Public Relations for Beginners

You’ve launched an amazing product or service. Now what? Now, you need to get the word out. Do some PR. But what is PR exactly? Let’s start with some fundamentals.

Danielle Hibbert, our contributor & Senior Project Manager at Belfast-based consumer PR agency Clearbox, wrote in one of her articles for Prowly Magazine:
“‘What Is PR?’ is something I’ve been asked a lot since starting my career in public relations 10 years ago and it’s an answer which has evolved over the years.

In 2006, for me, it was simply about building and managing a brand’s reputation – how companies or individuals are perceived, how they perceive themselves and how any disconnect between the two can be addressed. This relied heavily on strong media relations and resulted in positive coverage in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Job done.

In 2016, reputations are still at the heart of PR, but the road is longer and has many more twists and turns. Today, for me, Public Relations is about the art of communicating, creating debate, shaping personalities, influencer relationships, producing quality content and owning the conversation. We also can’t ignore the rising importance of search engine optimisation as an objective in our PR campaigns.”

Whatever PR means to you and whatever expectations you have in this respect, when done well, good PR can be much more effective and less expensive than advertising. For cost-conscious businesses, ROI is crucial. Every penny spent on marketing should generate revenue. PR is no different. Here are some fundamentals you should remember about when forming a successful strategy for your business:
  • What is Public Relations today & what does it mean to PR practitioners?
  • What does it take to forge a successful career in Public Relations? (the skillset needed to work in Public Relations)
  • How to tell your story in the most comprehensive way with the use of content marketing
  • What are the top trends that PR pros should be incorporating into their own strategies? (based on top experts opinion)
  • How to start your communication right & build a basic PR strategy for your business, brand or organization
  • How to take your pitch to the next level by using new digital formats (based on Cannes Lions examples)
  • What are things PR pros should do and what they must stop doing
  • What PR & marketing influencers should you follow to become a PR master

All of it & even more you will find in our free PR Guide. Download a PDF here: