Top Media Journalists to Cover Your Story – The 2023 List

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No matter how big your news story might be, every PR professional knows that it will not get the coverage it deserves without the right media journalists. Pitching a story to relevant reporters is often the key ingredient that decides the success, or failure, of a campaign. 

When it comes to maximizing PR coverage, having an in-depth media list is vital, but building the right list can be incredibly challenging.

If you’re searching for a comprehensive list of media journalists and their contact details, you can easily find them in Prowly’s media database. With the option to search by beat, location, outlet, or job position, finding the most relevant media contacts for your story is a breeze.

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Using this database, you can find some of the most influential journalists you should add to your media list:

The best media journalists

Fredricka Whitfield, CNN

Formally a media correspondent for NBC, Federicka is now one of the leading anchors on the global CNN network. Joining the network in 2002, she has helped to cover several major subjects, including being the first media journalist to break the news of the death of Ronald Reagan.  

As one of America’s leading media reporters, she appears on CNN every weekend from their world headquarters in Atlanta. 

Fredricka Whitfield - Top media journalists
Source: Twitter

Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer

Vanessa is one of the leading arts and media journalists at The Observer, a sister title to the world-renowned The Guardian. Based in London, Vanessa has covered a wide range of topics and is one of the most respected media reporters in the UK. 

Despite only having a relatively small Twitter following, she remains very influential and regularly tweets about the latest breaking stories through her social media channels. 

Vanessa Thorpe - Top media journalist
Source: Twitter

Robert Woodward, The Post

Starting his career at The Washington Post in 1972, Robert has become one of the most iconic media reporters in America, being a leading figurehead of the Watergate Scandal. Named Young Report of the Year in 1972, his career has seen him receive countless awards, including the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism. 

Nowadays, Robert, or Bob as he’s known to his readers, continues as the associate editor and remains one of the most respected media journalists at the paper. Covering a wide range of topics, he can regularly be found tweeting about the causes most closest to his heart.

Bob Woodward - Top media journalist
Source: Twitter

Rachael Healy, The Guardian

Rachel is one of the top media journalists at the one of the UK’s leading papers, The Guardian. Focusing on a wide breadth of topics, including the performing arts, she has been responsible for breaking some of the most influential media stories in recent years, 

In 2020 she was shortlisted for the British Journalism Awards and can be commonly found on her Twitter account tweeting about the latest stories to her followers. 

Rachael Healy - Top media journalist
Source: Twitter

Eugene Scott, The Washington Post

Currently working at The Washington Post, Eugene Scott is one of the most influential journalists in the industry. Previously working at a range of media outlets, including CNN International, NPR, and TIME Magazine, he is a graduate of the Kennedy School of Government at the Harvard University. 

Eugene has regularly been voted amongst the top journalists within the USA, and prior to joining The Washington Post, he took part in the influential “The First Time I Realized I was Black” series on CNN. 

Eugene Scott - Top media journalist
Source: Twitter

Tom Witherow, The Daily Mail

Tom is an award-winning journalist and is currently working at the UK’s most-read newspaper, the Daily Mail. Covering a wide range of media and business topics, the London-based journalist finished runner up in the 2020 National Press Awards for his work on the Daily Mail’s ‘Save Our Post Offices’ campaign. 

Prior to joining the Mail, Tom was a reporter at The Sun as well as acting as Business Reporter for the Star Newspaper. With a degree in Newspaper Journalism, he is one of the most respected up-and-coming media journalists within the industry. 

Find more media journalists and outlets

No matter what the news might be, having the right contact list of media reporters is essential in helping to secure coverage.

Prowly’s in-depth database lets you find the very best media journalists possible, allowing you to filter your results by niche, location, job title, and news outlet. Plus, it’s completely free to try!

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