Top Sports Journalists in the US – The 2023 List

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the most prominent and influential sports journalists in the US. 

Top Sports Journalists in the US

Tom Withers, Sports Writer at Associated Press

Tom Withers is one of the most well-known sports reporters in America. Working for the Associated Press, he typically covers a wide range of sports-based in and around his home base of Cleveland; however, he is most commonly known for covering football and NBA.

Tom also has a very active and popular Twitter account, with nearly 40,000 followers, where he regularly posts and shares news. 

Tom Withers - Top sports journalists
Source: Twitter

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Jeff Darlington, Sports Reporter at ESPN

When it comes to prominent sports journalists, Jeff Darlington is amongst the most famous. The ESPN Sports Reporter has become a household name for sports fans, traveling the country to some of the biggest games, he covers a wide variety of sports including NBA, football, and soccer. 

With 256,000 followers on Twitter, Jeff has one of the biggest sports journalist presences on social media. 

Jeff Darlington - Top sports reporters
Source: Twitter

Gregg Bell, Seahawks beat writer at The News Tribune

Seattle-based sports reporter Gregg Bell has established himself as the go-to source for all things relating to the Seahawks. As a former sports writer for the Associated Press, he has previously covered a wide range of sports. 

A graduate of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Gregg is a very popular writer and has amassed over 38,000 followers on his Twitter account. 

Gregg Bell - Top sports journalists
Source: Twitter

Dana Jacobson, Co-Host at CBS

Dana is based in New York City, but remains a big fan of sports teams from her home city of Detroit! Working as a News and Sports correspondent for CBS, she also co-hosts the This Morning show on a Saturday. 

Her position as a sports reporter for CBS means she covers a vast collection of sports, including NBA and soccer, but her main interest is football. 

Dana Jacobson - Top sports reporters
Source: Twitter

Lindsay Czarniak, Sports Anchor and Host at Fox Sports

Lindsay Czarniak is currently the sports anchor and reports for Fox Sports, primarily covering NASCAR alongside every NFL game. Her career started covering the winter Olympics for The George Michael Sports Machine before moving on to work at the likes of NBC and TNT. 

Nowadays, alongside reporting on the NFL and motorsport, she regularly tweets to her 163,000 followers about all kinds of sports, including NBA, Baseball, and soccer.

Lindsay Czarniak - Top sports reporters
Source: Twitter

Dan Rafael, Senior Boxing Writer at ESPN

Nicknamed The Boxing Guy, Dan Rafael is one of the most experienced sports journalists in the industry and has established himself as the go-to, reliable source for all things fighting. 

He covers every major fight and will often live-tweet his thoughts and reactions to his 236,000 followers, giving unique behind-the-scenes insight. Based in Northern Virginia, he has won multiple awards throughout his illustrious career. 

Dan Rafael - Top sports reporters
Source: Twitter

Carolina Guillen, Sports Journalist at ESP

Since making her sports journalist debut in 2002, Carolina has grown to become one of the most admired and respected reporters in the industry. Currently working for ESPN, Carolina tweets in Spanish, and the Venezuelan native has amassed an impressive CV of roles. 

Currently, she primarily focuses on reporting on major national and international soccer and tennis and she enjoys one of the biggest followings in sports journalism, with 775,000 followers on Twitter. 

Carolina Guillen - Top sports journalists
Source: Twitter

Kenny Albert, Sportscaster at Fox Sports

Kenny Albert is one of the most recognized figures when it comes to sports reporters and is currently working on Fox Sports, alongside the MSG Network and NBC. Kenny was the first sportscaster in history to cover play-by-play reporting on four major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL). 

Alongside his reporting on NFL and NBA, Kenny also regularly covers track and field sports as well as providing coverage on the summer and winter Olympics and the most significant golfing events. Regularly tweeting about his favorite sports, Kenny currently has just under 60,000 followers on Twitter.  

Kenny Albert - Top sports reporters
Source: Twitter

Tony Massarotti, Host at The Sports Hub

Boston-based Tony Massarotti is a long-time sports reporter and currently works as lead host on The Sports Reporter. His career began back in 1989, reporting on the Boston Red Socks for the Boston Herald, staying there until late 2008. Alongside this, Tony became the Red Sox reporter for a number of leading titles, including Fox Sports. 

Nowadays, he continues to report on the Boston Red Sox as well as discussing various other sports such as NFL and NBA. Tony regularly tweets to his nearly 140,000 followers about the latest news. 

Tony Massarotti - Top sports journalists
Source: Twitter

Rick Telander, Senior Sports Columnist at Chicago Sun-Times

Rick is the Senior Sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, having previously written for Sports Illustrated. A published author and regular guest editor for a number of leading titles, he covers a wide range of sports, although his focus is on the larger sports such as NBA and NFL. 

As one of the most respected sports journalists in America, Rick’s work has won a number of awards, including being named as one of the Ten Best Sports Books of All Time by Playboy Magazine and as one of the 100 Best Sports Books by Sports Illustrated. 

Rick Telander - Top sports reporters
Source: Twitter

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