How Prowly Can Help Communicate Your CSR Activities

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CSR activities are an important part of your brand identity. Even when they’re not the specific focus of media attention, they form part of your backstory when you get exposure or interest for other reasons.

But when journalists are trying to learn more about you today, how can you be sure that they have access to information you shared about a CSR activity from the past? Do you expect them to search through your blog or hope they enter just the right phrase in Google?

There’s a better way. 

Online newsrooms allow you to create an attractive, always up-to-date resource for all of your press releases and public communications. With everything consolidated in one place, journalists can easily navigate to the type of information or particular person they are looking for, no matter when the content was published. 

Newsrooms created with Prowly

Instead of sending emails and newsletters with, for example, large video files, online newsrooms allow you to simply share a link and direct journalists right to the best source—you. Setting up an online newsroom means information about your CSR activities is always easily available, shareable, and ready to help journalists learn more about you and your brand. 

Online newsrooms can be set up in minutes, without the help of IT expertise—just click, drag, and drop! You can also customize them to match your brand identity in terms of colors, style, and overall look. Linking to social media platforms is a snap and, on the back end, you get analytic insights into traffic volume and sources. What’s not to like?

Prowly makes it easy to set up your own online newsroom in minutes and offers a range of tools for all your PR activities. You can create great-looking press releases and send them to predefined audiences to get the word out about your CSR or media relations activities. Prowly puts you one step closer to getting media coverage by helping you find relevant media contacts and pitch journalists more effectively.

Have a look at some examples of what brands have done with tools from Prowly to make online newsrooms and you’ll see just what a valuable addition they can be. 

Set up a free trial account today and see just how easy running your own online newsroom can be.