How Minty Digital used Prowly to land coverage from CNN, TimeOut, Metro


Minty Digital is a global SEO & Digital PR Agency founded in 2017. The company has robust expertise in niches like e-commerce, finance, SaaS, and travel/leisure. They combine together SEO strategies which include technical SEO, content marketing, and on-page optimization, and integrate them with digital PR to build links and get coverage for clients.


Although Minty Digital used industry-leading PR software in the past, the PR team still struggled with getting more coverage due to their outdated databases and missing information. To effectively build media lists, get in touch with the right journalists and then receive powerful backlinks, the company needed a solution that would help them hit all these points before all the deadlines.

❌ Lack of an accurate media database

Due to their tight deadlines, they couldn’t waste time trying to find all the media contacts manually. Oftentimes stumbling upon outdated information on journalists and people they wanted to reach, they attempted to go the manual route regardless, but quickly realized it was too time-consuming. On top of that, they needed to reach people from different markets since their client base is from the UK and Spain, so multi-language keyword search functionality was a must for them.

❌ Even the priciest solutions weren't it

Generally, PR software solutions offer annual subscriptions at a high cost with many functionalities people don’t use in their everyday work. Minty Digital became overwhelmingly frustrated over having to pay for all the features within the tool despite not using them. Looking back, they knew they were overpaying but were forced to stay with other providers until their annual contract expired.

❌ Most tools are not intuitive

For the PR team, it took longer to learn how to use those tools than to actively use them. In addition to an inaccurate database, the software they came across before Prowly were difficult to use and had an outdated interface. Minty Digital wasted a lot of time training their coworkers on how to become proficient at it, despite these companies advertising that their help is available at all times.

A friend of mine from the industry has recommended we try out Prowly since they’ve had a lot of success with the tool in the past. We had nothing to lose, especially since Prowly gives the option of affordable monthly subscriptions. We gave it a shot and haven’t looked back since.

Charlie Clark

✅ Accurate and detailed media database

Minty Digital's main goal was to build effective media lists without spending hours of research. Since journalists switch between agencies and outlets quite often, getting the most accurate information was the biggest challenge they faced. They were pleasantly surprised that Prowly had all the information and data they needed, in one place, without the need to click through hundreds of Google pages verifying whether or not such information was correct.

Not only for this particular campaign but for all of their needs, Minty Digital found it useful to be able to search by country, area, keywords, and languages to find the most relevant contacts. To narrow their search, they decided to pitch people who have recently written about a subject they’re interested in. Prowly helped them search for keywords in journalists’ latest articles and tweets so that they can see the tweet or website directly and review the content without leaving the app. According to Minty Digital, having everything in one place was one of the best ways to save time.

✅ Multi-language search

Since the campaign targeted different countries, they needed to reach out to journalists who write in languages other than English. Using different keywords in English and Spanish to reach out to journalists allowed Minty Digital to create a more meaningful pitch and get the campaign coverage they needed.

While they wanted to target the US as well, it was a challenge since most of their clients are based in the UK or Spain. However, this was not an issue since Prowly’s software handled it with advanced filters such as topics, location, tweets, and keywords. Thanks to the multi-language search, they were able to build effective media lists despite different geographical locations of their target audience.

✅ A tool anyone can afford (and learn)

Minty Digital couldn’t continue to pay annual fees for tools they didn’t use in their entirety. Since Prowly has monthly subscriptions, they were able to check out the tool for a few months and see how it worked without signing up for a whole year. Additionally, they were excited to find out there was no obligation to sign up for all the features — with Prowly, they were easily able to pitch and choose the functionality they wanted, at an affordable price.

The modern look and feel is something that the PR team at Minty Digital was really happy with as well. Their coworkers didn’t need to spend hours learning how to use it because they said the interface is easy to navigate, even if you’re not familiar with PR tools in general. Plus, even if the team did encounter something they were unsure of, they mentioned that Prowly has lots of user guides and tutorials which helped the team use the tool even better.


Campaign’s success in numbers:

▪️ 1 campaign and 166 pieces of coverage across 8 countries

▪️ Over 43k engagements on social media

▪️ 2.5 million views across global coverage

▪️ Doubled the number of organic sessions for the client

▪️ Doubled the number of new, organic users

▪️ Increased organic orders for the client by a third


In 2022, Minty Digital created a campaign for one of its clients with the help of Prowly’s Media Database. From saving time on creating targeted media lists to getting up-to-date information on journalists from different countries, they were able to take their campaign viral internationally and land coverage with CNN, TimeOut, Metro, DailyRecord, and Express, among others. They have even received coverage from outlets they didn’t contact, with languages they don’t even speak.

This international, viral campaign has helped Minty Digital raise its number of clients by around 20%. By far, this has been their most successful campaign to date.

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