Abbi Head

Personal brand and crisis management
 ∙ 16 min read

7 Qualities of Personal Branding That Define Crisis Management

Abbi Head ∙ 4 Apr 2024
Crises come in all shapes and sizes, but we see three types of situations the most. First, there is the known crisis, where you know something terrible will happen and have some time to plan for it. Second, there is the unknown crisis, where something comes from nowhere and blindsides you. And third, there is […]
Prowly Magazine: Media Overexposure- How to Take Back Control of Your Media Presence
 ∙ 7 min read

Media Overexposure: How to Take Back Control of Your Media Presence

Abbi Head ∙ 3 Apr 2024
The key to public relations is to get yourself the most beneficial media exposure possible. That means knowing where your name needs to be for public consumption — and at what times, places, and forums. You will be considering your acquisition of positive, technically correct, engaging, and fair coverage.  However, do you also think about […]