Burkhard Berger

effective PR campaign
 ∙ 19 min read

9 Tips for Running an Effective PR Campaign (w/ Case Study)

Burkhard Berger ∙ 26 Apr 2024
Every effective PR campaign out there follows a few general time tested rules that make the campaign more profitable and more likely to reap results. Putting some of these tips into practice is a good way to ensure that your campaign is more effective for your business whether it is an online business or a […]
How to write a press release for small businesses
 ∙ 18 min read

How To Write A Small Business Press Release That Rocks

Burkhard Berger ∙ 28 Feb 2024
In today’s digital economy, some might consider issuing a press release to be an outdated approach. However, it continues to be a reliable and invaluable resource. And it's not just for big companies with extensive media contacts or sizable budgets, a small business press release can also be beneficial.  A good process can help ensure […]
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 ∙ 10 min read

10 Must-Read PR Blogs To Follow In 2023

Burkhard Berger ∙ 8 Jan 2024
The public relations industry is constantly changing, especially now that new technologies begin to emerge. As such, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date regarding industry trends to ensure that you’re offering the best PR strategies to your clients or company. And although I think that Prowly’s blog is a good source for PR inspiration, in this […]