans Day

A day dedicated to honoring military veterans. It's a momentous occasion for patriotic promotions and rallying support for veteran-related causes.
👥 Target audience: US sector

Third Thursday of November - Great American Smokeout

Stop smoking – it’s the date to shout it out. 
👥 Target audience: US sector 

Fourth Thursday of November - Thanksgiving

A prominent U.S. holiday that launches the holiday shopping season, characterized by extensive retail promotions and substantial consumer expenditure.
👥 Target audience: US retail sector

Saturday after Thanksgiving - Small Business Saturday

Create a PR event to encourage shoppers to patronize small and local businesses. 
👥 Target audience: US brick-and-mortar sector

Monitor your PR campaigns before, during and after the special day

When you're preparing a PR campaign for the special day, make sure to monitor press coverage and social media mentions across the internet.

Analyze context, sentiment, and more than 15 other attributes of each press hit and social mention. Utilize this data to establish tailored filters, ensuring you only view the mentions that align with your preferences.

📆 December 2024: Worldwide

December is crucial for PR, marketing, and sales professionals because of the holiday season and year-end wrap-ups. Here are key dates in December crucial for strategic planning and campaign coordination.

All of December - Holiday Season: The last month of the year encompasses various cultural and religious celebrations, including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and others, driving seasonal marketing and sales efforts.
👥 Target audience: Every sector 

December 1 - World AIDS Day

Mark this date in your PR event calendar as a day set aside to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic and commemorate those who have lost their lives to the disease.
👥 Target audience: Health sector

December 2 - Cyber Monday

The Monday after Thanksgiving. Another big online shopping day during the year, with extensive deals across tech, fashion, and other consumer goods.
👥 Target audience: Retail sector

December 3 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities

A chance to raise awareness and champion the rights and well-being of individuals with disabilities.
👥 Target audience: Health sector, organizations supporting people with disabilities

December 10 - Human Rights Day

This marks the day when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
👥 Target audience: Human Rights organizations and NGOs

December 14 - Free Shipping Day

A day for online shoppers. Consumers can shop with both large and small online merchants that offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.
👥 Target audience: Ecommerce

December 21 - Winter Solstice

The shortest day of the year, frequently celebrated with cultural events and festivities.
👥 Target audience: All sectors

December 24 - Christmas Eve

It is the reason for the season. A time of rush to make last-minute gift purchases.
👥 Target audience: Retail, services

December 25 - Christmas Day

A catholic holiday that impacts global retail and influences a wide range of promotional campaigns and sales in virtually all sectors.
👥 Target audience: All sectors 

December 26 - Boxing Day (UK, Canada, Australia, and others)

Known for shopping and post-Christmas sales. Similar to Black Friday in the US.
👥 Target audience: UK, Canada, Australia markets

December 31 - New Year's Eve

New year, new chapter but before it starts it’s a time to celebrate the whole previous year and enter the upcoming one with a bang.
👥 Target audience: Events industry

End of Year Sales: Many companies push their final sales of the year, offering discounts to clear inventory before the new year.
👥 Target audience: All sectors

Let’s wrap up

Hope you have updated your 2024 PR calendar. It is crucial for you or your business' image to follow all the special dates and celebrate those which are important for your target audience. 

Such a celebration is proof that you know your industry and gives you an opportunity to bond with your clients.

Keep your finger on the pulse and follow your PR calendar thoroughly. Use Prowly to gain solid assistance while celebrating special days and monitoring events’ results.