Why Use PR Outreach Software (w/ Best Tools To Choose From)

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When it comes to sharing your clients’ news, every PR professional knows the importance of the pitching process. However, ensuring you are contacting journalists in the most effective way can be challenging. Thankfully, PR outreach software can help to streamline the process and maximize your chances of getting coverage.

If you’re on the lookout for PR outreach software, it can be tough to know the right options for you. Before you make the choice: 

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What is PR outreach software?

Technology has transformed the world we live in, and PR outreach software tools are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. This is helping PR professionals to reach more journalists, send better pitches, and keep greater track of their campaigns. 

PR outreach is a vital part of PR and is the process of pitching your clients’ information and news to journalists, influencers, and bloggers. This is crucial in securing coverage and maximizing exposure, but it can be a challenging task. 

While some PR professionals like to send their pitches manually, PR outreach tools help to streamline the process. However, they also offer a lot more than just the ability to send email pitches. These tools can often provide access to the latest media databases, helping PR’s to find the most relevant reporters. 

They can also provide in-depth analytics, allowing users to see how their campaigns are performing, which journalists have opened the email, and quickly flag those for a follow-up.

What PR outreach tools are there?

There are many different PR tools available on the market, offering a wide array of services and tools. Some of the best on the market include:


The success of every PR campaign relies on having the most comprehensive media database possible. With Prowly, you can access over one million journalists, allowing you to find the contact details of every relevant journalist. You can filter through by location, media outlet, job title, and niche, ensuring you can easily build an in-depth media list. 

Apart from the ability to find relevant media contacts, this user-friendly journalist outreach tool can help you send personalized email pitches, create visual press releases, and more, all from one place. The comprehensive range of PR tools has been specifically designed to help you transform your PR pitches. 

There’s also analytics available to help you understand the performance of your campaigns and maximize the chances of getting coverage. But, if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, you can always check out why PR professionals choose Prowly.

PR software comparison - Prowly
PR outreach tool: Prowly


JustReachOut is another popular media outreach tool that helps PR professionals to access a database of journalists and bloggers. Users are able to filter through by niche and sector, ensuring they can build a comprehensive media database. There are also various email templates to help with the pitching process.

PP outreach software: JustReachOut


Respona is a great outreach tool for digital PR, helping users to increase the number of high-quality backlinks and drive organic traffic. It also offers other digital PR tools, such as sending personalized pitches, contacting bloggers, and searching for real-time opportunities. While it is an in-depth media outreach tool, it is also a costly one.

PR software comparison - Respona
Outreach tool for digital PR: Respona

Magic PR

When it comes to media outreach software, Magic PR seems to be an increasingly popular choice. It makes press release distribution and link building easier, helping to provide some great results for PR professionals. The specialist platform lets users create and distribute their news with ease to over 250 premium news and media outlets.

PR software comparison - MagicPR
Media outreach tool: MagicPR

Follow Up Then

If you have ever pitched to journalists before, then you will likely have been asked to get back in touch in a couple of weeks as they are too busy at the moment. Follow Up Then is a great tool that quickly reminds you to contact them again on the relevant date, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. 

PR software comparison - FollowUpThen
PR outreach tool: FollowUpThen

Need more options? Have a look at all PR tools in the market
divided according to their primary purpose.

Ready to invest in media outreach software? 

PR outreach software s essential for anyone looking to maximize their coverage and streamline their efficiency. If you’re not sure how to make the right decision, read the buyer’s guide to PR software and make sure to give at least a few media relations tools a try before you commit to anything.

Plus, if you’re interested in having over one million journalists covering every sector at your disposal, pitching them, and tracking the results of your outreach efforts, you can always try Prowly for free for 7 days.

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