Top Canadian Media Contacts to Be in Touch With (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa)

If you’re looking for top Canadian media contacts from Toronto, Vancouver & Ottawa, you came to the right place. Below you’ll find the most popular journalists from Canada, divided by location:

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Canadian media list

Canada has two national daily newspapers, The Globe and Mail and the National Post. You can find local daily or weekly papers in many communities across Ontario and other provinces.

Canadian magazines usually focus on a specific area, for example, business, fashion, music, politics, sports, and more.

From the PR pros point of view, however, another question arises: which news sites and individual reporters have the greatest impact?

Successful relations with the media are those in which you contact a person, having already done research on their work. Even a few sentences, like “I’ve read your article and I decided to write to you because it’s relevant to the press release I’d like to send you.”

Toronto media contacts list

Today, Toronto is the most important metropolis of the country and its economic capital. It is here that real business and political discussions take place. Who should you follow? Here are some examples from our Toronto media contacts list:

Rosemary Barton, CBS NEWS

Currently, she is the Parliament Hill correspondent for CBC News and a co-anchor.  She was the host of Power & Politics on CBC News Network. She managed to conduct an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau.

Rosemary Barton - Top Canadian journalists
Source: Twitter

Lisa LaFlamme, CTV National News

Lisa LaFlamme is a Canadian television journalist, and currently the chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News. LaFlamme previously served as the news international affairs correspondent. Among others, she interviewed Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Boris Jonhson.

Lisa LaFlamme - Top Canadian media contacts
Source: Twitter

Georgia Balogiannis, Metroland Media Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant and diverse city, with so many stories to be told. Do you want to reach the local community? You better get in touch with Georgia Balogiannis.

She’s an Editor-in-Chief in Metroland Media Toronto. Her favorite topics are Art, Education, Entertainment, Politics, Local News, Sports, Community News.

She was also one of the lead editors on an ambitious digital and print project, titled The Millennial Mission. The project examines how post-secondary institutions are preparing millennials for the workforce.

Vancouver media contact list

Vancouver is so famous for being one of the world’s “most livable cities. If you’re after top journalists, you will surely notice two main outlets: The Vancouver Sun Online and Province Online. You can find more examples in our Vancouver media contact list below.

Valerie Casselton, The Vancouver Sun Online

Valerie Casselton is a strong editor, writer, communicator, and collaborator. Her specialties are: Newsroom leadership & direction of news content. Strategic planning, digital transformation, financial/budget management, professional development, and training, interviewing & hiring.

Valerie Casselton - Top Canadian media contacts
Source: Twitter

Dan Fumano, The Province Online

A reporter for The Province and The Vancouver Sun daily newspapers in Vancouver, BC. He specializes in topics, such as Entertainment, Finance & Banking Services.

Dan Fumano - Top Canadian journalists
Source: Twitter

Ottawa media contact list

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and journalists around here seem to like to focus on political topics. Top contacts that should make it to your Ottawa media list are:

Chris Hannay, The Globe and Mail

Chris Hannay is an assistant editor in the Ottawa bureau and creator and author of the daily Politics Briefing newsletter. He describes himself as a “Political journalist during the day. Community builder at night”.

Chris Hannay - Top Canadian contacts
Source: Twitter

Amanda Connolly, Global Television Network

She covers terrorism and the military for iPolitics, a Canadian website focusing on in-depth coverage of federal politics. Her responsibilities include covering Senate and House of Commons committees, the passage, and the proposal of national security legislation.

Amanda Connolly - Top Canadian media contacts
Source: `Twitter

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