Top Lifestyle Journalists to Cover Your Story – The 2023 List

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Every PR professional knows the importance of having the best contacts when it comes to securing coverage. Building the right media list is essential, and this is particularly true if you are looking to contact the best lifestyle journalists. 

Building your own media list of lifestyle reporters can be an incredibly time-consuming process and can often result in you missing key reporters.

If you’re looking for top lifestyle journalists, you came to the right place.

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The top lifestyle journalists

Noma Nazish, Lifestyle & Wellness Columnist at Forbes

Noma is a popular and experienced lifestyle reporter currently contributing to a wide range of publications, including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The News Hub, and OneWorld South Asia. For the past four years, she has been writing extensively about lifestyle and wellness topics and has a degree in International Journalism. 

Outside of her journalism, she can regularly be found tweeting about a wide range of topics to her followers. 

Noma Nazish - Top lifestyle journalists
Source: Twitter

Candice Pires, New York Times

Splitting her time between the United States and the United Kingdom, Candice is a respected lifestyle journalist working for a range of titles, including The New York Times, Guardian, and Observer. Prior to this role, she also covered lifestyle topics for Marie Claire and iD magazine. 

Candice is always looking for the right inspiration and ideas for articles, and she covers a wide range of lifestyle topics. The most common themes and issues she writes about can be found by reading through her active Twitter profile. 

Candice Pires - Top lifestyle journalist
Source: Twitter

Hayley Lyndes, Editorial Assistant at Popsugar

Originally from New England and now based in San Francisco, Hayley is the editorial assistant at Popsugar, primarily focusing on the outlet’s lifestyle stories. Before joining Popsugar, Hayley was the fashion and beauty editor for Society 19 and also spent time as a multimedia journalist at Lyndon State College. 

With a keen interest in all things to do with the lifestyle industry, Hayley is also responsible for the strategic features of the magazine. 

Haley Lyndes - Top lifestyle journalist
Source: Twitter

Wendy Gould, Lifestyle Reporter at NBC News

Wendy is a lifestyle reporter and photographer, primarily contributing to NBC News, although her work has also featured in Allure, Total Beauty, Popsugar, and Spotlyte. She is also the contributing editor to xoVain as well as providing content to Refinery29. 

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, she covers a wide range of lifestyle topics, including health and beauty, mental wellbeing, and physical health. She has a degree in journalism, which she obtained at the Franklin College of Indiana’s Pulliam School of Journalism. 

Wendy Rose Gould - Top lifestyle journalist
Source: Twitter

Leanne Bayley, Head of Lifestyle at Hello

Leanne is the online head of lifestyle for Hello magazine, covering everything from celebrity news to beauty and fashion articles. Prior to moving to Online Head, Leanne was a journalist for a wide range of outlets, always focusing on celebrity and lifestyle topics. 

A self-confessed social media addict, Leanne can regularly be found tweeting to her thousands of followers or sharing pics on her popular Instagram channel. 

Leanne Bayley - Top lifestyle journalist
Source: Twitter

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